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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "To tell you that you are free, your excellency."
2.  "While you assert that she is a queen, or at least aprincess. No; I hope that when he sees me leave you, he willcome out."
3.  "And you another order, for I see you have a blue ribbon atyour button-hole."
4.  "Oh, I take everything on myself. To-day is the 5th ofJune."
5.  "But," said Debray to Beauchamp, "if I spoke to thepresident, you must have been with the procureur."
6.  Monte Cristo rose, and without making any answer (for thetremulousness of his voice would have betrayed his emotion)walked up and down the apartment with a slow step.


1.  "Yes, yes; let us hasten up; it was in Valentine's room."But before the doctor and the father could reach the room,the servants who were on the same floor had entered, andseeing Valentine pale and motionless on her bed, they liftedup their hands towards heaven and stood transfixed, asthough struck by lightening. "Call Madame de Villefort! --wake Madame de Villefort!" cried the procureur from the doorof his chamber, which apparently he scarcely dared to leave.But instead of obeying him, the servants stood watching M.d'Avrigny, who ran to Valentine, and raised her in his arms."What? -- this one, too?" he exclaimed. "Oh, where will bethe end?" Villefort rushed into the room. "What are yousaying, doctor?" he exclaimed, raising his hands to heaven.
2.  "Yes; they were talking about it when we left Paris," saidM. de Saint-Meran; "and where is it decided to transferhim?"
3.  "Eh, pardieu," said the individual whose description we havetwice given, entering the door, "what a great deal ofceremony! Is it the custom in Marseilles for sons to keeptheir fathers waiting in their anterooms?"
4.  Fernand became deadly pale. "But you are deceived, Edmond,"she continued. "You have no enemy here -- there is no onebut Fernand, my brother, who will grasp your hand as adevoted friend."
5.  "Will you now have the kindness to explain the nature of thestatement which has displeased you?"
6.  On the spot it had occupied was a circular space, exposingan iron ring let into a square flag-stone. Dantes uttered acry of joy and surprise; never had a first attempt beencrowned with more perfect success. He would fain havecontinued, but his knees trembled, and his heart beat soviolently, and his sight became so dim, that he was forcedto pause. This feeling lasted but for a moment. Edmondinserted his lever in the ring and exerted all his strength;the flag-stone yielded, and disclosed steps that descendeduntil they were lost in the obscurity of a subterraneousgrotto. Any one else would have rushed on with a cry of joy.Dantes turned pale, hesitated, and reflected. "Come," saidhe to himself, "be a man. I am accustomed to adversity. Imust not be cast down by the discovery that I have beendeceived. What, then, would be the use of all I havesuffered? The heart breaks when, after having been elated byflattering hopes, it sees all its illusions destroyed. Fariahas dreamed this; the Cardinal Spada buried no treasurehere; perhaps he never came here, or if he did, CaesarBorgia, the intrepid adventurer, the stealthy andindefatigable plunderer, has followed him, discovered histraces, pursued them as I have done, raised the stone, anddescending before me, has left me nothing." He remainedmotionless and pensive, his eyes fixed on the gloomyaperture that was open at his feet.


1.  "The fact is, mademoiselle," said Barrois, "I am dying withthirst, and since you are so kind as to offer it me, Icannot say I should at all object to drinking your health ina glass of it."
2.  "What is it?"
3.  The baroness then thought of M. de Villefort. It was M. deVillefort who had remorselessly brought misfortune into herfamily, as though they had been strangers. But, no; onreflection, the procureur was not a merciless man; and itwas not the magistrate, slave to his duties, but the friend,the loyal friend, who roughly but firmly cut into the verycore of the corruption; it was not the executioner, but thesurgeon, who wished to withdraw the honor of Danglars fromignominious association with the disgraced young man theyhad presented to the world as their son-in-law. And sinceVillefort, the friend of Danglars, had acted in this way, noone could suppose that he had been previously acquaintedwith, or had lent himself to, any of Andrea's intrigues.Villefort's conduct, therefore, upon reflection, appeared tothe baroness as if shaped for their mutual advantage. Butthe inflexibility of the procureur should stop there; shewould see him the next day, and if she could not make himfail in his duties as a magistrate, she would, at least,obtain all the indulgence he could allow. She would invokethe past, recall old recollections; she would supplicate himby the remembrance of guilty, yet happy days. M. deVillefort would stifle the affair; he had only to turn hiseyes on one side, and allow Andrea to fly, and follow up thecrime under that shadow of guilt called contempt of court.And after this reasoning she slept easily.
4.  "But you say you have watched?" said Valentine uneasily;"where have you been? -- I have not seen you." The countextended his hand towards the library. "I was hidden behindthat door," he said, "which leads into the next house, whichI have rented." Valentine turned her eyes away, and, with anindignant expression of pride and modest fear, exclaimed:"Sir, I think you have been guilty of an unparalleledintrusion, and that what you call protection is more like aninsult."
5.   "Your declaration?" said Villefort.
6.  "Yes, if it is not any serious affair, otherwise I cannotanswer as to what I may do myself."


1.  "I watched you during the whole scene of that challengeyesterday; I have been thinking of your firmness all night,and I said to myself that justice must be on your side, orman's countenance is no longer to be relied on."
2.  "Alas," murmured Edmond to himself, "this is a terriblerelapse! There was only this blow wanting." Then he saidaloud, "My dear friend, your attack has, perhaps, fatiguedyou; had you not better repose awhile? To-morrow, if youwill, I will hear your narrative; but to-day I wish to nurseyou carefully. Besides," he said, "a treasure is not a thingwe need hurry about."
3.  "And here is Andrea Cavalcanti's baptismal register, givenby the curate of Saravezza."
4、  "A quarter to ten."
5、  "Sir," said the notary, whose interest had been greatlyexcited, and who had resolved on publishing far and wide theaccount of this extraordinary and picturesque scene, "whatappeared so impossible to me an hour ago, has now becomequite easy and practicable, and this may be a perfectlyvalid will, provided it be read in the presence of sevenwitnesses, approved by the testator, and sealed by thenotary in the presence of the witnesses. As to the time, itwill not require very much more than the generality ofwills. There are certain forms necessary to be gone through,and which are always the same. As to the details, thegreater part will be furnished afterwards by the state inwhich we find the affairs of the testator, and by yourself,who, having had the management of them, can doubtless givefull information on the subject. But besides all this, inorder that the instrument may not be contested, I am anxiousto give it the greatest possible authenticity, therefore,one of my colleagues will help me, and, contrary to custom,will assist in the dictation of the testament. Are yousatisfied, sir?" continued the notary, addressing the oldman.




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      "Oh, no," was the tranquil response; "I am too fond of artto attempt anything of that sort. I am doing a little sum inarithmetic."

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      "Oh, I can well believe that, for neither of them was wortha penny."

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       "I am neither the Abbe Busoni nor Lord Wilmore," said MonteCristo; "think again, -- do you not recollect me?" Those wasa magic effect in the count's words, which once more revivedthe exhausted powers of the miserable man. "Yes, indeed,"said he; "I think I have seen you and known you formerly."

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      Danglars nodded, to signify that he was satisfied. To theworld and to his servants Danglars assumed the character ofthe good-natured man and the indulgent father. This was oneof his parts in the popular comedy he was performing, -- amake-up he had adopted and which suited him about as well asthe masks worn on the classic stage by paternal actors, whoseen from one side, were the image of geniality, and fromthe other showed lips drawn down in chronic ill-temper. Letus hasten to say that in private the genial side descendedto the level of the other, so that generally the indulgentman disappeared to give place to the brutal husband anddomineering father. "Why the devil does that foolish girl,who pretends to wish to speak to me, not come into my study?and why on earth does she want to speak to me at all?"

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    {  "You?"

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      "Would you rather die, then, and cause Maximilian's death?"}

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      "And you paid him out of the two hundred francs I left you?"

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      "Indeed I am," replied the young magistrate with a smile;"and in the interesting trial that young lady is anxious towitness, the case would only be still more aggravated.Suppose, for instance, the prisoner, as is more thanprobable, to have served under Napoleon -- well, can youexpect for an instant, that one accustomed, at the word ofhis commander, to rush fearlessly on the very bayonets ofhis foe, will scruple more to drive a stiletto into theheart of one he knows to be his personal enemy, than toslaughter his fellow-creatures, merely because bidden to doso by one he is bound to obey? Besides, one requires theexcitement of being hateful in the eyes of the accused, inorder to lash one's self into a state of sufficientvehemence and power. I would not choose to see the managainst whom I pleaded smile, as though in mockery of mywords. No; my pride is to see the accused pale, agitated,and as though beaten out of all composure by the fire of myeloquence." Renee uttered a smothered exclamation.

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       "God's justice! Speak not of it, reverend sir. If God werejust, you know how many would be punished who now escape."

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    {  Ever since Valentine's dowry had been mentioned, Morrel hadbeen silent and sad. "Can you imagine," said Monte Cristo,"some Othello or Abbe de Ganges, one stormy, dark night,descending these stairs step by step, carrying a load, whichhe wishes to hide from the sight of man, if not from God?"Madame Danglars half fainted on the arm of Villefort, whowas obliged to support himself against the wall. "Ah,madame," cried Debray, "what is the matter with you? howpale you look!"

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      "But can we travel forty-eight leagues in eight hours?"