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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yourself."
2.  "With pleasure, sir; twenty francs are not to be despised.Tell me what I am to do for this."
3.  Eugenie concealed Louise in an angle of the gateway, so thatif the porter chanced to awake he might see but one person.Then placing herself in the full light of the lamp which litthe yard, -- "Gate!" cried she, with her finest contraltovoice, and rapping at the window.
4.  "I have only just left him "
5.  The opera of "Parisina" was announced for representation,and the principal actors were Coselli, Moriani, and LaSpecchia. The young men, therefore, had reason to considerthemselves fortunate in having the opportunity of hearingone of the best works by the composer of "Lucia diLammermoor," supported by three of the most renownedvocalists of Italy. Albert had never been able to endure theItalian theatres, with their orchestras from which it isimpossible to see, and the absence of balconies, or openboxes; all these defects pressed hard on a man who had hadhis stall at the Bouffes, and had shared a lower box at theOpera. Still, in spite of this, Albert displayed his mostdazzling and effective costumes each time he visited thetheatres; but, alas, his elegant toilet was wholly thrownaway, and one of the most worthy representatives of Parisianfashion had to carry with him the mortifying reflection thathe had nearly overrun Italy without meeting with a singleadventure.
6.  "I am extremely sorry you find me so ignorant a cicerone,"replied Morcerf, "but I am reluctantly obliged to confess, Ihave nothing further to communicate -- yes, stay, I do knowone thing more, namely, that she is a musician, for one daywhen I chanced to be breakfasting with the count, I heardthe sound of a guzla -- it is impossible that it could havebeen touched by any other finger than her own."


1.  "No."
2.  "That is it precisely, Signor Aladdin; it is hashish -- thepurest and most unadulterated hashish of Alexandria, -- thehashish of Abou-Gor, the celebrated maker, the only man, theman to whom there should be built a palace, inscribed withthese words, `A grateful world to the dealer in happiness.'"
3.  "But I deal in certainties; he is the best servant over whomone has the power of life and death."
4.  "I cannot tell you my name, since I do not know it; but Iknow my father's, and can tell it to you."
5.  "It is well," said Monte Cristo whose countenance brightenedat these words; "you wish -- you are inflexible. Yes, as yousaid, you are indeed wretched and a miracle alone can cureyou. Sit down, Morrel, and wait."
6.  "Precisely what I was about to say," cried Danglars. "Nowwhat is vague is doubtful; and it was a wise man who said,`when in doubt, keep out.'"


1.  "No, on the contrary, they wished to assassinate him. Youknow that it was in leaving his house that M. de Caderoussewas murdered by his friend Benedetto. You know that thefamous waistcoat was found in his house, containing theletter which stopped the signature of the marriage-contract.Do you see the waistcoat? There it is, all blood-stained, onthe desk, as a testimony of the crime."
2.  "Tell me truly, Maximilian, whether in former days, when ourfathers dwelt at Marseilles, there was ever anymisunderstanding between them?"
3.  "You condemned me to a horrible, tedious death; you killedmy father; you deprived me of liberty, of love, andhappiness."
4.  "And you have seen this cavern, Morcerf?" asked Beauchamp.
5.   "Truly, madame, I recollect M. Debray told me -- apropos,what is become of him? I have seen nothing of him the lastthree or four days."
6.  Monte Cristo raised his eyes, but he could not see theheavens; there was a stone veil between him and thefirmament. He thought that there had been no less thick aveil before the eyes of those to whom Faria offered thetreasures. "Could the prisoners see each other?" he asked.


1.  "But then he had the woman he loved still remaining?"
2.  "I think so, also," replied Albert; "and I very much fearyou will go alone to the Duke of Bracciano's ball." Franzand Albert had received that morning an invitation from thecelebrated Roman banker. "Take care, Albert," said Franz."All the nobility of Rome will be present, and if your fairincognita belong to the higher class of society, she must gothere."
3.  "Had you commissioned me?" said Monte Cristo, feigninguneasiness.
4、  Faria followed him with an excited look. "and now," he said,when he saw that Dantes had read the last line, "put the twofragments together, and judge for yourself." Dantes obeyed,and the conjointed pieces gave the following: --
5、  "Yes, yes; and now I believe you are right, and that youhave really saved my life; be assured I will return thefavor hereafter." Villefort shook his head.




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      Chapter 111Expiation.

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      "Do not say that, Debray," returned Beauchamp, laughing,"for here is Chateau-Renaud, who, to cure you of your maniafor paradoxes, will pass the sword of Renaud de Montauban,his ancestor, through your body."

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       "Which road?" asked the postilion in Italian. "The Anconaroad," replied the baron. Signor Pastrini interpreted thequestion and answer, and the horses galloped off. Danglarsintended travelling to Venice, where he would receive onepart of his fortune, and then proceeding to Vienna, where hewould find the rest, he meant to take up his residence inthe latter town, which he had been told was a city ofpleasure.

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      "I should avail myself of your offer with pleasure," repliedthe host, "but, unfortunately, if I go there, it will be, inall probability, incognito."

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    {  "I was going to ask you," replied the baroness with abeating heart.

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      The library was divided into two parts on either side of thewall, and contained upwards of two thousand volumes; onedivision was entirely devoted to novels, and even the volumewhich had been published but the day before was to be seenin its place in all the dignity of its red and gold binding.On the other side of the house, to match with the library,was the conservatory, ornamented with rare flowers, thatbloomed in china jars; and in the midst of the greenhouse,marvellous alike to sight and smell, was a billiard-tablewhich looked as if it had been abandoned during the pasthour by players who had left the balls on the cloth. Onechamber alone had been respected by the magnificentBertuccio. Before this room, to which you could ascend bythe grand, and go out by the back staircase, the servantspassed with curiosity, and Bertuccio with terror. At fiveo'clock precisely, the count arrived before the house atAuteuil, followed by Ali. Bertuccio was awaiting thisarrival with impatience, mingled with uneasiness; he hopedfor some compliments, while, at the same time, he feared tohave frowns. Monte Cristo descended into the courtyard,walked all over the house, without giving any sign ofapprobation or pleasure, until he entered his bedroom,situated on the opposite side to the closed room; then heapproached a little piece of furniture, made of rosewood,which he had noticed at a previous visit. "That can only beto hold gloves," he said.}

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      "Yes; but only one of these two is about to die; the otherhas many years to live."

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       "Ah," cried Valentine, "he is too much the friend of Madamede Villefort ever to be mine."

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    {  "I? do you not see that I reserve eighty francs for myself?A young man does not require luxuries; besides, I know whattravelling is."

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      "King's attorney?" said the president, stupefied, andwithout noticing the agitation which spread over the face ofM. de Villefort; "king's attorney?"