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1. 因此,在我们分析消费群体变化的时候,不能只关注表面的现象与数据,一定还要学学心理学,只有真正洞察到消费者内心的需求和欲望,才有可能长期征服他们,将产品和服务卖出高溢价。
2.   In Argos, a most ancient Citie of Achaya, much more renowned byher precedent Kings, then wealth, or any other great matter ofworth: there lived as Lieutenant or Governour thereof, a Noble Lord,named Nicostratus, on whom (albeit hee was well stept into yeares)Fortune bestowed in marriage a great Lady, no lesse bold of spirit,then choisely beautifull. Nicostratus, abounding in treasure andwealthy possessions, kept a goodly traine of Servants, Horses,Houndes, Hawkes, and what else not, as having an extraordinaryfelicity in all kinds of game, as singular exercises to maintainehis health.
3. 国务院部门要带头治‘费’,切实起到‘以上率下’的作用。
4. 他们有着别样丰富的娱乐需求,希望能够得到满足。
5.   'Miss Eyre, you are not so unsophisticated as Adele: she demandsa "cadeau," clamorously, the moment she sees me: you beat about thebush.'
6.   Oh dear me!' cried Mr. Lorry, rubbing his chin, and looking at his visitor dubiously.


1.   `No.'
2.   "Yes, my grandfather gave two thousand crowns for it, as heonce told me. It formed part of the nuptial present he madehis wife, and it is magnificent. My mother gave it to me,and I, fool as I was, instead of keeping the ring as a holyrelic, gave it to this wretch."
3. 这么做的好处是,一方面可以降低购物车放弃率,最低限度您可以获得这些客户的联系方式。
4. Melchisedec had come out of his hole as if he had been listening for her footstep. Sara was quite sure he knew it. He came forward with an affectionate, expectant expression as Sara put her hand in her pocket and turned it inside out, shaking her head.
5. 这来自于杨蓉先前的积累。
6. 这三个平台一定是发挥不同的价值,是相互配合的。


1.   The child lifted an arm, pointing down the drive. `At th' cottidge.'
2. 2月4日,武汉全面着手将会展中心、体育场馆等改造为方舱医院,集中收治新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎轻症患者。
3. 柳传志得知消息后迅速从香港回京,并组织了一期干部培训班。
4. 还有三大运营商下属的云服务平台以及紫光云、浪潮云等等。
5.   "I? Silence, purveyor of gossip, do not spread that report.I make a match? No, you do not know me; I have done all inmy power to oppose it."
6. 从另一个角度看来,当你意识到这些情绪存在时,你又会变得理性一点。


1. 此外,更有较强的思想力、领导力、组织力及执行力作支撑。
2. 目前,周某已因涉嫌非法狩猎罪被浦东警方刑事拘留,案件正在进一步调查中。
3.   'My mother is dead.'
4.   "Oh, no, not now. I shall have to tell my tale to the police; but,between ourselves, if it were not for the convincing evidence ofthis wound of mine, I should be surprised if they believed mystatement; for it is a very extraordinary one, and I have not muchin the way of proof with which to back it up; and, even if they,believe me, the clues which I can give them are so vague that it isa question whether justice will be done."
5. 他在第一节课上就会暗示全班请他吃饭,这是一种‘传统,通常以班为单位班长组织,最后买单由学生内部AA。
6. 关于经济损失的具体数额,法院认为,鉴于永和公司未举证证明其经济损失及逸香缘饭店的违法所得,法院将综合考虑因素酌情判定经济损失赔偿额为3万元,合理支出3000元。


1. 比较起来,口罩质量差别不大,盒装的性价比要高很多,自然成了寄回国内的首选。
2. 比如阿里把员工派去东南亚,这典型是全球化水平延展的做法。
3. We were free to study as much as we wished, and were not left merely to wander in the garden for recreation but introduced to a great gymnasium, partly on the roof and partly in the story below. Here we learned real respect for our tall guards. No change of costume was needed for this work, save to lay off outer clothing. The first one was as perfect a garment for exercise as need be devised, absolutely free to move in, and, I had to admit, much better-looking than our usual one.

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      "And you say that you are ignorant of the contents of thisletter?"

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      "Let us see: Buckingham dead or grievously wounded; your conversationwith the cardinal overheard by the four Musketeers; Lord de Winterwarned of your arrival at Portsmouth; D'Artagnan and Athos to theBastille; Aramis the lover of Madame de Chevreuse; Porthos an ass;Madame Bonacieux found again; to send you the chaise as soon aspossible; to place my lackey at your disposal; to make you out a victimof the cardinal in order that the abbess may entertain no suspicion;Armentieres, on the banks of the Lys. Is that all, then?""In truth, my dear Chevalier, you are a miracle of memory. A PROPOS,add one thing--"

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      She was extremely happy now that she understood. She loved himthe more for thinking that he would rescue her so. As for him,the marriage clause did not dwell in his mind. He was thinkingthat with such affection there could be no bar to his eventualhappiness.

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    而且,外界普遍认为亚马逊的胜率更高一筹——这种说法在很大程度上是因为亚马逊的 AWS 云服务是当时政府批准出路秘密和绝密数据的唯一云服务。

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      And when this worthy knight, Virginius, Through sentence of this justice Appius, Muste by force his deare daughter give Unto the judge, in lechery to live, He went him home, and sat him in his hall, And let anon his deare daughter call; And with a face dead as ashes cold Upon her humble face he gan behold, With father's pity sticking* through his heart, *piercing All* would he from his purpose not convert.** *although **turn aside "Daughter," quoth he, "Virginia by name, There be two wayes, either death or shame, That thou must suffer, -- alas that I was bore!* *born For never thou deservedest wherefore To dien with a sword or with a knife, O deare daughter, ender of my life, Whom I have foster'd up with such pleasance That thou were ne'er out of my remembrance; O daughter, which that art my laste woe, And in this life my laste joy also, O gem of chastity, in patience Take thou thy death, for this is my sentence: For love and not for hate thou must be dead; My piteous hand must smiten off thine head. Alas, that ever Appius thee say!* *saw Thus hath he falsely judged thee to-day." And told her all the case, as ye before Have heard; it needeth not to tell it more.