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1.   "Then some malicious god conveyed Ulysses to the upland farm wherehis swineherd lives. Thither presently came also his son, returningfrom a voyage to Pylos, and the two came to the town when they hadhatched their plot for our destruction. Telemachus came first, andthen after him, accompanied by the swineherd, came Ulysses, clad inrags and leaning on a staff as though he were some miserable oldbeggar. He came so unexpectedly that none of us knew him, not even theolder ones among us, and we reviled him and threw things at him. Heendured both being struck and insulted without a word, though he wasin his own house; but when the will of Aegis-bearing Jove inspiredhim, he and Telemachus took the armour and hid it in an inner chamber,bolting the doors behind them. Then he cunningly made his wife offerhis bow and a quantity of iron to be contended for by us ill-fatedsuitors; and this was the beginning of our end, for not one of uscould string the bow- nor nearly do so. When it was about to reach thehands of Ulysses, we all of us shouted out that it should not be givenhim, no matter what he might say, but Telemachus insisted on hishaving it. When he had got it in his hands he strung it with easeand sent his arrow through the iron. Then he stood on the floor of thecloister and poured his arrows on the ground, glaring fiercely abouthim. First he killed Antinous, and then, aiming straight before him,he let fly his deadly darts and they fell thick on one another. It wasplain that some one of the gods was helping them, for they fell uponus with might and main throughout the cloisters, and there was ahideous sound of groaning as our brains were being battered in, andthe ground seethed with our blood. This, Agamemnon, is how we cameby our end, and our bodies are lying still un-cared for in the houseof Ulysses, for our friends at home do not yet know what has happened,so that they cannot lay us out and wash the black blood from ourwounds, making moan over us according to the offices due to thedeparted."
2. 在这之后,利用的歌声合成软件进行创作的原创歌曲也开始在niconico的平台上活跃起来,而其中部分歌曲的水准甚至能媲美业界。
3. 我们医院正在建实验室,很快便有检测新型冠状病毒的能力,可能也要成为定点医院。
4.   Margaret
5.   "Tell us about Cadogan West."
6. 其他生产医用手套、一次性输液器、一次性采血器等医用器材的企业也逐步恢复生产。


1. But the babies and little children never felt the pressure of that "forcible feeding" of the mind that we call "education." Of this, more later.
2.   Who, as a rule, a treatise now would care To read, of even moderate sense?As for the rising generation, ne'er Has youth displayed such arrogantpretence.
3. 重点单词
4. 花燕的弟弟吴江龙告诉北青报记者,因为姐姐体重不到60斤,无法接受手术,一直在医院接受治疗。
5. 网传视频显示,一座倒塌的房屋周边拉起警戒线,多名消防人员正进行救援。
6. 倩倩,我亲爱的爱人:今天是你去援鄂的第10天。


1. 百度、腾讯等互联网巨头更是纷纷涉足直播。
2.   "What ails you, my dearest father? Are you ill?" inquiredthe young man, much alarmed.
3. 图50纽约证券交易所的喧嚷:分散式数据处理
4.   When he had thus spoken, he said to his son Mercury, "Mercury, youare our messenger, go therefore and tell Calypso we have decreedthat poor Ulysses is to return home. He is to be convoyed neither bygods nor men, but after a perilous voyage of twenty days upon a rafthe is to reach fertile Scheria, the land of the Phaeacians, who arenear of kin to the gods, and will honour him as though he were oneof ourselves. They will send him in a ship to his own country, andwill give him more bronze and gold and raiment than he would havebrought back from Troy, if he had had had all his prize money andhad got home without disaster. This is how we have settled that heshall return to his country and his friends."
5. 对于有一些公共场所烟感报警器对香烟烟雾不敏感的现象,祁兴龙表示,烟感报警器并不是不会报警,而是有一定几率,这也跟烟雾浓度有关。
6.   The princess, ever on the look out for any chance of news of her beloved husband, went down to the harbour attended by some officers of the court, and arrived just as the captain was landing. She sent for him and asked many questions as to his country, voyage, what passengers he had, and what his vessel was laden with. The captain answered all her questions, and said that his passengers consisted entirely of traders who brought rich stuffs from various countries, fine muslins, precious stones, musk, amber, spices, drugs, olives, and many other things.


1. 截至2019年12月30日,电视剧《庆余年》在豆瓣的评分为7.9分,在腾讯视频的内地电视剧热搜榜排名第二。
2. 到底发生了什么?Google目前人才外流的情况令人震惊。
3. 所以核心是,在大公司中你可以让别人去做,在小公司中必须自己做。
4. 我成为教练,而他成为参赛者,我们的业绩改善提升了,开始了一段持续成长的时期。在过去三年的每一年,我们的获利都超过50%,虽然我们曾经有过两段类似的辉煌时期,但就基金庞大的规模而言,这次的表现称得上是绝佳的。朱肯米勒不仅是一名优秀的基金经理人,也是一位好伙伴,在他的领导下,我们扩大并改善了我们的管理团队,呈现出前所未有的深度,结果,我发现我慈善活动的报酬也反应在基金业务的兴旺上,使我能够快速地拓展基金会的网络。
5. 经查,死者周某菲(女,12岁,文昌锦山人),系被利器刺伤失血过多身亡
6. 9月时,苏联人已击败芬兰,使其退出战争;在中部,他们越过了波兰的新、老边界,挺进到华沙城门下;在南部,他们到达了罗马尼亚中心地区的多瑙河河口。9月,罗马尼亚年轻的国王米哈伊乘机让他的国家退出了战争,从而为苏联红军打开了巴尔干半岛的大门。保加利亚也仿照罗马尼亚的做法,向苏联求和并站在苏联一边重新参战。巴尔干半岛上的德军这时处于被围歼的危险之中,开始尽快地撤退。当他们撤退时,南斯拉夫和希腊共产党领导的抵抗力量从山上下来,接手控制了他们各自的国家——这一发展不久促成了苏联和西方列强之间即将到来的“冷战”。在当地共产党领导的游击队的援助下,苏联红军向多瑙河流域上游地区推进,直到在匈牙利遭到德军的顽强抵抗为止。


1.   Sterndale mopped his forehead with his handkerchief. "Upon myword, you are getting on," said he. "Do all your successes depend uponthis prodigious power of bluff?"
2. stressful
3.   If the funeral had been yesterday, I could not recollect it better. The very air of the best parlour, when I went in at the door, the bright condition of the fire, the shining of the wine in the decanters, the patterns of the glasses and plates, the faint sweet smell of cake, the odour of Miss Murdstone's dress, and our black clothes. Mr. Chillip is in the room, and comes to speak to me.

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      Observe me then Madame, replied the Countesse. It is most convenientfor my purpose, that by some trusty and faithfull messenger, youshould advertise the Count my husband, that your daughter is, andshall be at his command: but that she may remaine absolutelyassured, that his love is constant to her, and above all other: sheemust entreat him, to send her (as a testimony thereof) the Ringwhich he weareth upon his little finger, albeit shee hath heard,that he loveth it deerly. If he send the Ring, you shall give it me,and afterward send him word, that your daughter is ready to accomplishhis pleasure; but, for the more safety and secrecie, he must repairehither to your house, where I being in bed insteed of your daughter,faire Fortune may so favour mee, that (unknowne to him) I may conceivewith childe. Upon which good successe, when time shall serve, havingthe Ring on my finger, and a childe in my armes begotten by him, hislove and liking may be recovered, and (by your meanes) I continue withmy Husband, as every vertuous Wife ought to doe.

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