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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  In the currents of life, in action's storm, I float and I wave With billowymotion! Birth and the grave A limitless ocean, A constant weaving Withchange still rife, A restless heaving, A glowing life Thus time's whirring loomunceasing I ply, And weave the life - garment of deity.Faust
2.  That is not fair!
3.  In sprang the dog, indeed, observing naught; Things now assume anothershape, The devil's in the house and can't escape.Faust
4.  Faust
5.  The glorified their faces turn Away from thee! Shudder the pure to reachTheir hands to thee! Woe!
6.  All had gone swimmingly, no doubt, Had he but given you at home, On hisside, just as wide a range. Upon such terms, to you I swear, Myself with youwould gladly rings exchange!


1.  Bessy
2.  If e'er upon my couch, stretched at my ease, I'm found, Then may my life thatinstant cease! Me canst thou cheat with glozing wile Till self - reproach away Icast, Me with joy's lure canst thou beguile; Let that day be for me the last! Bethis our wager!
3.  How thy religion fares, I fain would hear. Thou art a good kind - hearted man,Only that way not well - disposed, I fear.
4.  'Tis yet too soon.
5.  (draws a stopper out of the table; fire springs out against him)I burn! I burn!
6.  Go to! I laugh, the while you rail, The power which fashion'd youth and maid,Well understood the noble trade; So neither shall occasion fail. But hence! -A mighty grief I trow! Unto thy lov'd one's chamber thou And not to deathshouldst go.


1.  (Turning to the table.)
2.  The pentagram thy peace doth mar? To me, thou son of hell, explain, Howcamest thou in, if this thine exit bar? Could such a spirit aught ensnare?Mephistopheles
3.  "Though she, God knows, was more to blame than I."Martha
4.  Therefore in time, dear sir, reflect, I pray.
5.   I'll pledge myself to be thy servant here, Still at thy back alert and prompt tobe; But when together yonder we appear, Then shalt thou do the same forme.
6.  Mephistopheles


1.  All had gone swimmingly, no doubt, Had he but given you at home, On hisside, just as wide a range. Upon such terms, to you I swear, Myself with youwould gladly rings exchange!
2.  Faust
3.  Spirit
4、  Quick! quick! below I see her there.
5、  Only one little moment think of me! To think of you I shall have many an hour.Faust




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      With rapid motion from on high, I shot in starry splendour; Now prostrate onthe grass I lie; Who aid will kindly render?

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       Thereto a perfect right hast thou. My strength I do not rashly overrate. Slaveam I here, at any rate, If thine, or whose, it matters not, I trow.Mephistopheles

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    {  (She opens the window.)

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      In chief, of incident enough prepare! A show they want, they come to gapeand stare. Spin for their eyes abundant occupation, So that the multitude maywondering gaze, You by sheer bulk have won your reputation, The man youare all love to praise. By mass alone can you subdue the masses, Each thenselects in time what suits his bent. Bring much, you something bring for variousclasses, And from the house goes every one content. You give a piece,abroad in pieces send it! 'Tis a ragout - success must needs attend it; 'Tis easyto serve up, as easy to invent. A finish'd whole what boots it to present! Fullsoon the public will in pieces rend it.}

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      Yet such strange fellows in the world must be!Margaret

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       Do I a magic atmosphere inhale? Erewhile, my passion would not brookdelay! Now in a pure love - dream I melt away. Are we the sport of everypassing gale?

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    {  Mephistopheles

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      How through the chasms strangely gleams, A lurid light, like dawn's red glow,Pervading with its quivering beams, The gorges of the gulf below! Herevapours rise, there clouds float by, Here through the mist the light doth shine;Now, like a fount, it bursts on high, Meanders now, a slender line; Farreaching, with a hundred veins, Here through the valley see it glide; Here,where its force the gorge restrains, At once it scatters, far and wide; Anear,like showers of golden sand Strewn broadcast, sputter sparks of light: Andmark yon rocky walls that stand Ablaze, in all their towering height!Mephistopheles