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1.   BOOK IV.
2. Information technology was the third largest sector with 18 brands shortlisted. The total value of listed IT brands accounted for 22.5 percent of the list. Average value increased 10 percent. Beijing is the preferred headquarters location for the IT sector, and 12 listed IT brands set their headquarters there.
3. 在公布结果的报告中,他们没有讲这意味着什么。因为问题本身卢瑟福还没有想明白。他在思考,以便对这种现象给予一个合理的解释。
4.   A KNIGHT there was, and that a worthy man, That from the time that he first began To riden out, he loved chivalry, Truth and honour, freedom and courtesy. Full worthy was he in his Lorde's war, And thereto had he ridden, no man farre*, *farther As well in Christendom as in Heatheness, And ever honour'd for his worthiness At Alisandre <6> he was when it was won. Full often time he had the board begun Above alle nations in Prusse.<7> In Lettowe had he reysed,* and in Russe, *journeyed No Christian man so oft of his degree. In Grenade at the siege eke had he be Of Algesir, and ridden in Belmarie. <8> At Leyes was he, and at Satalie, When they were won; and in the Greate Sea At many a noble army had he be. At mortal battles had he been fifteen, And foughten for our faith at Tramissene. In listes thries, and aye slain his foe. This ilke* worthy knight had been also *same <9> Some time with the lord of Palatie, Against another heathen in Turkie: And evermore *he had a sovereign price*. *He was held in very And though that he was worthy he was wise, high esteem.* And of his port as meek as is a maid. He never yet no villainy ne said In all his life, unto no manner wight. He was a very perfect gentle knight. But for to telle you of his array, His horse was good, but yet he was not gay. Of fustian he weared a gipon*, *short doublet Alle *besmotter'd with his habergeon,* *soiled by his coat of mail.* For he was late y-come from his voyage, And wente for to do his pilgrimage.
5. 师娘就是具有这种谦卑妇德的女性。
6. 德国DAX指数跌0.3%,报13515.7点,盘中一度创下历史新高。


1. 禅,是指禅法,即通过禅定静虑而领悟佛教之道,其方法很多。安世高所译禅法,以安般守意影响最大,它要求坐禅时专心计数呼吸次数,使分散浮躁的精神专注,从而进入到安谧宁静的境界。这种修禅方法与当时神仙方术家的食气、导气、守一等说法是相似的,容易被人接受。如《安般守意经》、《大十二门经》、《小十二门经》、《大道地经》、《五十校计经》、《阴持入经》、《禅行法想经》等都是指导人们修习禅法的佛经。
2.   Carrie noticed his agitation, but said nothing. She had no ideawhat it meant or that it was important.
3. 想一想再看
4. You see all kinds of grisly, hairy characters on the Tube but few commuters would've expected to see a pack of pandas on the platform.
5. 企业生存和发展的基础,必然要适应内外部资源为我所用和跨领域合作的新时代。
6.   Watch o'er the steps of a poor orphan child.


1.   Carrie smiled again. She felt the acuteness of Hurstwood'sposition, and wished deeply that she could be alone with him, butshe did not understand the change in Drouet. Hurstwood foundthat he could not talk, repressed as he was, and grudging Drouetevery moment of his presence, he bowed himself out with theelegance of a Faust. Outside he set his teeth with envy.
2. 而评价目前战无不胜的利物浦时,贝利祭出了玄学,我发现他们每个月都有一场比赛赢不了球,我认为这一次会出现在与马竞的欧冠赛场上。
3.   "No," replied Carrie, who did not catch the drift of his remarks.She had never thought of him in connection with money troublesbefore. "Why?"
4.   She did not stop, however, till she had lit all the eighty, but Scheih Ibrahim was not conscious of this, and when, soon after that, Noureddin proposed to have some of the lustres lit, he answered:
5.   43. Champartie: divided power or possession; an old law-term, signifying the maintenance of a person in a law suit on the condition of receiving part of the property in dispute, if recovered.
6. 据张志超说,宣判自己无罪时心情激动,无法控制自己的情绪,这么多年的委屈和痛苦终于得到释放。


1. 董女士表示,一个推拿师的成熟与否不仅体现在手上的推拿技术,更体现在辩证的精准上。
2. 吴花燕所在学校的党政办副主任张辉伟介绍,9958方面主动联系到吴花燕的弟弟,称想帮他们筹款。
3. (6)楼上一般均为四柱三开间,看不出筑有前廊.图57楼上左侧为横长方形窗,有男女二人站立窗前远眺、私语,中为一门,一妇人侧身而立,右为壁。这同古文献上记载的人皆楼居,楼上为祭所与寝是一致的。
4. 但在互联网出现之前,传统产业大部分已经发展达数千年之久,要重构任何一点都是几乎不可能完成的任务,它们已经被优化得不能再优化了,大家比拼的无非是各人手头上现有的资源,然后看谁在每一点上的效率做到最高。
5.   Abstain, Nor dare God's holy name profane! What's done, alas, is done andpast! Matters will take their course at last; By stealth thou dost begin withone, Others will follow him anon; And when a dozen thee have known,Thou'lt common be to all the town. When infamy is newly born, In secret sheis brought to light, And the mysterious veil of night O'er head and ears isdrawn; The loathsome birth men fain would slay; But soon, full grown, shewaxes bold, And though not fairer to behold, With brazen front insults theday: The more abhorrent to the sight, The more she courts the day's purelight.
6. 如何预防电气火灾(1)尽可能买质量好的电气产品。


1. 因此,策略行动包含两个要素:计划好的行动路线以及使这一路线显得可信的承诺。本章我们集中考察行动。我们将策略行动划分为不同类型,逐一进行解释,而暂时把怎样使这些行动变得可信的问题放在一边。打个比方,若说这是一个烹调过程,下一章我们会提供一个承诺的详细“食谱”,现在让我们继续研究行动的主“菜单”。
2. 眼瞅着自己的亏空堵不上,陈某便想将自己名下的房子变卖,用于偿还赌债。
3.   Before long the prince was quite restored to his original state of health, and as soon as he felt himself really strong he took Marzavan aside and said:

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