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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "'In a large room?"
2.  There were a number of letters, bills, and notebooks, which Holmesturned over and examined with quick, nervous fingers and darting,penetrating eyes. "Nothing here," he said, at last. "By the way, Isuppose your friend was a healthy young fellow- nothing amiss withhim?"
3.  "Soames will be in a dreadful fidget until we are able to tell himsomething positive."
4.  "What will you say?"
5.  He held out his hand, and I saw in the light of the lamp that two ofhis knuckles were burst and bleeding.
6.  "I understand the position," said Holmes.


1.  "Was there anything in your letter which might have unbalanced himor induced him to take such a step?"
2.  There could be no doubt of the fact. The woodwork was cut, and thescratches showed white through the paint, as if they had been thatinstant done. Holmes had been examining the window.
3.  "Thick and horny in a way which is quite new in my experience.Always look at the hands first, Watson. Then cuffs, trouser-knees, andboots. Very curious knuckles which can only be explained by the modeof progression observed by-" Holmes paused and suddenly clapped hishand to his forehead. "Oh, Watson, Watson, what a fool I have been! Itseems incredible, and yet it must be true. All points in onedirection. How could I miss seeing the connection of ideas? Thoseknuckles- how could I have passed those knuckles? And the dog! And theivy! It's surely time that I disappeared into that little farm of mydreams. Look out, Watson! Here he is! We shall have the chance ofseeing for ourselves."
4.  Our hope was that, by taking train, we might get to Beckenham assoon as or sooner than the carriage. On reaching Scotland Yard,however, it was more than an hour before we could get InspectorGregson and comply with the legal formalities which would enable us toenter the house. It was a quarter to ten before we reached LondonBridge, and half past before the four of us alighted on theBeckenham platform. A drive of half a mile brought us to The Myrtles-alarge, dark house standing back from the road in its own grounds. Herewe dismissed our cab and made our way up the drive together."The windows are all dark," remarked the inspector. "The house seemsdeserted."
5.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
6.  "And a non-commissioned officer."


1.  "No, I have moved nothing."
2.  "Madame," I said, "your husband loves you dearly. He is deeplygrieved at this happening."
3.  Bannister entered, and shrank back in evident surprise and fear atour judicial appearance.
4.  "Nay, madam, there again you ask me more than I can possiblyanswer."
5.   "'In a large room?"
6.  "Reginald Musgrave had been in the same college as myself, and I hadsome slight acquaintance with him. He was not generally popularamong the undergraduates, though it always seemed to me that whatwas set down as pride was really an attempt to cover extreme naturaldiffidence. In appearance he was a man of an exceedinglyaristocratic type, thin, high-nosed, and large-eyed, with languidand yet courtly manners. He was indeed a scion of one of the veryoldest families in the kingdom, though his branch was a cadet onewhich had separated from the northern Musgraves some time in thesixteenth century and had established itself in western Sussex,where the Manor House of Hurlstone is perhaps the oldest inhabitedbuilding in the county. Something of his birth-place seemed to clingto the man, and I never looked at his pale, keen face or the poiseof his head without associating him with gray archways and mullionedwindows and all the venerable wreckage of a feudal keep. Once or twicewe drifted into talk, and I can remember that more than once heexpressed a keen interest in my methods of observation and inference."For four years I had seen nothing of him until one morning hewalked into my room in Montague Street. He had changed little, wasdressed like a young man of fashion-he was always a bit of a dandy-andpreserved the same quiet, suave manner which had formerlydistinguished him.


1.  "Tell me," said he at last, "could you swear that this was a man'sface which you saw at the window?"
2.  "How can you tell? the example of patient suffering is in itself themost precious of all lessons to an impatient world."
3.  "I probably shall. But not just yet. Would you glance carefullyout of the window, Watson, and see if anyone is banging about in thestreet?"
4、  "On what charge?"
5、  "Yes, but there is another empty house farther up the street whichhe must have passed before he came to this one. Why did he not breakit there, since it is evident that every yard that he carried itincreased the risk of someone meeting him?"




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      I do not know how the incriminating book was used. Sir James mayhave managed it. Or it is more probable that so delicate a task wasentrusted to the young lady's father. The effect, at any rate, was allthat could be desired. Three days later appeared a paragraph in theMorning Post to say that the marriage between Baron Adelbert Grunerand Miss Violet de Merville would not take place. The same paper hadthe first police-court hearing of the proceedings against Miss KittyWinter on the grave charge of vitriol-throwing. Such extenuatingcircumstances came out in the trial that the sentence, as will beremembered, was the lowest that was possible for such an offence.Sherlock Holmes was threatened with a prosecution for burglary, butwhen an object is good and a client is sufficiently illustrious,even the rigid British law becomes human and elastic. My friend hasnot yet stood in the dock.

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      "I called this morning, Dr. Huxtable, too late to prevent you fromstarting for London. I learned that your object was to invite Mr.Sherlock Holmes to undertake the conduct of this case. His Grace issurprised, Dr. Huxtable, that you should have taken such a stepwithout consulting him."

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      "But how do you know he'll be there when we return?"

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    {  "It is a little cold for the time of the year," said Holmes."What has she been saying to you?" screamed the old man furiously."But I have heard that the crocuses promise well," continued mycompanion imperturbably.

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      "We were sitting out upon the lawn on garden chairs, the three ofus, basking in the sun and admiring the view across the Broads, when amaid came out to say that there was a man at the door who wanted tosee Mr. Trevor.}

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      "I have done the lawn and the bicycle shed," said, he. "I havealso had a rumble through the Ragged Shaw. Now, Watson, there is cocoaready in the next room. I must beg you to hurry, for we have a greatday before us."

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      "'I beg that you will state your business, sir,' said I; 'my time isof value.' Heaven forgive me for that last sentence, but the wordscame to my lips.

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       Holmes gave an enigmatic smile.

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    {  "No, but I fancy that I may have deduced a little more. I imaginethat you saw all that I did."

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      "Great excitement was caused in Esher and the neighbouringdistrict when it was learned late last night that an arrest had beeneffected in connection with the Oxshott murder. It will beremembered that Mr. Garcia, of Wisteria Lodge, was found dead onOxshott Common, his body showing signs of extreme violence, and thaton the same night his servant and his cook fled, which appeared toshow participation in the crime. It was suggested, but never proved,that the gentleman may have had valuables in the house, and that theirabstraction was the motive of the crime. Every effort was made byInspector Baynes, who has the case in hand, to ascertain the hidingplace of the fugatives, and he had good reason to believe that theyhad not gone far but were lurking in some retreat which had beenalready prepared. It was certain from the first, however, that theywould eventually be detected, as the cook, from the evidence of one ortwo trades-people who have caught a glimpse of him through the window,was a man of most remarkable appearance- being a huge and hideousmulatto, with yellowish features of a pronounced negroid type. Thisman has been seen since the crime, for he was detected and pursuedby Constable Walters on the same evening, when he had the audacityto revisit Wisteria Lodge. Inspector Baynes, considering that such avisit must have some purpose in view and was likely, therefore, tobe repeated, abandoned the house but left an ambuscade in theshrubbery. The man walk into the trap and was captured last nightafter a struggle in which Constable Downing was badly bitten by thesavage. We understand that when the prisoner is brought before themagistrates a remand will be applied for by the police, and that greatdevelopments are hoped from his capture."