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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Holmes seemed struck by the theory thus put forward, and hecontinued to walk up and down for some time, lost in thought andconsuming cigarette after cigarette.
2.  "Well, how do you explain it?"
3.  There was a sudden rush and a scuffle, followed by the clash of ironand a cry of pain.
4.  "Securities! How could they dispose of those?"
5.  We had reached the same crowded thoroughfare in which we hadfound ourselves in the morning. Our cabs were dismissed, and,following the guidance of Mr. Merryweather, we passed down anarrow passage and through a side door, which he opened for us.Within there was a small corridor, which ended in a very massiveiron gate. This also was opened, and led down a flight of windingstone steps, which terminated at another formidable gate. Mr.Merryweather stopped to light a lantern, and then conducted usdown a dark, earth-smelling passage, and so, after opening a thirddoor, into a huge vault or cellar, which was piled all round withcrates and massive boxes.
6.  My mind filled with admiration for this extraordinary man."You have solved it!" I cried.


1.  "I don't mean to deny that the evidence is in some ways verystrongly in favour of your theory," said he. "I only wish to point outthat there are other theories possible. As you say, the future willdecide. Good-morning! I dare say that in the course of the day I shalldrop in at Norwood and see how you are getting on."
2.  "I felt angry at having been tricked by so elaborate a story as thatwhich he had told me. 'I was admiring your fuller's-earth,' said I; 'Ithink that I should be better able to advise you as to your machine ifI knew what the exact purpose was for which it was used.'"The instant that I uttered the words I regretted the rashness of myspeech. His face set hard, and a baleful light sprang up in his grayeyes.
3.  "Mighty dangerous. I disregard the blusterer, but this is the sortof man who says rather less than he means."
4.  "When I joined up in January, 1901- just two years ago- youngGodfrey Emsworth had joined the same squadron. He was ColonelEmsworth's only son- Emsworth, the Crimean V.C.- and he had thefighting blood in him, so it is no wonder he volunteered. There wasnot a finer lad in the regiment. We formed a friendship- the sort offriendship which can only be made when one lives the same life andshares the same joys and sorrows. He was my mate- and that means agood deal in the Army. We took the rough and the smooth together for ayear of hard fighting. Then he was hit with a bullet from anelephant gun in the action near Diamond Hill outside Pretoria. I gotone letter from the hospital at Cape Town and one from SouthHampton. Since then not a word- not one word, Mr. Holmes, for sixmonths and more, and he my closest pal.
5.  fresh-complexioned young fellow, with a frank, honest face and aslight, crisp, yellow moustache. He wore a very shiny top-hat and aneat suit of sober black, which made him look what he was-a smartyoung City man, of the class who have been labelled cockneys, butwho give us our crack volunteer regiments, and who turn out morefine athletes and sportsmen than any body of men in these islands. Hisround, ruddy face was naturally full of cheeriness, but the corners ofhis mouth seemed to me to be pulled down in a half-comical distress.It was not, however, until we were in a first-class carriage andwell started upon our journey to Birmingham that I was able to learnwhat the trouble was which had driven him to Sherlock Holmes."We have a clear run here of seventy minutes," Holmes remarked. "Iwant you, Mr. Hall Pycroft, to tell my friend your very interestingexperience exactly as you have told it to me, or with more detail ifpossible. It will be of use to me to hear the succession of eventsagain. It is a case, Watson, which may prove to have something init, or may prove to have nothing, but which, at least, presents those:unusual and outre features which are as dear to you as they are to me.Now, Mr. Pycroft I shall not interrupt you again."
6.  "Quite so, it is perfectly possible. What, are you off?"Yes, Mr. Holmes, there is no rest for me until I have got to thebottom of the business. I suppose you have no hint to give me?""I have given you one."


1.  "Well, to come to an end of the matter, Mr. Holmes, and not toabuse your patience, there came a night when he made one of thosedrunken sallies from which he never came back. We found him, whenwe went to search for him, face downward in a little green-scummedpool, which lay at the foot of the garden. There was no sign ofany violence, and the water was but two feet deep, so that thejury, having regard to his known eccentricity, brought in averdict of `suicide.' But I, who knew how he winced from the verythought of death, had much ado to persuade myself that he had goneout of his way to meet it. The matter passed, however, and myfather entered into possession of the estate, and of some 14,000 pounds,which lay to his credit at the bank."
2.  He took from his pocket the various slips of the dancing men. Withthese in front of him, he worked for some time at the study-table.Finally he handed a note to the boy, with directions to put it intothe hands of the person to whom it was addressed, and especially toanswer no questions of any sort which might be put to him. I saw theoutside of the note, addressed in straggling, irregular characters,very unlike Holmes's usual precise hand. It was consigned to Mr. AbeSlaney, Elriges Farm, East Ruston, Norfolk.
3.  "And why did the tramp take nothing?"
4.  It is my habit to sit with my back to the window and to place myvisitors in the opposite chair, where the light falls full uponthem. Mr. James M. Dodd seemed somewhat at a loss how to begin theinterview. I did not attempt to help him, for his silence gave me moretime for observation. I have found it wise to impress clients with asense of power, and so I gave him some of my conclusions."From South Africa, sir, I perceive."
5.   Monday, morning found us on our way to the famous university town-an easy effort on the part of Holmes, who had no roots to pull up, butone which involved frantic planning and hurrying on my part, as mypractice was by this time not inconsiderable. Holmes made noallusion to the case until after we had deposited our suitcases at theancient hostel of which he had spoken.
6.  "Well, you can ask the King of Proosia, for all I care. I'vehad enough of it. Get out of this!" He rushed fiercely forward,and the inquirer flitted away into the darkness.


1.  "'Lately engaged at Coxon & Woodhouse's?'
2.  "The London criminal is certainly a dull fellow," said he in thequerulous voice of the sportsman whose game has failed him. "Lookout of this window, Watson. See how the figures loom up, are dimlyseen, and then blend once more into the cloud-bank. The thief or themurderer could roam London on such a day as the tiger does the jungle,unseen until he pounces, and then evident only to his victim.""There have," said I, "been numerous petty thefts."
3.  "And you did very wisely," said Holmes. "Your case is anexceedingly remarkable one, and I shall be happy to look into it.From what you have told me I think that it is possible that graverissues hang from it than might at first sight appear."
4、  "It is to him that this trophy belongs."
5、  "It seemed to me to be obvious that this Greek girl had been carriedoff by the young Englishman named Harold Latimer."




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      -THE END-

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      "Well, it is quite possible, but the case is not clear to me yet.""Not clear? Well, if that isn't clear, what could be clear? Hereis a young man who learns suddenly that, if a certain older mandies, he will succeed to a fortune. What does he do? He says nothingto anyone, but he arranges that he shall go out on some pretext to seehis client that night. He waits until the only other person in thehouse is in bed, and then in the solitude of a man's room he murdershim, burns his body in the wood-pile, and departs to a neighbouringhotel. The blood-stains in the room and also on the stick are veryslight. It is probable that he imagined his crime to be a bloodlessone, and hoped that if the body were consumed it would hide all tracesof the method of his death- traces which, for some reason, must havepointed to him. Is not all this obvious?"

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       "And how in the world did you find them?"

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      "I never said so. You were aware of it. You spoke with her. Yourecognized her. You aided her to escape."

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    {  "Women of the De Merville type do not act like that. She wouldlove him the more as a disfigured martyr. No, no. It is his moralside, not his physical, which we have to destroy. That book will bringher back to earth- and I know nothing else that could. It is in hisown writing. She cannot get past it."

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      "No good," said Shinwell Johnson with the decided voice of theexpert. "No fence wants stuff of that sort that you can neither meltnor sell."}

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      "Thank you. I think that I quite follow you," said Sherlock Holmes."It is of the utmost importance that you should notice this point. Iwent down the stairs and into the hall, where I found thecommissionaire fast asleep in his box, with the kettle boilingfuriously upon the spirit-lamp. I took off the kettle and blew out thelamp, for the water was spurting over the floor. Then I put out myhand and was about to shake the man, who was still sleeping soundly,when a bell over his head rang loudly, and he woke with a start."'Mr. Phelps, sir!' said he, looking at me in bewilderment."'I came down to see if my coffee was ready.'

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      "What time was it?"

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       Percy Phelps was walking very slowly, leaning upon the arm of hisfuture brother-in-law. Holmes walked swiftly across the lawn, and wewere at the open window of the bedroom long before the others came up."Miss Harrison," said Holmes, speaking with the utmost intensityof manner, "you must stay where you are all day. Let nothing preventyou from staying where you are all day. It is of the utmostimportance."

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    {  It took some violence to do that," said Holmes thoughtfully. Withhis cane he struck the ledge several times without leaving a mark."Yes, it was a hard knock. In a curious place, too. It was not fromabove but from below, for you see that it is on the lower edge ofthe parapet."

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      There was a long silence, during which Holmes leaned his chin uponhis hands and stared into the crackling fire.