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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Do not be alarmed," said Beauchamp; "he will meet you. Myonly fear is that he will be too strong for you."
2.  "Read again," said the old man. Franz continued: --
3.  "They are all the same price."
4.  Then following the clew that, in the hands of the AbbeFaria, had been so skilfully used to guide him through theDaedalian labyrinth of probabilities, he thought that theCardinal Spada, anxious not to be watched, had entered thecreek, concealed his little barque, followed the line markedby the notches in the rock, and at the end of it had buriedhis treasure. It was this idea that had brought Dantes backto the circular rock. One thing only perplexed Edmond, anddestroyed his theory. How could this rock, which weighedseveral tons, have been lifted to this spot, without the aidof many men? Suddenly an idea flashed across his mind.Instead of raising it, thought he, they have lowered it. Andhe sprang from the rock in order to inspect the base onwhich it had formerly stood. He soon perceived that a slopehad been formed, and the rock had slid along this until itstopped at the spot it now occupied. A large stone hadserved as a wedge; flints and pebbles had been insertedaround it, so as to conceal the orifice; this species ofmasonry had been covered with earth, and grass and weeds hadgrown there, moss had clung to the stones, myrtle-bushes hadtaken root, and the old rock seemed fixed to the earth.
5.  "Ah," cried Benedetto, his eyes sparkling with joy. Justthen the door opened, and the jailer, addressing himself toBertuccio, said, -- "Excuse me, sir, but the examiningmagistrate is waiting for the prisoner."
6.  The young girl uttered a joyful cry, raised her eyes, lookedround to question the messenger, but he had disappeared. Shecast her eyes again over the note to peruse it a secondtime, and saw there was a postscript. She read: --


1.  "There it is, then," said Monte Cristo, as he stepped out ofthe carriage. They both went into the house; thedrawing-room was lighted up -- they went in there. "You willmake tea for us, Baptistin," said the count. Baptistin leftthe room without waiting to answer, and in two secondsreappeared, bringing on a waiter all that his master hadordered, ready prepared, and appearing to have sprung fromthe ground, like the repasts which we read of in fairytales. "Really, my dear count," said Morcerf. "what I admirein you is, not so much your riches, for perhaps there arepeople even wealthier than yourself, nor is it only yourwit, for Beaumarchais might have possessed as much, -- butit is your manner of being served, without any questions, ina moment, in a second; it is as it they guessed what youwanted by your manner of ringing, and made a point ofkeeping everything you can possibly desire in constantreadiness."
2.  "What, what!" cried Monte Cristo, stopping suddenly, "whatwords do you utter? Devil of a man, Corsican that you are --always mysteries or superstitions. Come, take the lantern,and let us visit the garden; you are not afraid of ghostswith me, I hope?" Bertuccio raised the lantern, and obeyed.The door, as it opened, disclosed a gloomy sky, in which themoon strove vainly to struggle through a sea of clouds thatcovered her with billows of vapor which she illumined for aninstant, only to sink into obscurity. The steward wished toturn to the left. "No, no, monsieur," said Monte Cristo."What is the use of following the alleys? Here is abeautiful lawn; let us go on straight forwards."
3.  "The man at the telegraph," said he, "must either engage agardener or devote himself passionately to agriculture."Suddenly he struck against something crouching behind awheelbarrow filled with leaves; the something rose, utteringan exclamation of astonishment, and Monte Cristo foundhimself facing a man about fifty years old, who was pluckingstrawberries, which he was placing upon grape leaves. He hadtwelve leaves and about as many strawberries, which, onrising suddenly, he let fall from his hand. "You aregathering your crop, sir?" said Monte Cristo, smiling.
4.  "For pity's sake," he cried, pale and bewildered, withoutseeing whom he was addressing, -- "for pity's sake do notcall assistance! Save me! -- I will not harm you."
5.  "Well, amiable Corsican, let us suppose it is providence. Ialways suppose anything people please, and, besides, youmust concede something to diseased minds. Come, collectyourself, and tell me all."
6.  "How long?"


1.  "Then," murmured Louis, "he was well informed. And how manymen had he with him?"
2.  "And for pirates?"
3.  "Take it, then, and pray disturb us no longer," said Madamede Villefort, giving the album to Edward, who then wenttowards the door, led by his mother. The count followed herwith his eyes.
4.  "You think I shall deprive you of those three millions,"said Danglars; "but do not fear it. They are destined toproduce at least ten. I and a brother banker have obtained agrant of a railway, the only industrial enterprise which inthese days promises to make good the fabulous prospects thatLaw once held out to the eternally deluded Parisians, in thefantastic Mississippi scheme. As I look at it, a millionthpart of a railway is worth fully as much as an acre of wasteland on the banks of the Ohio. We make in our case adeposit, on a mortgage, which is an advance, as you see,since we gain at least ten, fifteen, twenty, or a hundredlivres' worth of iron in exchange for our money. Well,within a week I am to deposit four millions for my share;the four millions, I promise you, will produce ten ortwelve."
5.   "Now it is you who are unjust, Maximilian," cried Valentine;"but there is one thing I wish to know."
6.  "His coat looks almost new, and his boots shine like anigger's face. It's pleasant to have such well-dressedcomrades; but didn't those gendarmes behave shameful? --must 'a been jealous, to tear such clothes!"


1.  "The same."
2.  "To tell you the truth, I consider it lost."
3.  "And by whom are you forbidden?"
4、  "Now can you conceive of any interest that your heroicdeputy could possibly have had in the destruction of thatletter?"
5、  "Precisely, monsieur," replied Monte Cristo with one ofthose smiles that a painter could never represent or aphysiologist analyze.




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      "A mischance?" repeated the baroness.

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      "Yes, your excellency," said the captain, "we have reachedit."

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       "Albert," said Beauchamp, with a look of sorrow whichstupefied the young man, "let us first sit down and talk."

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      "What for? Why, to converse with him, of course. Have youreally no desire to meet him?"

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    {  Edmond was seized with vertigo; he cocked his gun and laidit beside him. He then closed his eyes as children do inorder that they may see in the resplendent night of theirown imagination more stars than are visible in thefirmament; then he re-opened them, and stood motionless withamazement. Three compartments divided the coffer. In thefirst, blazed piles of golden coin; in the second, wereranged bars of unpolished gold, which possessed nothingattractive save their value; in the third, Edmond graspedhandfuls of diamonds, pearls, and rubies, which, as theyfell on one another, sounded like hail against glass. Afterhaving touched, felt, examined these treasures, Edmondrushed through the caverns like a man seized with frenzy; heleaped on a rock, from whence he could behold the sea. Hewas alone -- alone with these countless, these unheard-oftreasures! was he awake, or was it but a dream?

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      "Indeed?" said Monte Cristo; "and so those gentlemen downthere are men of great talent. I should not have guessed it.And for what kind of talent are they celebrated? You knowthere are different sorts."}

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      Andrea examined it carefully, to ascertain if the letter hadbeen opened, or if any indiscreet eyes had seen itscontents; but it was so carefully folded, that no one couldhave read it, and the seal was perfect. "Very well," saidhe. "Poor man, he is a worthy creature." He left the porterto ponder on these words, not knowing which most to admire,the master or the servant. "Take out the horses quickly, andcome up to me," said Andrea to his groom. In two seconds theyoung man had reached his room and burnt Caderousse'sletter. The servant entered just as he had finished. "Youare about my height, Pierre," said he.

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      "Indeed, no," said Chateau-Renaud -- "Did you know her?"

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       "You need not fear." Morrel advanced towards Beauchamp andChateau-Renaud, who, seeing his intention, came to meet him.The three young men bowed to each other courteously, if notaffably.

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    {  "I am extremely sorry you find me so ignorant a cicerone,"replied Morcerf, "but I am reluctantly obliged to confess, Ihave nothing further to communicate -- yes, stay, I do knowone thing more, namely, that she is a musician, for one daywhen I chanced to be breakfasting with the count, I heardthe sound of a guzla -- it is impossible that it could havebeen touched by any other finger than her own."

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      "How can you find out?"