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1. Guangdong has cemented its position as the country's largest provincial economy for the 28th consecutive year, with its gross domestic product (GDP) exceeding 7.9 trillion yuan in 2016.
2. 烧伤的三度四分法:Ⅰ°烧烫伤:红斑形成,痛觉敏感。
3. In 2013, the yuan appreciated almost 3% against the U.S. dollar, making 'Beijing a more expensive destination than in the past,' Jiang Yiyi noted.
4.   The bard inspired of heaven took up the story at the point wheresome of the Argives set fire to their tents and sailed away whileothers, hidden within the horse, were waiting with Ulysses in theTrojan place of assembly. For the Trojans themselves had drawn thehorse into their fortress, and it stood there while they sat incouncil round it, and were in three minds as to what they should do.Some were for breaking it up then and there; others would have itdragged to the top of the rock on which the fortress stood, and thenthrown down the precipice; while yet others were for letting it remainas an offering and propitiation for the gods. And this was how theysettled it in the end, for the city was doomed when it took in thathorse, within which were all the bravest of the Argives waiting tobring death and destruction on the Trojans. Anon he sang how thesons of the Achaeans issued from the horse, and sacked the town,breaking out from their ambuscade. He sang how they over ran thecity hither and thither and ravaged it, and how Ulysses went raginglike Mars along with Menelaus to the house of Deiphobus. It wasthere that the fight raged most furiously, nevertheless by Minerva'shelp he was victorious.
5.   `If it is--'Defarge began, and stopped.`If it is?' repeated his wife.
6. 作为一部武侠剧,《剑王朝》有许多动作戏。


1.   'Because I have less confidence in my deserts than Adele has: shecan prefer the claim of old acquaintance, and the right too of custom;for she says you have always been in the habit of giving herplaythings; but if I had to make out a case I should be puzzled, sinceI am a stranger, and have done nothing to entitle me to anacknowledgment.'
2. 但现在看开多了,这种压力是没必要的。
3. 冒充购物客服退款诈骗常用语:你购买的商品有质量瑕疵,需要退款、双倍补偿。
4. 永安行现在单车的投放量仅为5万,而摩拜单车在广州一地投放量就达到10万,ofo方面目前单车累计投放量已经达到了290万。
5. 根据东方财富choice金融终端统计显示,从去年的12月到今年的3月短短的3个月的时间就已经有3家新三板的公司转板成功。
6. Then, as I got on farther, the palace and treasures and snowy mountain ranges opened up. I had never known there could be such a human being. So--great. I don't mean talented. She was a forester--one of the best--but it was not that gift I mean. When I say GREAT, I mean great--big, all through. If I had known more of those women, as intimately, I should not have found her so unique; but even among them she was noble. Her mother was an Over Mother--and her grandmother, too, I heard later.


1. 除了布局自身的上下游之外,更多的是和BAT为代表的新科技巨头合作模式,包括作为LP出资以及业务合作、外包等多种形式,并且越来越倾向于产业与生态合作。
2. "I can see that," I said. "And then she would be likely to rear them in the same spirit."
3. 当时造型师玛丽亚给所有的女孩都做了独角兽发型,这启发了我,我也想好好给女儿梳个头,而不是一给她梳头她就哭。
4. 吴花燕是通过特殊案例的申请进入救助体系的。
5.   `They tell me so. `Have you no remembrance of the occasion?'
6.   And then I thought, anon* it was day, *whenever I would go somewhere to assay If that I might a nightingale hear; For yet had I none heard of all that year, And it was then the thirde night of May.


1. 三月间,明瑞到永昌,陆续调集满兵三千人、云贵和四川绿旗兵二万余人,于九月间分兵两路进攻。明瑞统率清军主力,出宛顶,经木邦,向缅甸首都阿瓦(今曼德勒附近)进军;命参赞大臣额尔登额率兵趋蛮莫(今八莫),沿伊洛瓦底江而下,在阿瓦会师。额尔登额在老官屯顿兵坚城之下,贻误战机。十二月,明瑞军攻破蛮结,屡遭缅军袭击,供应困难,却向朝廷报捷。次年正月,乾隆帝封授明瑞一等诚嘉义勇公,赏给黄带子。明瑞军转向勐笼就食,以待额尔登额军。缅军跟踪追击,明瑞率领清军取道大山土司、木邦土司回师,在木邦被缅军围困。额尔登额拥兵不救。云南巡抚鄂宁奏闻,乾隆帝命将额尔登额押解来京,并传渝明瑞突围退兵。明瑞在蛮化设伏击败缅甸军,间道出波竜铜厂,急向云南境内撤退。缅甸军不断增援,二月初十日在小勐育结集四、五万人,包围清军。明瑞命诸将在夜间带兵突围,自领亲兵数百名断后。两军激战,清领队大臣扎拉丰阿阵亡,领队大臣观音保自刎,明瑞身负重伤,在军中自缢死。清军损失惨重。
2. 1984年液体汰渍、碧浪、Vizir第一种液体洗涤剂,其去污力不亚于粉状洗涤剂
3. 不仅外国公司租借了大片土地,而且外国移居者也接管了许多肥沃的耕地。探险者曾报告说,内地有些高原不仅气候宜人,而且土地肥沃。结果,欧洲移居者成群结队地蜂拥而入,尤其是拥入南罗得西亚和东非。不久以后,他们就在这些地区获得了最理想的农业地产。
4.   There was one in the room; Bessie went and opened it, and thenasked me to sit down and give her a tune: I played a waltz or two, andshe was charmed.
5.   7. See "The Assembly of Fowls," which was supposed to happen on St. Valentine's day.
6. 还有养殖户指出,一个通行证只能管一个位置,去了其它地方还得再开,通道是有,但困难重重。


1. Leaders of large companies such as Michelin, Microsoft, Ericsson and others are already pushing more decision-making power out to their front-line workers. Others will follow as the success of this approach catches on.
2. 南巡而外,乾隆帝还曾先后五次游幸五台山,四次东巡谒陵。至于热河避暑、木兰行围,更是每年的常例。乾隆帝在位之年,几乎每年都有数月时间在外游幸,可称为历史上最能游乐的皇帝。隋炀帝以游乐而致亡国,乾隆帝在连年欢庆“盛典”的一片颂声中,使清朝的国力日益虚耗了。
3. 该方案面向连锁零售企业,帮助单店线上化,为门店线上化提供工具和方法,以提高门店线上销售能力。

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