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1.   "Well, it seems to me that it is just possible that the arrival ofthis poor fellow William was not before, but after, the entrance ofthe burglar into the house. You appear to take it for granted thatalthough the door was forced the robber never got in."
2.   'I beg your pardon, Mr. Traddles,' said Mr. Micawber, with the old roll in his voice, as he checked himself in humming a soft tune. 'I was not aware that there was any individual, alien to this tenement, in your sanctum.'
3. 第四,随着监管介入及政策出台,黑诊所将成为历史。
4.   Therewith she went down into the cave to look for the safesthiding places, while Ulysses brought up all the treasure of gold,bronze, and good clothing which the Phaecians had given him. Theystowed everything carefully away, and Minerva set a stone againstthe door of the cave. Then the two sat down by the root of the greatolive, and consulted how to compass the destruction of the wickedsuitors.
5.   "Impossible!" said Dantes, staggered at the enormous amount.
6. 至少,蔗糖铁输入量可以控制,部分患者的铁过载程度,或许不会如此惨烈。


1. 更进一步说,形成基础设施能力的组合。
2.   Stolne pleasures are delightfull in the taste,
3. 县应急管理局办公室工作人员陆聪在办公桌上看到习岗街道办上报的《关于上报街道辖区排查疫情人员情况的函》,遂想到其侄子也从外地刚回贺兰,为提醒其到社区报到,就将习岗街道办上报的含有黄某一家三口个人信息的函件拍照后发至家庭微信群,导致含有一例未经确认感染新型冠状病毒情况及黄某一家三口个人信息内容的函件在多个微信群及朋友圈多次转发,造成不良社会影响。
4. 图注:青年比尔·盖茨1981年末,乔布斯邀请盖茨参观苹果计划推出的麦金塔样机,想让微软帮他开发与这款新机器相匹配的应用软件。
5.   The Physicion being gone, and they repairing to their sicke Sonne,the Mother began with him in this manner. Sonne, I was alwayesperswaded, that thou wouldest not conceale any secret from me, orthe least part of thy desires; especially, when without enjoying them,thou must remaine in the danger of death. Full well art thouassured, or in reason oughtest to be, that there is not any thingfor thy contentment, be it of what quality soever, but it shouldhave beene provided for thee, and in as ample manner as for mineowne selfe. But though thou hast wandred so farre from duty, andhazarded both thy life and ours, it commeth so to passe, that Heavenhath beene more mercifull to thee, then thou wouldest be to thy selfe,or us. And to prevent thy dying of this disease, a dreame this nighthath acquainted me with the principall occasion of thy sickenesse,to wit extraordinary affection to a young Maiden, in some such placeas thou hast seene her. I tell thee Sonne, it is a matter of nodisgrace to love, and why shouldst thou shame to manifest as much,it being so apt and convenient for thy youth? For if I were perswaded,that thou couldst not love, I should make the lesse esteeme of thee.Therefore deare Sonne, be not dismayed, but freely discover thineaffections. Expell those disastrous drouping thoughts, that haveindangered thy life by this long lingering sicknesse. And let thysoule be faithfully assured, that thou canst not require any thingto be done, remaining within the compasse of my power, but I willperforme it; for I love thee as dearely as mine owne life. Settherefore aside this nice conceit of shame and feare, revealing thetruth boldly to me, if I may stead thee in thy love; resolving thyselfe unfaignedly, that if my care stretch not to compasse thycontent, account me for the most cruell Mother living, and utterlyunworthy of such a Sonne.
6. 你不知道你公司楼下的便利店能不能卖咖啡。


1. 有的人想进来,有的人想逃离。
2. 他也称,公司希望丽泽SOHO尽快占据一个市场份额,策略就是先用比较低的租金吸引企业入驻,慢慢再恢复到一个合理水平。
3.   He stopped, therefore, trembling not for himself but for thepoor woman who had evidently exposed herself to great dangerby appointing this rendezvous.
4.   "Had he ever one from France?"
5. 同样,商品的“过剩危机”,也不是由于商品供应过多造成的。除非商品的定价过高,否则不会发生“过剩危机”,因为经济商品永远是多多益善的。只要价格适当回落,“过剩危机”就会烟消云散。例如飞机票和彩电。
6.   `Ah!' said Carton, with a careless wave of his hand, as if he waved that away. `On the drunken occasion in question (one of a large number, as you know), I was insufferable about liking you, and not liking you. I wish you would forget it.'


1. 原标题:被感染的专家组副组长张劲农:倒下了,大不了再站起来来源:21世纪经济报道15名医护人员被感染。
2. "But these New Ladies didn't have anyone to be jealous of, remember," drawled Jeff.
3.   Away we went. The advertisement directed us to apply to Mrs. Crupp on the premises, and we rung the area bell, which we supposed to communicate with Mrs. Crupp. It was not until we had rung three or four times that we could prevail on Mrs. Crupp to communicate with us, but at last she appeared, being a stout lady with a flounce of flannel petticoat below a nankeen gown.
4.   "'This way, sir!' said he in a low voice. He walked in silence tothe house, and I followed him into my own bedroom. He had picked upa time-table in the hall.
5.   `How many were with him?'
6. 2019年10月上线至今,公装宝APP已经有近千位注册用户。


1. 原标题:穿着纸尿裤的护士强从接到指令到完成一个病患的转运最少需要三个小时,时间长点就得六七个小时。
2. 2019年12月29日,浙江省龙港市社会事业局发布通报:该教师体罚学生行为属实。
3. tunn管道+el表名词,“人或物”→隧道

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