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1. 三星手机在S4时代,就推出了炫酷的眼球追踪功能:用户在手机上浏览网页时,S4可以追踪眼球活动,自动滚屏。
2.   Unless indeed the yawning ground Should open to receive them, From thisvile crew, with sudden bound, To Hell I'd jump and leave them.Xenien
3. 警方调查后,男子被依妨害秘密罪嫌送办。
4.   Not a word about the sapphire. Was the Gascon determined tokeep it as a weapon against Milady, or else, let us befrank, did he not reserve the sapphire as a last resourcefor his outfit? It would be wrong to judge the actions ofone period from the point of view of another. That whichwould now be considered as disgraceful to a gentleman was atthat time quite a simple and natural affair, and the youngersons of the best families were frequently supported by theirmistresses. D'Artagnan gave the open letter to Kitty, whoat first was unable to comprehend it, but who became almostwild with joy on reading it a second time. She couldscarcely believe in her happiness; and D'Artagnan was forcedto renew with the living voice the assurances which he hadwritten. And whatever might be--considering the violentcharacter of Milady--the danger which the poor girl incurredin giving this billet to her mistress, she ran back to thePlace Royale as fast as her legs could carry her.The heart of the best woman is pitiless toward the sorrowsof a rival.
5. 在此之前,拼多多2018年下半年的两份财报,分别带来了股价上涨16.6%和下跌17.5%,2019年上半年的两份财报,则带来了下跌8.5%和上涨16%。
6. 对此,有市场人士呼吁,短缺药品的价格管理上,应该实现市场与民生的平衡。


1. 到最后,小丽欠下了一大堆债。
2.   `One Hundred and Five, North Tower.'
3. 年轻人也不爱囤菜,买一点吃一点。
4. 秦汉时的耕作措施,基本上解除了黄河流域农业生产上的主要威胁,提高了技术水平,促进了旱作地区的农业生产。从生产实践中也总结出一些技术原理和原则,并随着生产的发展而逐步提高。《氾胜之书》就提出了生产中的重要环节:凡耕之本,在于趣时、和土、务粪泽、早锄、早获,又综合地、辩证地总结了运用天时、地利两个因素的生产规律,即顺天时,量地利,则用力少而成功多,任情返道,劳而无获,这些仍是我们今天农业生产中所必须遵循的规律。
5. 想一想再看
6. 而据光希解释,脂质体的结构和人体细胞膜相似,小于100纳米可以自然渗入皮肤,用脂质体包裹住护肤成分可以将护肤成分一起带入真皮层。


1. 从一个孩子的视角,讲述佛罗里达州一家汽车旅馆社区的生活。
2. 在开发举措方面,《纲要》更加突出集聚开发的要求,综合运用国土空间用途管制、资源配置、环境准入、重大基础设施建设等手段,目的是引导人口、产业有序集聚,构建集疏适度、优势互补、集约高效、陆海统筹的国土集聚开发空间格局
3. 微软Office凭借着Windows系统的捆绑安装策略以及技术优势,很快实现了对中国PC办公市场的垄断,并长时间占据90%以上的市场份额。
4. About 40 per cent of entrepreneurs derive most of their income from their company with an average salary of about $194,000 compared to $171,000 for non-entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs in Asia/Oceania seem to be the most successful. Nearly half (48 per cent) of them earn most of their income from their company and earn the highest salary ($251,000 on average), just ahead of those based in the Middle-East ($244,000).
5. 最麻烦的就是新人进来说,我们原来的团队……,对不起,这不是你原来的团队,想要做好远程办公,那就遵守这里的原则。
6.   Summary


1. 在《中国药典》(2015年版)收载,肉苁蓉为列当科植物肉苁蓉的带鳞叶肉质茎。
2. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer
3. 张某把车停在村道上与李德湘交谈,大约四五分钟,后面又来了一辆车。
4. 如不帮助商户减轻负担,一些商户难以支撑,也会影响整体商户提质增效的进展。
5. 2019年4月,獐子岛财报显示一季度亏损4314万元,这一数字相当于其2018年全年的净利润。
6. 角色定义不明确在任何一个组织中都会造成麻烦,而这种麻烦在远程工作者当中会被放大。


1. 中国股市的跌势仍在继续,现在“红线”已触,一切都提早结束了。
2.   "PARIDIEU!" said D'Artagnan to himself, to whose mind the nieceof the theologian reverted, "PARDIEU, it would be droll if thisbelated dove should be in search of our friend's house. But onmy soul, it looks so. Ah, my dear Aramis, this time I shall findyou out." And D'Artagnan, making himself as small as he could,concealed himself in the darkest side of the street near a stonebench placed at the back of a niche.
3.   `Nothing else, Sir?' came the neutral voice, like one in a dream.

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