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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "The last."
2.  "Yes, of you."
3.  "And you see you would have been deceived."
4.  "Where is he?"
5.  "Yes, and for a considerable sum."
6.  "To-day."


1.  "Well, since I gave you a fourth of my gains, I think youowe me a fourth of my losses; the fourth of 700,000 francsis 175,000 francs."
2.  "Is it possible," said he, "that where your liberty is atstake you can allow any such scruple to deter you fromobtaining it?"
3.  "Indeed, my dear sir," said Monte Cristo, "you arerevoltingly foppish."
4.  "But wherefore are you here?"
5.  "I did not come to Rome to see," said Danglars aloud; thenhe added softly, with an avaricious smile, "I came totouch!" and he rapped his pocket-book, in which he had justplaced a letter.
6.  "`To whom, then?' -- `To your new master.'


1.  Madame Danglars was carried into the adjoining room; MonteCristo dropped a very small portion of the red liquid uponher lips; she returned to consciousness. "Ah," she cried,"what a frightful dream!"
2.  "But, my dear count," said Albert, "we shall abuse yourkindness."
3.  "`Count of Morcerf,' said the president, `do not allowyourself to be cast down; answer. The justice of the courtis supreme and impartial as that of God; it will not sufferyou to be trampled on by your enemies without giving you anopportunity of defending yourself. Shall further inquiriesbe made? Shall two members of the House be sent to Yanina?Speak!' Morcerf did not reply. Then all the members lookedat each other with terror. They knew the count's energeticand violent temper; it must be, indeed, a dreadful blowwhich would deprive him of courage to defend himself. Theyexpected that his stupefied silence would be followed by afiery outburst. `Well,' asked the president, `what is yourdecision?'
4.  "You have this evening carried off and conveyed hither theVicomte Albert de Morcerf. Well," continued the count, in atone that made Franz shudder, "this young gentleman is oneof my friends -- this young gentleman lodges in the samehotel as myself -- this young gentleman has been up and downthe Corso for eight hours in my private carriage, and yet, Irepeat to you, you have carried him off, and conveyed himhither, and," added the count, taking the letter from hispocket, "you have set a ransom on him, as if he were anutter stranger."
5.   "But it is not the case, my dear count: on the contrary. Iam repulsed on all sides."
6.  "You do not reply to my question," replied the inspectorimpatiently.


1.  "M. d'Avrigny," cried Villefort, "I cannot tell you all Ifeel at this moment, -- terror, grief, madness."
2.  "Sir," said Villefort, "have you any enemies, at least, thatyou know."
3.  "That the day after to-morrow I shall have to draw upon youfor about four thousand francs; but the count, expecting mybachelor's revenue could not suffice for the coming month'soutlay, has offered me a draft for twenty thousand francs.It bears his signature, as you see, which isall-sufficient."
4、  "I explained nothing, and it is he who apologized to me."
5、  "No, not I," replied Franz, "but our neighbor, the Count ofMonte Cristo."




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      "And how much is the pension?"

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      "Well, what is Haidee to Ali Tepelini?"

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       But he called to mind the words of the will, which he knewby heart. "In the farthest angle of the second opening,"said the cardinal's will. He had only found the firstgrotto; he had now to seek the second. Dantes continued hissearch. He reflected that this second grotto must penetratedeeper into the island; he examined the stones, and soundedone part of the wall where he fancied the opening existed,masked for precaution's sake. The pickaxe struck for amoment with a dull sound that drew out of Dantes' foreheadlarge drops of perspiration. At last it seemed to him thatone part of the wall gave forth a more hollow and deeperecho; he eagerly advanced, and with the quickness ofperception that no one but a prisoner possesses, saw thatthere, in all probability, the opening must be.

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      "That is but fair," replied Monte Cristo.

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    {  "My father answered with a loud laugh, which was morefrightful than even threats would have been, and he had notceased when two reports of a pistol were heard; he had firedthem himself, and had killed two men. The Palikares, whowere prostrated at my father's feet, now sprang up andfired, and the room was filled with fire and smoke. At thesame instant the firing began on the other side, and theballs penetrated the boards all round us. Oh, how noble didthe grand vizier my father look at that moment, in the midstof the flying bullets, his scimitar in his hand, and hisface blackened with the powder of his enemies! and how heterrified them, even then, and made them fly before him!`Selim, Selim!' cried he, `guardian of the fire, do yourduty!' -- `Selim is dead,' replied a voice which seemed tocome from the depths of the earth, `and you are lost, Ali!'At the same moment an explosion was heard, and the flooringof the room in which my father was sitting was suddenly tornup and shivered to atoms -- the troops were firing fromunderneath. Three or four Palikares fell with their bodiesliterally ploughed with wounds.

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      "`Are you mad, uncle?' (he called me by this name when hewas in good humor); `do you think I am going to change thelife I lead for your mode of existence -- my agreeableindolence for the hard and precarious toil you impose onyourself, exposed to the bitter frost at night, and thescorching heat by day, compelled to conceal yourself, andwhen you are perceived, receive a volley of bullets, all toearn a paltry sum? Why, I have as much money as I want;mother Assunta always furnishes me when I ask for it! Yousee that I should be a fool to accept your offer.' Thearguments, and his audacity, perfectly stupefied me.Benedetto rejoined his associates, and I saw him from adistance point me out to them as a fool."}

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      "I was about to offer myself, sir," said the priest; "it isour mission to forestall our duties."

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      "Therefore," said Monte Cristo feigning to mistake hismeaning -- "therefore I will not, for another instant,retard the pleasure of your meeting. Are you prepared toembrace your worthy father?"

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       "I entreat you, doctor!"

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    {  Caderousse, scarcely yet relying on this promise, put hislegs out of the window and stood on the ladder. "Now godown," said the abbe, folding his arms. Understanding he hadnothing more to fear from him, Caderousse began to go down.Then the count brought the taper to the window, that itmight be seen in the Champs-Elysees that a man was gettingout of the window while another held a light.

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      Chapter 27The Story.