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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Constance? Constance?" replied the young man, "where are you? whereare you? My God!"
2.  "Yes, yes," said he; "you disturb, you agitate the people wholive in the castle."
3.  "Hark," said she, "we have been overheard! Someone is coming!All is over! We are lost!"
4.  There are in affluence a crowd of aristocratic cares and capriceswhich are highly becoming to beauty. A fine and white stocking,a silken robe, a lace kerchief, a pretty slipper on the foot, atasty ribbon on the head do not make an ugly woman pretty, butthey make a pretty woman beautiful, without reckoning the hands,which gain by all this; the hands, among women particularly, tobe beautiful must be idle.
5.  When this crisis was past, when Milady appeared to have resumedher self-possession, which she had never lost; when Felton hadseen her recover with the veil of chastity those treasures oflove which were only concealed from him to make him desire themthe more ardently, he said, "Ah, now! I have only one thing toask of you; that is, the name of your true executioner. For tome there is but one; the other was an instrument, that was all.""What, brother!" cried Milady, "must I name him again? Have younot yet divined who he is?"
6.  "No doubt. Nobody has a higher opinion of the courage and skillof Athos than I have; but I like better to hear my sword clangagainst lances than against staves. I fear lest Athos shouldhave been beaten down by serving men. Those fellows strike hard,and don't leave off in a hurry. This is why I wish to set outagain as soon as possible."


1.  "What?"
2.  He went then to the queen, and according to custom accosted herwith fresh menaces against those who surrounded her. Anne ofAustria lowered her head, allowed the torrent to flow on withoutreplying, hoping that it would cease of itself; but this was notwhat Louis XIII meant. Louis XIII wanted a discussion from whichsome light or other might break, convinced as he was that thecardinal had some afterthought and was preparing for him one ofthose terrible surprises which his Eminence was so skillful ingetting up. He arrived at this end by his persistence inaccusation.
3.  "It will be too late; they will be gone."
4.  "Oh, I am sure of that!"
5.  "Who is this Athos?"
6.  "And I," said M. d'Artagnan. "Pardon me, madame, for having by a trickunworthy of a gentleman provoked your anger; and I, in exchange, pardonyou the murder of my poor love and your cruel vengeance against me. Ipardon you, and I weep for you. Die in peace!"


1.  "Commend me to Satan."
2.  The day on which D'Artagnan presented himself the assemblage wasimposing, particularly for a provincial just arriving from hisprovince. It is true that this provincial was a Gascon; andthat, particularly at this period, the compatriots of D'Artagnanhad the reputation of not being easily intimidated. When he hadonce passed the massive door covered with long square-headednails, he fell into the midst of a troop of swordsmen, whocrossed one another in their passage, calling out, quarreling,and playing tricks one with another. In order to make one's wayamid these turbulent and conflicting waves, it was necessary tobe an officer, a great noble, or a pretty woman.
3.  Athos was seized with a kind of vertigo. The sight of thiscreature, who had nothing of the woman about her, recalledawful remembrances. He thought how one day, in a lessdangerous situation than the one in which he was now placed,he had already endeavored to sacrifice her to his honor.His desire for blood returned, burning his brain andpervading his frame like a raging fever; he arose in histurn, reached his hand to his belt, drew forth a pistol, andcocked it.
4.  "More intrigues! Nothing but intrigues! Thank you, madame, I amaware of them now; Monsieur Cardinal has enlightened me on thathead."
5.   "The punishment of death," replied D'Artagnan.
6.  "That shoots me," said the Swiss.


1.  "Yes."
2.  "What could I do?" said Porthos. "This horse made my visitorsashamed of theirs, and I don't like to humiliate people.""Then your duchess is still at the waters?" asked D'Artagnan."Still," replied Porthos. "And, my faith, the governor of theprovince--one of the gentlemen I expected today--seemed to havesuch a wish for him, that I gave him to him."
3.  >From that time, D'Artagnan had been cautious with respect tohandkerchiefs with arms on them, and he therefore placed in thepocket of Mme. Bonacieux the one he had just picked up.At that moment Mme. Bonacieux recovered her senses. She openedher eyes, looked around her with terror, saw that the apartmentwas empty and that she was alone with her liberator. Sheextended her hands to him with a smile. Mme. Bonacieux had thesweetest smile in the world.
4、  Ten minutes afterward she was at home. As she told the queen,she had not seen her husband since his liberation; she wasignorant of the change that had taken place in him with respectto the cardinal--a change which had since been strengthened bytwo or three visits from the Comte de Rochefort, who had becomethe best friend of Bonacieux, and had persuaded him, without muchtrouble, order in his house, the furniture of which he had foundmostly broken and his closets nearly empty--justice not being oneof the three things which King Solomon names as leaving no tracesof their passage. As to the servant, she had run away at themoment of her master's arrest. Terror had had such an effectupon the poor girl that she had never ceased walking from Paristill she reached Burgundy, her native place.
5、  She scarcely resisted.




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      "Vous qui pleurez un passe plein de charmes,

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      "As he mistrusted me, he determined to guard you himself, andsent me in his place to get Buckingham to sign the order for yourtransportation."

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       "Tell us about it."

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      "Some lackey," murmured D'Artagnan. "Poor woman, poor woman,what have they done with you?"

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    {  "Yes," cried Milady, "but I shall lose that which is much dearerto me than life, I shall lose my honor, Felton; and it is you,you whom I make responsible, before God and before men, for myshame and my infamy."

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      "How, monsieur, an investigation of my papers--mine! Truly, thisis an indignity!"}

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      "Nor I," said Aramis.

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      "My faith," said D'Artagnan, "it appears that I was more drunkthan you, since I remember nothing of the kind."

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       Felton, in his turn a suppliant, clasped his hands."Well, then," said Milady, "I confide in my brother; I will dareto--"

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    {  "Speak lower!" said Athos.

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      "And yet, notwithstanding these precautions, I remained for sometime in a terrible agitation of mind. But my fears were thistime ill-founded; I passed the day without experiencing anythingof the kind I dreaded.