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1.   `You anticipate what I would say, though you cannot know how earnestly I say it, how earnestly I feel it, without knowing my secret heart, and the hopes and fears and anxieties with which it has long been laden. Dear Doctor Manette, I love your daughter fondly, dearly, disinterestedly, devotedly. If ever there were love in the world, I love her. You have loved yourself; let your old love speak for me!'
2. 这一图片便来自鹰爸军事训练营。
3.   A jealous man, clouded with the habite of a Priest, became theConfessour to his owne Wife; who made him beleeve, that she wasdeepely in love with a Priest, which came every night, and lay withher. By meanes of which confession, while her jealous Husbandwatched the doore of his house; to surprize the Priest when he came:she that never meant to do amisse, had the company of a secret Friend,who came over the toppe of the house to visite her, while herfoolish Husband kept the doore.
4.   Chapter 6 - Difficulties on Theory
5. "I am afraid," said Miss Minchin, with a slightly sour smile, "that you have been a very spoiled little girl and always imagine that things are done because you like them. My impression is that your papa wished you to learn French."
6. 二是在智库人才大数据库构建中,要注意形成完备的智库人才结构,包括多类型人才与复合型人才、理论研究与对策研究人才、策略研究与战略研究人才、智库管理专家与研究人员等。


1.   To cut the matter short, my friend, She must this very night be mine, And if tohelp me you decline, Midnight shall see our compact end.Mephistopheles
2. 但在网络上,面对素昧平生的陌生人,反而可能比较容易敞开心扉。
3. 2018年7月,王斌又对李晓晨说,帮他找了一名律师,让李晓晨去瑶海区法院起诉。
4. 后来我连续更新了几条视频后,施工方找到了我希望我们继续记录这个特殊的时刻,并给了我工作服,工作照和通行证。
5. 成婚之日,双方家中(主要是男方家里)要打扫清洁,内外盛饰,装点门楣。汉代人蔡邕描述说:婚礼以举,二族盛饰,威仪有序……即臻门屏。②③拜见父母。
6. 日本口罩种类繁多,有的可以防99%的喷沫,有的只能防花粉过敏。


1. 因此,在中国,个人品牌的成长在很大程度上就是企业品牌的成长,而企业品牌的成长倒过来也带动个人品牌的成长,这两个加起来形成你公司强有力的虚的营销。
2. 无论如何,全面战疫的焦点不能模糊,有序抗疫的努力不能松劲。
3. 后来,我们成立的第二家公司,高歌猛进,过于乐观。
4. X
5.   Her body was going meaningless, going dull and opaque, so much insignificant substance. It made her feel immensely depressed and hopeless. What hope was there? She was old, old at twenty-seven, with no gleam and sparkle in the flesh. Old through neglect and denial, yes, denial. Fashionable women kept their bodies bright like delicate porcelain, by external attention. There was nothing inside the porcelain; but she was not even as bright as that. The mental life! Suddenly she hated it with a rushing fury, the swindle!
6. 他提到,三季度的EPCM(每千次展示可获得的广告收入)较去年同期是有所下降的,主要的原因来自两方面:一是今年互联网广告库存,供给端大幅上升,竞争比较激烈,导致了每千次展示可获得的广告收入价格下降。


1. 对于此事是否能彻底解决,朱副局长称,现在已经以天门公安局的名义向易先生出具一份证明,如果再被误抓,出示这个证明即可,上面加盖有单位公章。
2. Ermengarde felt almost inclined to scream on the spot, but managed to control herself. She looked all round the attic and saw no one. And yet Sara had certainly been speaking TO someone. She thought of ghosts.
3.   I must here introduce a short digression. In the case of animals and plants with separated sexes, it is of course obvious that two individuals must always unite for each birth; but in the case of hermaphrodites this is far from obvious. Nevertheless I am strongly inclined to believe that with all hermaphrodites two individuals, either occasionally or habitually, concur for the reproduction of their kind. This view, I may add, was first suggested by Andrew Knight. We shall presently see its importance; but I must here treat the subject with extreme brevity, though I have the materials prepared for an ample discussion. All vertebrate animals, all insects, and some other large groups of animals, pair for each birth. Modern research has much diminished the number of supposed hermaphrodites, and of real hermaphrodites a large number pair; that is, two individuals regularly unite for reproduction, which is all that concerns us. But still there are many hermaphrodite animals which certainly do not habitually pair, and a vast majority of plants are hermaphrodites. What reason, it may be asked, is there for supposing in these cases that two individuals ever concur in reproduction? As it is impossible here to enter on details, I must trust to some general considerations alone.In the first place, I have collected so large a body of facts, showing, in accordance with the almost universal belief of breeders, that with animals and plants a cross between different varieties, or between individuals of the same variety but of another strain, gives vigour and fertility to the offspring; and on the other hand, that close interbreeding diminishes vigour and fertility; that these facts alone incline me to believe that it is a general law of nature (utterly ignorant though we be of the meaning of the law) that no organic being self-fertilises itself for an eternity of generations; but that a cross with another individual is occasionally perhaps at very long intervals -- indispensable.
4. 知乎的问答模式很犀利,护城河也很深。
5. 报道进一步指出,过去15个月来,波音面临着航空公司和两起MAX空难中346个遇难者家属的索赔。
6. 新型职业农民培育以农业职业经理人、现代青年农场主、农村实用人才带头人、新型农业经营主体骨干、农业产业扶贫对象作为重点培育对象,提升其生产技能和经营管理水平。


1.   "In Fifty-eighth Street," said Mrs. Vance, "just off SeventhAvenue--218. Why don't you come and see me?"
2.   The red-room was a square chamber, very seldom slept in, I mightsay never, indeed, unless when a chance influx of visitors atGateshead Hall rendered it necessary to turn to account all theaccommodation it contained: yet it was one of the largest andstateliest chambers in the mansion. A bed supported on massive pillarsof mahogany, hung with curtains of deep red damask, stood out like atabernacle in the centre; the two large windows, with their blindsalways drawn down, were half shrouded in festoons and falls of similardrapery; the carpet was red; the table at the foot of the bed wascovered with a crimson cloth; the walls were a soft fawn colour with ablush of pink in it; the wardrobe, the toilet-table, the chairs wereof darkly polished old mahogany. Out of these deep surroundingshades rose high, and glared white, the piled-up mattresses andpillows of the bed, spread with a snowy Marseilles counterpane.Scarcely less prominent was an ample cushioned easy-chair near thehead of the bed, also white, with a footstool before it; andlooking, as I thought, like a pale throne.
3. 当天中午,白先生夫妇带着三个孩子及家中两名老人,一行7人来到位于泰国清迈的一家大象营体验骑象活动。

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