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1. 首播三天之后,播放量3天破亿次、观看会员量超千万人,在北上广等一线城市尤其受到热捧,主力观看人群均为年轻人。
2.   Now let us turn to the effects of crossing the several species of the horse-genus. Rollin asserts, that the common mule from the ass and horse is particularly apt to have bars on its legs. I once saw a mule with its legs so much striped that any one at first would have thought that it must have been the product of a zebra; and Mr. W. C. Martin, in his excellent treatise on the horse, has given a figure of a similar mule. In four coloured drawings, which I have seen, of hybrids between the ass and zebra, the legs were much more plainly barred than the rest of the body; and in one of them there was a double shoulder-stripe. In Lord Moreton's famous hybrid from a chestnut mare and male quagga, the hybrid, and even the pure offspring subsequently produced from the mare by a black Arabian sire, were much more plainly barred across the legs than is even the pure quagga. Lastly, and this is another most remarkable case, a hybrid has been figured by Dr Gray (and he informs me that he knows of a second case) from the ass and the hemionus; and this hybrid, though the ass seldom has stripes on its legs and the hemionus has none and has not even a shoulder-stripe, nevertheless had all four legs barred, and had three short shoulder-stripes, like those on the dun Welch pony, and even had some zebra-like stripes on the sides of its face. With respect to this last fact, I was so convinced that not even a stripe of colour appears from what would commonly be called an accident, that I was led solely from the occurrence of the face-stripes on this hybrid from the ass and hemionus, to ask Colonel Poole whether such face-stripes ever occur in the eminently striped Kattywar breed of horses, and was, as we have seen, answered in the affirmative.What now are we to say to these several facts? We see several very distinct species of the horse-genus becoming, by simple variation, striped on the legs like a zebra, or striped on the shoulders like an ass. In the horse we see this tendency strong whenever a dun tint appears a tint which approaches to that of the general colouring of the other species of the genus. The appearance of the stripes is not accompanied by any change of form or by any other new character. We see this tendency to become striped most strongly displayed in hybrids from between several of the most distinct species. Now observe the case of the several breeds of pigeons: they are descended from a pigeon (including two or three sub-species or geographical races) of a bluish colour, with certain bars and other marks; and when any breed assumes by simple variation a bluish tint, these bars and other marks invariably reappear; but without any other change of form or character. When the oldest and truest breeds of various colours are crossed, we see a strong tendency for the blue tint and bars and marks to reappear in the mongrels. I have stated that the most probable hypothesis to account for the reappearance of very ancient characters, is that there is a tendency in the young of each successive generation to produce the long-lost character, and that this tendency, from unknown causes, sometimes prevails. And we have just seen that in several species of the horse-genus the stripes are either plainer or appear more commonly in the young than in the old. Call the breeds of pigeons, some of which have bred true for centuries, species; and how exactly parallel is the case with that of the species of the horse-genus! For myself, I venture confidently to look back thousands on thousands of generations, and I see an animal striped like a zebra, but perhaps otherwise very differently constructed, the common parent of our domestic horse, whether or not it be descended from one or more wild stocks, of the ass, the hemionus, quagga, and zebra.He who believes that each equine species was independently created, will, I presume, assert that each species has been created with a tendency to vary, both under nature and under domestication, in this particular manner, so as often to become striped like other species of the genus; and that each has been created with a strong tendency, when crossed with species inhabiting distant quarters of the world, to produce hybrids resembling in their stripes, not their own parents, but other species of the genus. To admit this view is, as it seems to me, to reject a real for an unreal, or at least for an unknown, cause. It makes the works of God a mere mockery and deception; I would almost as soon believe with the old and ignorant cosmogonists, that fossil shells had never lived, but had been created in stone so as to mock the shells now living on the sea-shore.
3.   We walked very slowly home, Mr. Wickfield, Agnes, and I - Agnes and I admiring the moonlight, and Mr. Wickfield scarcely raising his eyes from the ground. When we, at last, reached our own door, Agnes discovered that she had left her little reticule behind. Delighted to be of any service to her, I ran back to fetch it.
4.   "'May I ask where you live, sir?' said I.
5.   "But how shall we get back?"
6. 原标题:延迟上班别发愁,远程办公抗疫情。


1. 打个招呼不算什么,加之有部门监管,还要进行招投标,项目谁做都一样,做好就行,我也没有明说要让谁干,只说让其参与招投标。
2.   "You have brought it on yourself," said Ali Cogia, taking him by the arm, "and as you appeal to the law, the law you shall have! Let us see if you will dare to repeat your story before the Cadi."
3. 被告人关某强犯领导黑社会性质组织罪、抢劫罪、敲诈勒索罪,数罪并罚,决定执行有期徒刑十三年六个月,并处没收财产人民币四十万元,罚金人民币三万元,剥夺政治权利三年。
4. 王安石罢相前,向神宗推荐吕惠卿。神宗以韩绛代王安石,以吕惠卿为参知政事。保守派讽刺说,韩绛是“传法沙门”,吕惠卿是“护法善神”,新法仍继续推行。王安石去后,风浪暂平。章惇、曾孝宽受命继续根究市易司事,查对市易务及曾布奏文。八月间结案,曾布以“不觉察吏人教令行户添饰词理,不应奏而奏”,及“奏事诈不实”罪,免职出知饶州。魏继宗追官停职。都提举市易司吕嘉问也以“不觉察杂买务多纳月息钱”罪免职,出知常州。御史张琥(音虎hǔ)弹劾韩维、孙永查究免行钱事不当。韩维落端明殿学士职,孙永罢知开封府官。郑侠上书攻击,“惠卿朋党奸邪”,“请黜惠卿,用(冯)京为相”。神宗大怒,免郑侠官,编管汀州。吕惠卿进而追究郑侠攻击免行钱事。张琥与知制诰邓润甫受命办案,查出郑侠幕后的支持者冯京和王安国(安石弟,反对变法)等人。熙宁八年(一○七五年)正月,御史中丞邓绾与邓润甫上疏,定郑侠等罪。郑侠编管英州。冯京罢参知政事。王安国免官,放归田里。免行钱案定结,韩绛请求神宗召王安石复相。二月间,神宗派使臣持诏书去江宁府,召王安石回京师,恢复了相位。
5. 并从其他两个广告系列中,执行搜索字词添加为完全匹配。
6.   Thus did she talk with her maids as she sat in her own room, andin the meantime Ulysses was getting his dinner. Then she called forthe swineherd and said, "Eumaeus, go and tell the stranger to comehere, I want to see him and ask him some questions. He seems to havetravelled much, and he may have seen or heard something of myunhappy husband."


1. 而这一比例,已经十分接近2000年互联网泡沫时期的数据。
2.   `You made mention of the young lady as a golden-haired doll. The young lady is Miss Manette. If you had been a fellow of any sensitiveness or delicacy of feeling in that kind of way, Sydney, I might have been a little resentful of your employing such a designation; but you are not. You want that sense altogether; therefore I am no more annoyed when I think of the expression, than I should be annoyed by a man's opinion of a picture of mine, who had no eye for pictures: or of a piece of music of mine, who had no ear for music.'
3. 随后他正式来到了神往已久的硅谷,这一年,马斯克24岁。
4.   "I then swore that this woman who had ruined him, who was more than hisaccomplice, since she had urged him to the crime, should at least sharehis punishment. I suspected where she was concealed. I followed her, Icaught her, I bound her; and I imprinted the same disgraceful mark uponher that I had imprinted upon my poor brother.
5. 由于文化程度不高,信息闭塞,寻人一直没有结果。
6. 只有她们平安,大家才有希望。


1. "We were living on rations before we worked it out," she said. "But we did work it out. You see, before a child comes to one of us there is a period of utter exaltation--the whole being is uplifted and filled with a concentrated desire for that child. We learned to look forward to that period with the greatest caution. Often our young women, those to whom motherhood had not yet come, would voluntarily defer it. When that deep inner demand for a child began to be felt she would deliberately engage in the most active work, physical and mental; and even more important, would solace her longing by the direct care and service of the babies we already had."
2. She had put on, without Mariette's help, the cast-aside black-velvet frock. It was too short and tight, and her slender legs looked long and thin, showing themselves from beneath the brief skirt. As she had not found a piece of black ribbon, her short, thick, black hair tumbled loosely about her face and contrasted strongly with its pallor. She held Emily tightly in one arm, and Emily was swathed in a piece of black material.
3. 随后,民警积极联系耐心劝说,污损他人墓碑的团队成员肖某主动前往永顺公安投案。
4. 他根据自己的物理知识判断,5G基站对人体的危害是很大的。
5.   "So much the better for the dogs," said Monte Cristo.
6. 近年来,随着短视频产业呈现井喷式增长,美食短视频以其在受众中强大的普适性和天然的好感度,成为最为火爆的垂直品类之一。


1. 从2019年9月份开始,这个名为与爱同行的微信群里,26位成员每月筹措2000元,用于蒋忠父母养老。
2.   She was flushing scarlet to the roots of her hair, but Drouet didnot catch the full hue of her face, owing to the modified lightof the room. He was regaining much confidence as Carrie defendedherself with denials.
3. [p?'tenl]

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