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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "A FLEUR-DE-LIS," said Athos. "She was branded."Athos emptied at a single draught the glass he held in his hand."Horror!" cried D'Artagnan. "What do you tell me?""Truth, my friend. The angel was a demon; the poor young girlhad stolen the sacred vessels from a church."
2.  As Porthos had foreseen, the cavalcade produced a goodeffect; and if Mme. Coquenard had met Porthos and seen whata superb appearance he made upon his handsome Spanish genet,she would not have regretted the bleeding she had inflictedupon the strongbox of her husband.
3.  It is by more order and for the good of the state that thebearer of this has done what he has done.
4.  "Take away the prisoner," said the commissary to the two guards."Where must we place him?" demanded the chief.
5.  "You will go to London," continued the cardinal. "Arrivedin London, you will seek Buckingham."
6.  Meanwhile, the cardinal looked anxiously for news from England;but no news arrived that was not annoying and threatening.Although La Rochelle was invested, however certain success mightappear--thanks to the precautions taken, and above all to thedyke, which prevented the entrance of any vessel into thebesieged city--the blockade might last a long time yet. This wasa great affront to the king's army, and a great inconvenience tothe cardinal, who had no longer, it is true, to embroil LouisXIII with Anne of Austria--for that affair was over--but he hadto adjust matters for M. de Bassompierre, who was embroiled withthe Duc d'Angouleme.


1.  On the day after these events had taken place, Athos not havingreappeared, M. de Treville was informed by D'Artagnan and Porthosof the circumstance. As to Aramis, he had asked for leave ofabsence for five days, and was gone, it was said, to Rouen onfamily business.
2.  "'Yes, yes, I!' replied he.
3.  D'Artagnan and Athos laughed aloud.
4.  "Sir," cried she, "be kind, be clement, listen to my prayer!That knife, which the fatal prudence of the baron deprived me of,because he knows the use I would make of it! Oh, hear me to theend! that knife, give it to me for a minute only, for mercy's,for pity's sake! I will embrace your knees! You shall shut thedoor that you may be certain I contemplate no injury to you! MyGod! to you--the only just, good, and compassionate being I havemet with! To you--my preserver, perhaps! One minute that knife,one minute, a single minute, and I will restore it to you throughthe grating of the door. Only one minute, Mr. Felton, and youwill have saved my honor!"
5.  "You will go to Buckingham in my behalf, and you will tellhim I am acquainted with all the preparations he has made;but that they give me no uneasiness, since at the first stephe takes I will ruin the queen."
6.  As captain of the Musketeers, M. de Treville had the right ofentry at all times.


1.  "You have not answered my first note. Are you indisposed,or have you forgotten the glances you favored me with at theball of Mme. de Guise? You have an opportunity now, Count;do not allow it to escape."
2.  "You have some!" cried the procurator's wife, in a transport thatsurprised even herself. "Come to our house tomorrow. You arethe son of my aunt, consequently my cousin; you come from Noyon,in Picardy; you have several lawsuits and no attorney. Can yourecollect all that?"
3.  Milady was dressing herself all the time.
4.  The gentlemen had drawn their swords, but they found themselvestake between two fires. They still hesitated an instant; but, asbefore, pride prevailed, and a second kick split the door frombottom to top.
5.   "The count is here," said the officer, "and requests to speakwith your Eminence instantly."
6.  Planchet followed the movements of his master as if he had beenhis shadow, and was soon trotting by his side.


1.  Rochefort passed at a gallop.
2.  "Yes."
3.  "Listen to Aramis," said his three friends.
4、  Milady, pale as a corpse, endeavored to cry out; but herswollen tongue could utter no more than a hoarse sound whichhad nothing human in it and resembled the rattle of a wildbeast. Motionless against the dark tapestry, with her hairin disorder, she appeared like a horrid image of terror.Athos slowly raised his pistol, stretched out his arm sothat the weapon almost touched Milady's forehead, and then,in a voice the more terrible from having the supremecalmness of a fixed resolution, "Madame," said he, "you willthis instant deliver to me the paper the cardinal signed; orupon my soul, I will blow your brains out."
5、  "Hush!" interrupted Athos. "You forget, my dear, you forgetthat these gentlemen are not initiated into my familyaffairs like yourself. I have seen Milady."




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      "Which is a great chance," replied Planchet, "but we must notdespair of the mercy of God."

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      A little before they came to Fromelles the storm burst. They spreadtheir cloaks. There remained three leagues to travel, and they did itamid torrents of rain.

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       Milady and Rochefort exchanged a smile and separated. An hour afterwardRochefort set out at a grand gallop; five hours after that he passedthrough Arras.

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      Notwithstanding all the pains he took, D'Artagnan was unable tolearn any more concerning his three new-made friends. He formed,therefore, the resolution of believing for the present all thatwas said of their past, hoping for more certain and extendedrevelations in the future. In the meanwhile, he looked uponAthos as an Achilles, Porthos as an Ajax, and Aramis as a Joseph.As to the rest, the life of the four young friends was joyousenough. Athos played, and that as a rule unfortunately.Nevertheless, he never borrowed a sou of his companions, althoughhis purse was ever at their service; and when he had played uponhonor, he always awakened his creditor by six o'clock the nextmorning to pay the debt of the preceding evening.Porthos had his fits. On the days when he won he was insolentand ostentatious; if he lost, he disappeared completely forseveral days, after which he reappeared with a pale face andthinner person, but with money in his purse.

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    {  "Oh, saved, saved!" cried she. "Yes, there is the sky; here isthe sea! The air I breathe is the air of liberty! Ah, thanks,Felton, thanks!"

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      "I am the son of him who served in the Religious Wars underthe great King Henry, the father of his gracious Majesty.""That is well. It is you who set out seven or eight monthsago from your country to seek your fortune in the capital?""Yes, monseigneur."}

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      After approaching Milady with a slow and solemn step, so that the tablealone separated them, the unknown took off his mask.Milady for some time examined with increasing terror that pale face,framed with black hair and whiskers, the only expression of which wasicy impassibility. Then she suddenly cried, "Oh, no, no!" rising andretreating to the very wall. "No, no! it is an infernal apparition!It is not he! Help, help!" screamed she, turning towards the wall, asif she would tear an opening with her hands.

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      "Intact, my dear friend; besides the harness of your Bucephalusand mine."

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       D'Artagnan passed a very bad night. Three or four times hestarted up, imagining that a man was approaching his bed forthe purpose of stabbing him. Nevertheless, day dawnedwithout darkness having brought any accident.

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    {  Accepting the hand of the officer, she began the descent of theladder, at the foot of which the boat waited. The officerfollowed her. A large cloak was spread at the stern; the officerrequested her to sit down upon this cloak, and placed himselfbeside her.

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      But at the first word the young woman started, and exclaimedin a sharp, bantering tone. which sounded strangely in thedarkness, "Are you afraid, dear Monsieur D'Artagnan?""You cannot think so, dear love!" replied D'Artagnan; "butnow, suppose this poor Comte de Wardes were less guilty thanyou think him?"