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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Oh, yes," said Chateau-Renaud.
2.  "Well, I must detain you some time longer, but I will striveto make it as short as possible. The principal chargeagainst you is this letter, and you see" -- Villefortapproached the fire, cast it in, and waited until it wasentirely consumed.
3.  "It might be so under the Bourbons, but at present" --
4.  Monte Cristo looked at the room. They passed to the thirdstory; it was the telegraph room. Monte Cristo looked inturn at the two iron handles by which the machine wasworked. "It is very interesting," he said, "but it must bevery tedious for a lifetime."
5.  "You know, mother, M. de Monte Cristo is almost an Oriental,and it is customary with the Orientals to secure fullliberty for revenge by not eating or drinking in the housesof their enemies."
6.  "No, because I passed the night writing letters, -- five andtwenty despatches. I returned home at daybreak, and stroveto sleep; but my head ached and I got up to have a ride foran hour. At the Bois de Boulogne, ennui and hunger attackedme at once, -- two enemies who rarely accompany each other,and who are yet leagued against me, a sort ofCarlo-republican alliance. I then recollected you gave abreakfast this morning, and here I am. I am hungry, feed me;I am bored, amuse me."


1.  "No, monsieur, I do not know the writing, and yet it istolerably plain. Whoever did it writes well. I am veryfortunate," added he, looking gratefully at Villefort, "tobe examined by such a man as you; for this envious person isa real enemy." And by the rapid glance that the young man'seyes shot forth, Villefort saw how much energy lay hidbeneath this mildness.
2.  "Yes, and up to this point I know all," said the priest."Dantes himself only knew that which personally concernedhim, for he never beheld again the five persons I have namedto you, or heard mention of any one of them."
3.  "It is that, next to you, Bertuccio must be the richestgentleman in Europe."
4.  "A great pity," said Monte Cristo.
5.  "So, then, Gaetano," said Franz, "this is, then, allreality; there exists a man who has received me in thisisland, entertained me right royally, and his departed whileI was asleep?"
6.  "And that means," replied Monte Cristo, laughing, "that youhad, probably, just dined together. I am happy to see, M.Beauchamp, that you are more sober than he was."


1.  "Do you intend opening the door?" said the baroness.
2.  "You say so with an accent -- stay, you shall be convinced;take my clerk to the bank, and you will see him leave itwith an order on the Treasury for the same sum."
3.  The thieves looked at one another with low murmurs, and astorm gathered over the head of the aristocratic prisoner,raised less by his own words than by the manner of thekeeper. The latter, sure of quelling the tempest when thewaves became too violent, allowed them to rise to a certainpitch that he might be revenged on the importunate Andrea,and besides it would afford him some recreation during thelong day. The thieves had already approached Andrea, somescreaming, "La savate -- La savate!"* a cruel operation,which consists in cuffing a comrade who may have fallen intodisgrace, not with an old shoe, but with an iron-heeled one.Others proposed the "anguille," another kind of recreation,in which a handkerchief is filled with sand, pebbles, andtwo-sous pieces, when they have them, which the wretchesbeat like a flail over the head and shoulders of the unhappysufferer. "Let us horsewhip the fine gentleman!" saidothers.
4.  "No, no, be easy on that score; the family is extinct. Thelast Count of Spada, moreover, made me his heir, bequeathingto me this symbolic breviary, he bequeathed to me all itcontained; no, no, make your mind satisfied on that point.If we lay hands on this fortune, we may enjoy it withoutremorse."
5.   It was then he rejoiced at his precaution in taking thetimber, for without it he would have been unable, perhaps,to reach the vessel -- certainly to return to shore, shouldhe be unsuccessful in attracting attention.
6.  "Yes, yes; this is an adventure worthy a place in the variedcareer of that royal bandit. This fabulous event formed buta link in a long chain of marvels. Yes, Borgia has beenhere, a torch in one band, a sword in the other, and withintwenty paces, at the foot of this rock, perhaps two guardskept watch on land and sea, while their master descended, asI am about to descend, dispelling the darkness before hisawe-inspiring progress."


1.  "Yes. Did you pass through the Corso?"
2.  "There is something very peculiar about this chief, then?"
3.  "Yes," said Danglars, darting at Edmond a look gleaming withhate. "Yes, he is young, and youth is invariablyself-confident. Scarcely was the captain's breath out of hisbody when he assumed the command without consulting any one,and he caused us to lose a day and a half at the Island ofElba, instead of making for Marseilles direct."
4、  "I spoke to her once or twice at Madame de Morcerf's, amongthe rest; she appeared to me charming, though rathermelancholy. Where is her stepmother? Do you know?"
5、  "At least we can have a window?"




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      "I did not say that I feared it; I only said that deathalone could check the execution of my plans."

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      Villefort complied, and they passed on to the dining-room.

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       "No one, in truth; but a mother has twofold sight. I guessedall; I followed him this evening to the opera, and,concealed in a parquet box, have seen all."

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      "May we inquire what is this recipe?" asked Debray.

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    {  "By all means," replied the governor, and he signed to theturnkey to open the door. At the sound of the key turning inthe lock, and the creaking of the hinges, Dantes, who wascrouched in a corner of the dungeon, whence he could see theray of light that came through a narrow iron grating above,raised his head. Seeing a stranger, escorted by two turnkeysholding torches and accompanied by two soldiers, and to whomthe governor spoke bareheaded, Dantes, who guessed thetruth, and that the moment to address himself to thesuperior authorities was come, sprang forward with claspedhands.

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      "M," repeated Franz. The young man's finger, glided over thewords, but at each one Noirtier answered by a negative sign.Valentine hid her head between her hands. At length, Franzarrived at the word MYSELF.

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      "Grenoble and Lyons are faithful cities, and will oppose tohim an impassable barrier."

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       "Gone," murmured Valentine; "adieu, my sweet Haidee --adieu, my sister!"

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    {  "What is there more?" said Debray, who had not failed tonotice the agitation of Madame Danglars.

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      "Go on, sir," said he.