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1. 2017年11月和2018年5月,小诚分别获得杭州万豪的天使轮和盈动资本、51信用卡、报喜鸟的Pre-A轮融资。
2.   Sicurano, upon this answere, was ten times more desirous thenbefore, and saide: If Fortune favoured thee in friendly maner, bythe obtaining of these things: if it may be spoken, tell mee howthou hadst them. My Lord (answered Ambroginolo) these things (withmany more besides) were given me by a Gentlewoman of Geneway, namedMadam Genevra, the wife to one Bernardo Lomellino, in recompence ofone nights lodging with her, and she desired me to keepe them forher sake. Now, the maine reason of my smiling, was the remembranceof her husbands folly, in waging five thousand Duckets of Gold,against one thousand of mine, that I should not obtaine my will of hisWife; which I did, and thereby won the wager. But hee, who betterdeserved to be punished for his folly, then shee, who was but sicke ofall womens disease; returning from Paris to Geneway, caused her tobe slaine, as afterward it was reported by himselfe.
3. 但因为到达学校时太晚了,他们先在学校外住了一夜。
4.   "Planchet, my friend," interrupted D'Artagnan, "you are really aprecious fellow."
5.   In a little while their old thoughts returned to both.
6. ●分心:某些专业人士在家工作时无法取得很大成功。


1.   Michaelis obviously wasn't an Englishman, in spite of all the tailors, hatters, barbers, booters of the very best quarter of London. No, no, he obviously wasn't an Englishman: the wrong sort of flattish, pale face and bearing; and the wrong sort of grievance. He had a grudge and a grievance: that was obvious to any true-born English gentleman, who would scorn to let such a thing appear blatant in his own demeanour. Poor Michaelis had been much kicked, so that he had a slightly tail-between-the-legs look even now. He had pushed his way by sheer instinct and sheerer effrontery on to the stage and to the front of it, with his plays. He had caught the public. And he had thought the kicking days were over. Alas, they weren't... They never would be. For he, in a sense, asked to be kicked. He pined to be where he didn't belong...among the English upper classes. And how they enjoyed the various kicks they got at him! And how he hated them!
2. In addition to meeting quality standards, imported products must be correctly labeled in Chinese, according to national regulations.
3. 周梅红回忆,她得知老苏儿子失联的消息后,一度不能理解。
4.   Instantly the portly lady's face became exceedingly sober andshrewd. She turned about and fixed on Carrie a very searchingeye.
5. 而标榜为豪宅的楼盘,却出现严重的质量问题,让人错愕。
6.   Thus they spoke, for they thought that he had killed Antinous bymistake, and did not perceive that death was hanging over the headof every one of them. But Ulysses glared at them and said:


1. 在商业模式创新上也不断生根发芽,例如Explorys,一家可以查看4000万份美国患者病例的分析公司,在2015年4月被IBM收购,来加强其健康数据分析工作力度。
2.   'Both died before I can remember.'
3. 国际主流经济学家终于承认,中国经济高速增长得益于“人口红利”,但他们不愿意承认其根源,这会否定他们的“市场万能论”教条。是我们国家的独立与强大并实行社会主义民生政策,才使人口猛增,在计划经济时期把他们养大成人,形成农村庞大的过剩人口大约4亿,以后才有可能在国际资本进行结构调整的新历史条件下,通过开放政策,使过剩人口与外资结合,出现出口和就业的猛增。中国以家庭为中心已进行了30年教育投资,下一阶段实现技术升级才是真正的考验。
4. 桂良等在天津与英、美、法所订的条约许了外人两种权利与以后东北问题有关系的;一种是牛庄开通商口岸,一种是外人得入中国传教。这两种权利,尤其是牛庄通商,促进了东北问题的世界化。
5.   "I think I have some clew."
6.   This place was a little sinister, cold, damp. Yet the well must have been a drinking-place for hundreds of years. Now no more. Its tiny cleared space was lush and cold and dismal.


1. A Bubble With No Name Yet is still a bubble. But, Americans are too distracted, too numb, too in denial to hear the warnings. Reminds me of my headline back on March 20, 2000. 'Next crash, sorry you'll never hear it coming.'
2. 农夫山泉的声明称,大安源生态旅游有限公司方面认为,农夫山泉的施工是在其景区范围内,且由于农夫山泉取水口位置在泰平洋水上广场上游,公司的取水将会影响其水上漂流项目的营业。
3. 延续2015年版第五套人民币100元纸币冠字号码字形设计,有利于现金机具识别。
4.   "When are you coming to the point?" cried the baroness,shivering with anger and impatience.
5. "Let's go," urged Terry. "Just us three. Maybe we can really find something. May be cinnabar in it."
6.   'Perhaps he thinks it gloomy.'


1. 八十年代,我专门收集了很多音乐,古今中外,中国的,日本的,俄国的,欧洲的,土耳其的。
2. "He used to call her by an odd pet name he had invented. He called her his `Little Missus.' But the wretched mines drove everything else out of our heads. We talked of nothing else. If he spoke of the school, I forgot--I forgot. And now I shall never remember."
3. 夫妻俩一个月做下来,照样还是吃得起饭的。

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