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1. "Oh, if you go back to insects--and want to live in an anthill--! I tell you the higher grades of life are reached only through struggle--combat. There's no Drama here. Look at their plays! They make me sick."
2.   True it is, that if it be spoken by way of answer, and theanswerer biteth doggedly, because himselfe was bitten in the samemanner before: he is the lesse to bee blamed, because hee makethpayment but with coine of the same stampe. In which respect, anespeciall care is to bee had, how, when, with whom, and where wejest or gibe, whereof very many proove too unmindfull, as appeared(not long since) by a Prelate of ours, who met with a byting, no lessesharpe and bitter, then had first come from himselfe before, asverie briefely I intend to tell you how.
3. 受访者供图新京报:你是怎样和家里人沟通自己被感染这件事的呢?王阳:我做CT那天,是我老公陪我一起去的。
4.   'I don't insinuate at all,' said Peggotty.
5.   Louis XIII felt instinctively that he ought not to reply to thisquestion, the queen having put it in an almost dying voice."Oh, very shortly, madame," said he; "but I do not preciselyrecollect the date of the day. I will ask the cardinal.""It was the cardinal, then, who informed you of this fete?""Yes, madame," replied the astonished king; "but why do you askthat?"
6. 越来越多的算法模型和工具技术被开源,而云计算、物联网等底层技术都已经被互联网巨头垄断,对于初创公司而言,产品的重心和壁垒不在于技术的本身,而在于技术在场景的落地。


1.   [Having treated of the causes, the Parson comes to the manner, of contrition -- which should be universal and total, not merely of outward deeds of sin, but also of wicked delights and thoughts and words; "for certes Almighty God is all good, and therefore either he forgiveth all, or else right naught." Further, contrition should be "wonder sorrowful and anguishous," and also continual, with steadfast purpose of confession and amendment. Lastly, of what contrition availeth, the Parson says, that sometimes it delivereth man from sin; that without it neither confession nor satisfaction is of any worth; that it "destroyeth the prison of hell, and maketh weak and feeble all the strengths of the devils, and restoreth the gifts of the Holy Ghost and of all good virtues, and cleanseth the soul of sin, and delivereth it from the pain of hell, and from the company of the devil, and from the servage [slavery] of sin, and restoreth it to all goods spiritual, and to the company and communion of Holy Church." He who should set his intent to these things, would no longer be inclined to sin, but would give his heart and body to the service of Jesus Christ, and thereof do him homage. "For, certes, our Lord Jesus Christ hath spared us so benignly in our follies, that if he had not pity on man's soul, a sorry song might we all sing."
2. 我的直觉就是和数据有关,谁可以数据资产化,谁可以找到一个主流的商业模式,没有数据什么都做不成,我以前结经常说一个例子,你要做语音识别,我给你所有的工程师,你没有2万小时的标注数据是什么都不可以做,有人没有用,只有数据有用。
3. 相反,他们更愿意注册进行现场演示。
4.   When in his study pent the whole year through, Man views the world, asthrough an optic glass, On a chance holiday, and scarcely then, How bypersuasion can he govern men?
5.   Faust
6.   "It appears," said the baron, seating himself in the armchairopposite that occupied by Milady, and stretching out his legscarelessly upon the hearth, "it appears we have made a littleapostasy!"


1.   "My throat is cut unto my necke-bone," Saide this child, "and, as *by way of kind,* *in course of nature* I should have died, yea long time agone; But Jesus Christ, as ye in bookes find, Will that his glory last and be in mind; And, for the worship* of his mother dear, *glory Yet may I sing O Alma loud and clear.
2.   'I was knocked down,' was the blunt explanation, jerked out of meby another pang of mortified pride; 'but that did not make me ill,'I added; while Mr. Lloyd helped himself to a pinch of snuff.
3.   "I was trying to come on here, but the gods detained me in Egypt,for my hecatombs had not given them full satisfaction, and the godsare very strict about having their dues. Now off Egypt, about as faras a ship can sail in a day with a good stiff breeze behind her, thereis an island called Pharos- it has a good harbour from which vesselscan get out into open sea when they have taken in water- and thegods becalmed me twenty days without so much as a breath of fairwind to help me forward. We should have run clean out of provisionsand my men would have starved, if a goddess had not taken pity upon meand saved me in the person of Idothea, daughter to Proteus, the oldman of the sea, for she had taken a great fancy to me.
4. 遗憾的是,当前一系列对策均反其道而行。一,不是放开数量管制从而有效降低份子钱,而是给司机发放财政油补,这既强化了出租车公司和司机对“放开市场准入”的抵制,又用纳税人的钱补贴了常坐出租的中产阶级,增加了社会分配的不公。二,不是设法把黑车纳入公共管理,让他们成为合法供给的增量,而是予以直接打击,这导致了逆向选择,即只让敢于铤而走险的黑车司机留下,从而增加了乘客的成本和风险。三,不是放松对车资的价格管制,以更自由浮动的车资鼓励司机出车,而是直接严惩那些挑客和议价的司机。显然,除非政府能用枪逼着司机出车,否则这些惩罚措施只会进一步打击供应,让乘客更难打车。
5. (环球时报-环球网赴武汉特派记者樊巍、杨诚)@这视频(环球时报-环球网赴武汉特派记者樊巍、杨诚)点击进入专题:武汉发生新型冠状病毒肺炎。
6. boss的梦想是做这个垂直细分领域的标杆企业。


1. 不错,投标者不喜欢这种与他们取胜后应该支付多大数目相关联的不确定性。各方的结局确实是恶化了。不过,虽然存在这种风险,参与者仍然应该报出自己的真实估价。理由是,一个真实的开价是一种优势策略。只要售价低于估价,投标者总想买下这项产品。以真实估价投标,是确保你在售价低于自己估价的时候取胜的惟一办法。
2. 文思敏捷、口才好这是他最显著的优点及特点。
3.   The Doctor, in a low voice, asked, `Of how long duration?'`Nine days and nights.'
4.   'Something's the matter, I'm sure. Where's mama?'
5. 开窗是正常的室内通风,气溶胶传播概率是非常非常低的。
6. 责编:王蕾此内容为第一财经原创,著作权归第一财经所有。


1. 2004年1月1日
2. 《全球通史》下
3. 在西方宗教的大规模回潮过程中,天主教所面临的问题不像新教那么简单。新教传教士到了某个城市,一般就是租个地方,开间诊所,一边给人治病,一边传教。但是天主教不同,天主教传教士此前来过,而且历史比较长,只是由于礼仪之争才被清政府赶了出去,所以他们曾在中国留下很多房产。现在天主教回来了,就希望清政府发还那些房产,所以一回来就与地方政府发生冲突,当时被称为“还堂”(退还教堂)纠纷。要知道,这些天主教传教士向地方政府要房产也不是凭空胡话,他们还真一直保留着一百多年前的房产地契。但是,这么久过去了,物是人非,很多房子都没了,再清理房产之类的不动产就要大费周折,非常麻烦。“还堂”问题一直没能妥善解决,这不断激化着天主教与官府、地方的矛盾。

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