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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Everybody pities you, sir; and, above all, MademoiselleDanglars!"
2.  "Very well, show him to me." At this rather impertinentorder, Peppino raised his torch to the face of Danglars, whohastily withdrew that he might not have his eyelashes burnt.His agitated features presented the appearance of pale andhideous terror. "The man is tired," said the captain,"conduct him to his bed."
3.  "Well, what do you wish to know?"
4.  "Why not?"
5.  "Here is," said the Englishman, taking a quantity of papersfrom his pocket, "an assignment of 200,000 francs to ourhouse by M. de Boville, the inspector of prisons, to whomthey are due. You acknowledge, of course, that you owe thissum to him?"
6.  "Well, you have an annuity."


1.  Chapter 18The Treasure.
2.  "I will profit by them to tell you something about myguest."
3.  "I reside in my father's house, but occupy a pavilion at thefarther side of the court-yard, entirely separated from themain building."
4.  "Do you think you can help me, dear grandpapa?" saidValentine.
5.  Edmond Dantes.
6.  "But shall you be allowed to go into Normandy?"


1.  "Really? Then that person is a most amiable person." Albertlooked around and perceived Franz. "What," said he, "is ityou, my dear Franz, whose devotion and friendship are thusdisplayed?"
2.  "Once more farewell, my dear sister; Emmanuel, adieu!"Morrel repeated.
3.  "And if you should hear of anything very scandalous" --
4.  About two-thirds of the way along the Faubourg Saint-Honore,and in the rear of one of the most imposing mansions in thisrich neighborhood, where the various houses vie with eachother for elegance of design and magnificence ofconstruction, extended a large garden, where thewide-spreading chestnut-trees raised their heads high abovethe walls in a solid rampart, and with the coming of everyspring scattered a shower of delicate pink and whiteblossoms into the large stone vases that stood upon the twosquare pilasters of a curiously wrought iron gate, thatdated from the time of Louis XII. This noble entrance,however, in spite of its striking appearance and thegraceful effect of the geraniums planted in the two vases,as they waved their variegated leaves in the wind andcharmed the eye with their scarlet bloom, had fallen intoutter disuse. The proprietors of the mansion had many yearsbefore thought it best to confine themselves to thepossession of the house itself, with its thickly plantedcourt-yard, opening into the Faubourg Saint-Honore, and tothe garden shut in by this gate, which formerly communicatedwith a fine kitchen-garden of about an acre. For the demonof speculation drew a line, or in other words projected astreet, at the farther side of the kitchen-garden. Thestreet was laid out, a name was chosen and posted up on aniron plate, but before construction was begun, it occurredto the possessor of the property that a handsome sum mightbe obtained for the ground then devoted to fruits andvegetables, by building along the line of the proposedstreet, and so making it a branch of communication with theFaubourg Saint-Honore itself, one of the most importantthoroughfares in the city of Paris.
5.   "Yes, as far as I am personally concerned."
6.  "Something more terrible, more fatal, more alarming for us-- the child was, perhaps, alive, and the assassin may havesaved it!"


1.  "Fourteen years!" he muttered -- "Fourteen years!" repeatedthe count. "During that time he had many moments of despair.He also, Morrel, like you, considered himself the unhappiestof men."
2.  "Mad, you mean, don't you?"
3.  "No, he wished to speak to your excellency; I told him youwere gone out, and after some dispute he believed me andgave me this letter, which he had brought with him alreadysealed."
4、  "A fine idea that of his," said Danglars, shrugging hisshoulders. Madame Danglars looked at her husband with anexpression which, at any other time, would have indicated astorm, but for the second time she controlled herself. "Thebaron appears thoughtful to-day," said Monte Cristo to her;"are they going to put him in the ministry?"
5、  "From Dieppe?"




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      "You are right, Valentine; but how shall I ascertain?"

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      "Sir, you have distracted me; I shall be fined."

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       Morrel smiled, and shook his head. "Still you must breakfastsomewhere."

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      "Yes, I paid them nothing, and yet they are gone."

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    {  "No one; his parents are unknown."

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      "If you have seen all, madame, you know that the son ofFernand has publicly insulted me," said Monte Cristo withawful calmness.}

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      "And shall we go and find him?" inquired Franz.

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       "Alas," said Monte Cristo, "it is the infirmity of ournature always to believe ourselves much more unhappy thanthose who groan by our sides!"

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    {  The servant, instead of answering, pointed to the garden.Monte Cristo ran down the steps, and advancing towards thespot designated beheld Villefort, encircled by his servants,with a spade in his hand, and digging the earth with fury."It is not here!" he cried. "It is not here!" And then hemoved farther on, and began again to dig.

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      "It is an unheard-of fatality. I draw upon him for 600,000francs, my bills are returned unpaid, and, more than that, Ihold bills of exchange signed by him to the value of 400,000francs, payable at his correspondent's in Paris at the endof this month. To-day is the 30th. I present them; but mycorrespondent has disappeared. This, with my Spanishaffairs, made a pretty end to the month."