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1.   When death came, unrepining His cities o'er he told; All to his heir resigning,Except his cup of gold.
2.   "No matter; I know it." The count knit his brows, andremained silent an instant. "And if I went to seek Vampa,would you accompany me?"
3.   "I have done no harm."
4. 对理解我们的国家,我们就多投入一些力量。
5. Jim是IBM领导团队的重要成员。
6.   Oh, be so good, With sweat and with blood The crown to lime!(They handle the crown awkwardly and break it in two pieces, with whichthey skip about.)


1.   'Can you tell me what the writing on that stone over the doormeans? What is Lowood Institution?'
2. 曹颖表示,赵忠祥即使到了一定年纪,但一到做节目就特别认真负责,和他合作的时候,他会提前准备地特别充分。
3.   "The little cur!" he muttered.
4. "Looks to me as if the absence of men made them more feminine in that regard, anyhow," he suggested.
5. 毕竟,富士康庞大的劳动力和规模意味着,它是过去十年里唯一家在发布时每周就能生产500万部iPhone的公司。
6. 该案涉及的19名公职人员受到相应党纪政务处分,其中10人因涉嫌犯罪被依法逮捕并移送审查起诉,问责人数多、涉及范围广,体现了有权必有责、有责要担当、失责必追究的鲜明导向。


1.   In regard to plants, there is another means of observing the accumulated effects of selection namely, by comparing the diversity of flowers in the different varieties of the same species in the flower-garden; the diversity of leaves, pods, or tubers, or whatever part is valued, in the kitchen-garden, in comparison with the flowers of the same varieties; and the diversity of fruit of the same species in the orchard, in comparison with the leaves and flowers of the same set of varieties. See how different the leaves of the cabbage are, and how extremely alike the flowers; how unlike the flowers of the heartsease are, and how alike the leaves; how much the fruit of the different kinds of gooseberries differ in size, colour, shape, and hairiness, and yet the flowers present very slight differences. It is not that the varieties which differ largely in some one point do not differ at all in other points; this is hardly ever, perhaps never, the case. The laws of correlation of growth, the importance of which should never be overlooked, will ensure some differences; but, as a general rule, I cannot doubt that the continued selection of slight variations, either in the leaves, the flowers, or the fruit, will produce races differing from each other chiefly in these characters.It may be objected that the principle of selection has been reduced to methodical practice for scarcely more than three-quarters of a century; it has certainly been more attended to of late years, and many treatises have been published on the subject; and the result, I may add, has been, in a corresponding degree, rapid and important. But it is very far from true that the principle is a modern discovery. I could give several references to the full acknowledgement of the importance of the principle in works of high antiquity. In rude and barbarous periods of English history choice animals were often imported, and laws were passed to prevent their exportation: the destruction of horses under a certain size was ordered, and this may be compared to the 'roguing' of plants by nurserymen. The principle of selection I find distinctly given in an ancient Chinese encyclopaedia. Explicit rules are laid down by some of the Roman classical writers. From passages in Genesis, it is clear that the colour of domestic animals was at that early period attended to. Savages now sometimes cross their dogs with wild canine animals, to improve the breed, and they formerly did so, as is attested by passages in Pliny. The savages in South Africa match their draught cattle by colour, as do some of the Esquimaux their teams of dogs. Livingstone shows how much good domestic breeds are valued by the negroes of the interior of Africa who have not associated with Europeans. Some of these facts do not show actual selection, but they show that the breeding of domestic animals was carefully attended to in ancient times, and is now attended to by the lowest savages. It would, indeed, have been a strange fact, had attention not been paid to breeding, for the inheritance of good and bad qualities is so obvious.At the present time, eminent breeders try by methodical selection, with a distinct object in view, to make a new strain or sub-breed, superior to anything existing in the country. But, for our purpose, a kind of Selection, which may be called Unconscious, and which results from every one trying to possess and breed from the best individual animals, is more important. Thus, a man who intends keeping pointers naturally tries to get as good dogs as he can, and afterwards breeds from his own best dogs, but he has no wish or expectation of permanently altering the breed. Nevertheless I cannot doubt that this process, continued during centuries, would improve and modify any breed, in the same way as Bakewell, Collins, &c., by this very same process, only carried on more methodically, did greatly modify, even during their own lifetimes, the forms and qualities of their cattle. Slow and insensible changes of this kind could never be recognised unless actual measurements or careful drawings of the breeds in question had been made long ago, which might serve for comparison. In some cases, however, unchanged or but little changed individuals of the same breed may be found in less civilised districts, where the breed has been less improved. There is reason to believe that King Charles's spaniel has been unconsciously modified to a large extent since the time of that monarch. Some highly competent authorities are convinced that the setter is directly derived from the spaniel, and has probably been slowly altered from it. It is known that the English pointer has been greatly changed within the last century, and in this case the change has, it is believed, been chiefly effected by crosses with the fox-hound; but what concerns us is, that the change has been effected unconsciously and gradually, and yet so effectually, that, though the old Spanish pointer certainly came from Spain, Mr Barrow has not seen, as I am informed by him, any native dog in Spain like our pointer.By a similar process of selection, and by careful training, the whole body of English racehorses have come to surpass in fleetness and size the parent Arab stock, so that the latter, by the regulations for the Goodwood Races, are favoured in the weights they carry. Lord Spencer and others have shown how the cattle of England have increased in weight and in early maturity, compared with the stock formerly kept in this country. By comparing the accounts given in old pigeon treatises of carriers and tumblers with these breeds as now existing in Britain, India, and Persia, we can, I think, clearly trace the stages through which they have insensibly passed, and come to differ so greatly from the rock-pigeon.
2. 被指控参与贪污腐败并破坏足球比赛秩序的,并不仅仅只是球员、俱乐部主席和商人们。在这类事情上面,裁判也是在所难逃。
3. potential
4. 视频截图一段车载监控视频显示,1月5日21时许,一名身穿黑色棉服的男子坐在出租车副驾驶的位置上,过程中因为抽烟被拒,男子点燃烟卷开始对司机辱骂。
5. In each generation there was sure to arrive some new mind to detect faults and show need of alterations; and the whole corps of inventors was at hand to apply their special faculty at the point criticized, and offer suggestions.


1. 问题一:新冠病毒能否经过空调过滤系统传播?在人员密集区域行驶时,应关闭外循环、佩戴口罩记者了解到,汽车空调通风模式分为内循环和外循环。
2.   "And you were surprised to see him in Swandam Lane?"
3. 据了解,伙伴云目前针对学校、医院等社会单位,上线了包括社区出入登记、消毒记录公示、学生健康日报等21款防疫工具,但暂未公布接入单位的数量和收入。
4. 柳青表示,在全国守望相助、并肩战疫的大棋盘下,咪店是个新兵,但有信心和有能力承担自己最大的社会责任,将企业的能力开放给行业和社会,在这不确定周期内,每帮助一个企业扛住压力,挺过难关,就能为中国经济的恢复保留一份有生力量,甚至催生出很多行业企业的顺利转型,这是咪店自我价值的最高体现。
5. 但11月14日海康威视以一根带长下影的阴线报收,似乎预示着主力并不因此次事件而看淡海康威视。
6. 虽然中国跨入近代以后由于科学和工业的落后而受到极大损害,但在汉时期,中国的情况则完全不同。那时,中国在技术上与欧亚其余地区并肩而行;在许多领域还处于领先的地位,并一直维持到最近几个世纪。在汉时期的数百年间,中国最重要的发明有水力磨、可大大提高马的使用效率的马肩轭、铸铁技术、造纸术和陶器上釉术。破布制成的优质纸从约公元100年起就有了,并很快取代了书写用的笨重的木片和竹条。但是由于纸不象木片那样经久耐用,而且它早在印刷术发明之前很久就有了,所以不能不有悖常理地认为,某些书的散失应归咎于纸。虽然造纸术这一伟大发明对后世来说具有无可估价的重要性,但从保存中国文学作品的角度看,这一发明也许过早了。不过,最终使瓷器得以产生的陶器上釉术的发明是一个纯粹的福音。那些上釉陶器不仅达到艺术创作的水平,而且从讲究卫生出发也是一大进步;因为光滑的瓷器比从前使用的粗糙的陶器或木制器皿更易保持清洁。


1. ‘Can’t fault, I was thinking “go on boys”,’ Alesha smiled.
2.   by Charles Darwin
3. 近日,佛山警方成功打掉一个清远英德籍操纵未成年人跨区域流窜入室盗窃犯罪团伙,抓获团伙11名,核破广东、江苏、浙江、山东、河南、安徽、湖南等7省攀爬入室盗窃案件110余起。

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