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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I did not know that," replied M. de Treville, in a somewhatsoftened tone. "The cardinal exaggerated, as I perceive.""But pray, sir," continued Aramis, who, seeing his captain becomeappeased, ventured to risk a prayer, "do not say that Athos iswounded. He would be in despair if that should come to the earsof the king; and as the wound is very serious, seeing that aftercrossing the shoulder it penetrates into the chest, it is to be feared--"At this instant the tapestry was raised and a noble and handsomehead, but frightfully pale, appeared under the fringe."Athos!" cried the two Musketeers.
2.  "The devil!" said Athos, musingly.
3.  However, a few instants after she had finished her religioussong, Milady thought she heard a profound sigh. Then the samesteps she had heard approach slowly withdrew, as if with regret.
4.  "Why, you knew it, Porthos," said Aramis. "I told you of ityesterday. Let us say no more about it."
5.  "Oh, monsieur, if I could believe I might trust in yourdiscretion."
6.  "Madame, those men were more dangerous than any robbers couldhave been, for they are the agents of the cardinal; and as toyour husband, Monsieur Bonacieux, he is not here because he wasyesterday evening conducted to the Bastille."


1.  "Well, young man," said he, "we appear to pass rather gay nights!Seven o'clock in the morning! PESTE! You seem to reverseordinary customs, and come home at the hour when other people aregoing out."
2.  "You will be assassinated."
3.  "I saw the lamp ascend, and leave me in darkness; then I heardthe well-known creaking of the door although I had heard thatdoor open but twice.
4.  "And what did the count do?"
5.  "All sorts of misfortunes."
6.  Bonacieux kissed his wife's hand, and set off at a quick pace."Well," said Mme. Bonacieux, when her husband had shut the streetdoor and she found herself alone; "that imbecile lacked but onething to become a cardinalist. And I, who have answered for himto the queen--I, who have promised my poor mistress--ah, my God,my God! She will take me for one of those wretches with whom thepalace swarms and who are placed about her as spies! Ah,Monsieur Bonacieux, I never did love you much, but now it isworse than ever. I hate you, and on my word you shall pay forthis!"


1.  The cardinal, however contemptible might be the triumph gainedover so vulgar a being as Bonacieux, did not the less enjoy itfor an instant; then, almost immediately, as if a fresh thoughthas occurred, a smile played upon his lips, and he said, offeringhis hand to the mercer, "Rise, my friend, you are a worthy man.""The cardinal has touched me with his hand! I have touched thehand of the great man!" cried Bonacieux. "The great man hascalled me his friend!"
2.  "Adieu, brother!" cried Milady.
3.  "Well," thought D'Artagnan, "poor Athos is perhaps at this momentdead, and dead by my fault-for it was I who dragged him into thisaffair, of which he did not know the origin, of which he isignorant of the result, and from which he can derive noadvantage."
4.  At this moment a man who had been crouching in a ditch jumped up andcame towards them. It was Mousqueton. He pointed his finger to thelighted window.
5.   "Hold! I must have lost it," said the young man maliciously,pretending to search for it. "But fortunately the world is asepulcher; the men, and consequently the women, are but shadows,and love is a sentiment to which you cry, 'Fie! Fie!'""D'Artagnan, D'Artagnan," cried Aramis, "you are killing me!""Well, here it is at last!" said D'Artagnan, as he drew theletter from his pocket.
6.  "How unfortunate I am!" said she; "I have been here six months withoutthe shadow of recreation. You arrive, and your presence was likely toafford me delightful company; yet I expect, in all probability, to quitthe convent at any moment."


1.  "It is true; I am too good-natured. In brief, how much remains?""Twenty-five pistoles," said D'Artagnan.
2.  communication.
3.  "Well, read, then!" said the unhappy young woman, in the excess of herpride and joy, presenting a letter to Milady.
4、  "Yes."
5、  As to Monsieur, who had begun the siege, he left to the cardinalthe task of finishing it.




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      But that was not all; they must get to London. In England thepost was well served. D'Artagnan and Planchet took each a posthorse, and a postillion rode before them. In a few hours theywere in the capital.

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      "Thirty crowns."

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       "I found my knife where I had placed it, under my pillow, andwhile feigning to sleep, my hand grasped the handle of itconvulsively.

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      D'Artagnan rose and took his hat; Milady gave him her handto kiss. The young man felt her press his hand, andcomprehended that this was a sentiment, not of coquetry, butof gratitude because of his departure.

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    {  "Monseigneur, your Eminence is a hundred times too kind tome; and on the contrary, I think I have not proved myselfworthy of your goodness. The siege of La Rochelle is aboutto be resumed, monseigneur. I shall serve under the eye ofyour Eminence, and if I have the good fortune to conductmyself at the siege in such a manner as merits yourattention, then I shall at least leave behind me somebrilliant action to justify the protection with which youhonor me. Everything is best in its time, monseigneur.Hereafter, perhaps, I shall have the right of giving myself;at present I shall appear to sell myself."

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      "This evening; but for the moment, let us separate."Accordingly, that same evening D'Artagnan repaired to the quarters ofAthos, whom he found in a fair way to empty a bottle of Spanish wine--anoccupation which he religiously accomplished every night.D'Artagnan related what had taken place between the cardinal andhimself, and drawing the commission from his pocket, said, "Here, mydear Athos, this naturally belongs to you."}

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      "At the other end of the town."

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      "Pardon me, monsieur," said D'Artagnan, who had profited by themoment he had been left alone to put back M. de Treville's clockthree-quarters of an hour, "but I thought, as it was yet onlytwenty-five minutes past nine, it was not too late to wait uponyou."

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       Milady fell down, and seemed to be in a swoon.

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    {  Athos was invited four times, and each time took his friends andtheir lackeys with him. Porthos had six occasions, and contrivedin the same manner that his friends should partake of them;Aramis had eight of them. He was a man, as must have beenalready perceived, who made but little noise, and yet was muchsought after.

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