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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "That's true," replied D'Artagnan; "I have not the uniform, but Ihave the spirit. My heart is that of a Musketeer; I feel it,monsieur, and that impels me on."
2.  "I am at your orders," said D'Artagnan.
3.  D'Artagnan became very pale; he was wounded in his SELF-love: he thought that it was in his LOVE.
4.  All the city was agitated by an extraordinary movement. Fourlarge vessels, recently built, had just been launched. At theend of the jetty, his clothes richly laced with gold, glittering,as was customary with him, with diamonds and precious stones, hishat ornamented with a white feather which drooped upon hisshoulder, Buckingham was seen surrounded by a staff almost asbrilliant as himself.
5.  On her side Mme. Bonacieux had also reflected; but, it must beadmitted, upon something widely different from ambition. Inspite of herself her thoughts constantly reverted to thathandsome young man who was so brave and appeared to be so much inlove. Married at eighteen to Mme. Bonacieux, having always livedamong her husband's friends--people little capable of inspiringany sentiment whatever in a young woman whose heart was above herposition--Mme. Bonacieux had remained insensible to vulgarseductions; but at this period the title of gentleman had greatinfluence with the citizen class, and D'Artagnan was a gentleman.Besides, he wore the uniform of the Guards, which next to that ofthe Musketeers was most admired by the ladies. He was, werepeat, handsome, young, and bold; he spoke of love like a manwho did love and was anxious to be loved in return. There wascertainly enough in all this to turn a head only twenty-threeyears old, and Mme. Bonacieux had just attained that happy periodof life.
6.  "'And I will say that you are the Sextus. I will denounce youbefore men, as I have denounced you before God; and if it benecessary that, like Lucretia, I should sign my accusation withmy blood, I will sign it.'


1.  "All you have in gold."
2.  "Come, then."
3.  The Englishman looked, and was seized with astonishment.D'Artagnan looked, and was seized with pleasure.
4.  "Yes; a certain D'Artagnan, a Bearnese gentleman who left Parisin company with three of his friends, with the intention of goingto London."
5.  "Somebody has disturbed him, without doubt," said D'Artagnan."But he must be disturbed," cried the host; "Here are two Englishgentlemen just arrived."
6.  "Zounds, Lieutenant!" said he; "you are not unlucky in beingcharged with such commissions, particularly if my Lord hasauthorized you to look into her bed."


1.  The captain replied by ordering the necessary maneuvers, andtoward seven o'clock in the morning the little vessel cast anchorin the bay that had been named.
2.  "Ah!" cried the Musketeer, as if he had received a ball inhis heart.
3.  "To be sure we will," replied Aramis and Porthos, withadmirable promptness and decision, as if that were thesimplest thing in the world, "to be sure we will get youout; but meantime, as we are to set off the day aftertomorrow, you would do much better not to risk thisBastille."
4.  "Since you have lost sight of that woman and she is now insafety in the convent, which you should never have allowedher to reach, try, at least, not to miss the man. If youdo, you know that my hand stretches far, and that you shallpay very dearly for the hundred louis you have from me."
5.   D'Artagnan began now really to fear that something had happenedto Mme. Bonacieux. He clapped his hands three times--theordinary signal of lovers; but nobody replied to him, not even anecho.
6.  "No violence will be offered to you, madame, and what happens toyou is the result of a very simple measure which we are obligedto adopt with all who land in England."


1.  A terrible inclination seized D'Artagnan to grasp the mercer bythe throat and strangle him; but, as we have said, he was a veryprudent youth, and he restrained himself. However, therevolution which appeared upon his countenance was so visiblethat Bonacieux was terrified at it, and he endeavored to drawback a step or two; but as he was standing before the half of thedoor which was shut, the obstacle compelled him to keep hisplace.
2.  "The Bible," said Aramis, "make our belief in them a law; theghost of Samuel appeared to Saul, and it is an article of faiththat I should be very sorry to see any doubt thrown upon,Porthos."
3.  Milady answered by a glance which said, "Is that all?--speak,then." And then accompanying the glance with explanatorywords, "That is but too just," said she, tenderly."Oh, you are an angel!" exclaimed the young man.
4、  "Yes," said Aramis, "but that one word is the name of some town orvillage."
5、  "D'Artagnan," said Athos, taking his hand, "you know I loveyou; if I had a son I could not love him better. Take myadvice, renounce this woman. I do not know her, but a sortof intuition tells me she is a lost creature, and that thereis something fatal about her."




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      This expression sprang from the very bottom of the heart, and,like the first, there was no mistaking it.

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      "Nothing but one word!" said D'Artagnan.

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       "That's the last folly to be committed," said Athos, "seeingit is the only one for which there is no remedy.""But I can never escape," said D'Artagnan, "with suchenemies. First, my stranger of Meung; then De Wardes, towhom I have given three sword wounds; next Milady, whosesecret I have discovered; finally, the cardinal, whosevengeance I have balked."

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      Aramis stopped on seeing Athos smile.

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    {  "But where and when shall I see you again?" cried D'Artagnan."A note which you will find at home will tell you. Begone,begone!"

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      And yet this nature so distinguished, this creature so beautiful,this essence so fine, was seen to turn insensibly toward materiallike, as old men turn toward physical and moral imbecility.Athos, in his hours of gloom-and these hours were frequent-wasextinguished as to the whole of the luminous portion of him, andhis brilliant side disappeared as into profound darkness.Then the demigod vanished; he remained scarcely a man. His headhanging down, his eye dull, his speech slow and painful, Athoswould look for hours together at his bottle, his glass, or atGrimaud, who, accustomed to obey him by signs, read in the faintglance of his master his least desire, and satisfied itimmediately. If the four friends were assembled at one of thesemoments, a word, thrown forth occasionally with a violent effort,was the share Athos furnished to the conversation. In exchangefor his silence Athos drank enough for four, and withoutappearing to be otherwise affected by wine than by a more markedconstriction of the brow and by a deeper sadness.D'Artagnan, whose inquiring disposition we are acquainted with,had not-whatever interest he had in satisfying his curiosity onthis subject-been able to assign any cause for these fits of forthe periods of their recurrence. Athos never received anyletters; Athos never had concerns which all his friends did notknow.}

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      The first object that met the eyes of D'Artagnan on enteringthe room was Brisemont, stretched upon the ground androlling in horrible convulsions.

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      "Yes, my wife pointed him out to me one day."

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       On his side Buckingham, in pretending to maintain the honorof England, was moved by interests exactly like those of thecardinal. Buckingham also was pursuing a private vengeance.Buckingham could not under any pretense be admitted intoFrance as an ambassador; he wished to enter it as aconqueror.

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    {  "CERTES," said Aramis, "I do justice to the beauties of thisthesis; but at the same time I perceive it would be overwhelmingfor me. I had chosen this text-tell me, dear D'Artagnan, if itis not to your taste-'NON INUTILE EST DESIDERIUM IN OBLATIONE';that is, 'A little regret is not unsuitable in an offering to theLord.'"

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      "I am a gentleman born, and my blood is warm, as you may haveremarked, my dear D'Artagnan. The insult was terrible, andalthough unknown to the rest of the world, I felt it live andfester at the bottom of my heart. I informed my superiors that Idid not feel myself sufficiently prepared for ordination, and atmy request the ceremony was postponed for a year. I sought outthe best fencing master in Paris, I made an agreement with him totake a lesson every day, and every day for a year I took thatlesson. Then, on the anniversary of the day on which I had beeninsulted, I hung my cassock on a peg, assumed the costume of acavalier, and went to a ball given by a lady friend of mine andto which I knew my man was invited. It was in the Rue desFrance-Bourgeois, close to La Force. As I expected, my officerwas there. I went up to him as he was singing a love ditty andlooking tenderly at a lady, and interrupted him exactly in themiddle of the second couplet. 'Monsieur,' said I, 'does it stilldisplease you that I should frequent a certain house of La RuePayenne? And would you still cane me if I took it into my headto disobey you? The officer looked at me with astonishment, andthen said, 'What is your business with me, monsieur? I do notknow you.' 'I am,' said I, 'the little abbe who reads LIVES OFTHE SAINTS, and translates Judith into verse.' 'Ah, ah! Irecollect now,' said the officer, in a jeering tone; 'well, whatdo you want with me?' 'I want you to spare time to take a walkwith me.' 'Tomorrow morning, if you like, with the greatestpleasure.' 'No, not tomorrow morning, if you please, butimmediately.' 'If you absolutely insist.' 'I do insist uponit.' 'Come, then. Ladies,' said the officer, 'do not disturbyourselves; allow me time just to kill this gentleman, and I willreturn and finish the last couplet.'