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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Ah, how good my dear father is!"
2.  "No, I will go and speak to him myself." Morrel went out,called Baptistin, and whispered a few words to him. Thevalet ran directly. "Well, have you sent?" asked MonteCristo, seeing Morrel return.
3.  The funds rose one per cent higher than before they hadfallen. This, reckoning his loss, and what he had missedgaining, made the difference of a million to Danglars."Good," said Monte Cristo to Morrel, who was at his housewhen the news arrived of the strange reverse of fortune ofwhich Danglars's had been the victim, "I have just made adiscovery for twenty-five thousand francs, for which I wouldhave paid a hundred thousand."
4.  "Come," observed the countess, smiling, "I see my vampire isonly some millionaire, who has taken the appearance of Larain order to avoid being confounded with M. de Rothschild;and you have seen her?"
5.  "Hush, gentlemen, here is the court; let us go back to ourplaces." A noise was heard in the hall; the sergeant calledhis two patrons with an energetic "hem!" and the door-keeperappearing, called out with that shrill voice peculiar to hisorder, ever since the days of Beaumarchais, "The court,gentlemen!"
6.  "A thousand francs, sir."


1.  "Yes."
2.  "It is not he," she murmured, and waited, in the assurancethat this was but a dream, for the man to disappear orassume some other form. Still, she felt her pulse, andfinding it throb violently she remembered that the bestmethod of dispelling such illusions was to drink, for adraught of the beverage prepared by the doctor to allay herfever seemed to cause a reaction of the brain, and for ashort time she suffered less. Valentine therefore reachedher hand towards the glass, but as soon as her trembling armleft the bed the apparition advanced more quickly towardsher, and approached the young girl so closely that shefancied she heard his breath, and felt the pressure of hishand.
3.  M. Noirtier was a true prophet, and things progressedrapidly, as he had predicted. Every one knows the history ofthe famous return from Elba, a return which wasunprecedented in the past, and will probably remain withouta counterpart in the future.
4.  "Meaning to say," replied Dantes, with a smile which butill-concealed his trouble, "that if I were not a captain" --
5.  "But I explained to him the cause of my refusal," repliedDantes, "and I hope he fully understood it."
6.  "And you have seen this cavern, Morcerf?" asked Beauchamp.


1.  "As long as I live."
2.  "Yes; and if you wish to know his name, I will tell it, --he is named Villefort." The explosion, which had been solong restrained from a feeling of respect to the court ofjustice, now burst forth like thunder from the breasts ofall present; the court itself did not seek to restrain thefeelings of the audience. The exclamations, the insultsaddressed to Benedetto, who remained perfectly unconcerned,the energetic gestures, the movement of the gendarmes, thesneers of the scum of the crowd always sure to rise to thesurface in case of any disturbance -- all this lasted fiveminutes, before the door-keepers and magistrates were ableto restore silence. In the midst of this tumult the voice ofthe president was heard to exclaim, -- "Are you playing withjustice, accused, and do you dare set your fellow-citizensan example of disorder which even in these times his neverbeen equalled?"
3.  "Whom do you mean?"
4.  Fernand gave a groan, which resembled a sob, and dropped hishead into his hands, his elbows leaning on the table.
5.   "What did I tell you?" said the governor.
6.  "What?"


1.  "He is rich, then?"
2.  "And do you not remember the Frenchman's name?" saidMorcerf, quite ready to aid the memory of the narrator.Monte Cristo made a sign to him to be silent.
3.  Danglars and Caderousse set off upon their errand at fullspeed; but ere they had gone many steps they perceived agroup advancing towards them, composed of the betrothedpair, a party of young girls in attendance on the bride, bywhose side walked Dantes' father; the whole brought up byFernand, whose lips wore their usual sinister smile.
4、  "Ah," cried Benedetto, his eyes sparkling with joy. Justthen the door opened, and the jailer, addressing himself toBertuccio, said, -- "Excuse me, sir, but the examiningmagistrate is waiting for the prisoner."
5、  "Yes."




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      "I will do more than I promise," said Dantes.

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      "Madame Danglars? Nonsense! Impossible!" saidChateau-Renaud; "only ten days after the flight of herdaughter, and three days from the bankruptcy of herhusband?"

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       "I tell you what I have been told."

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    {  "Yes," was the reply, in a low voice. "It is Edmond andMercedes!"

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      "Capital? -- yes -- I understand -- every one would likecapital."}

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      Scarcely had the count's horses cleared the angle of theboulevard, than Albert, turning towards the count, burstinto a loud fit of laughter -- much too loud in fact not togive the idea of its being rather forced and unnatural."Well," said he, "I will ask you the same question whichCharles IX. put to Catherine de Medicis, after the massacreof Saint Bartholomew, `How have I played my little part?'"

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      "I think I may aspire to that honor," said Danglars with asmile, which reminded Monte Cristo of the sickly moons whichbad artists are so fond of daubing into their pictures ofruins. "But, while we are speaking of business," Danglarsadded, pleased to find an opportunity of changing thesubject, "tell me what I am to do for M. Cavalcanti."

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       "Well, I own it."

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    {  "Well, sir, by the help of two signs, with which I willacquaint you presently, you may ascertain with perfectcertainty that my grandfather is still in the fullpossession of all his mental faculties. M. Noirtier, beingdeprived of voice and motion, is accustomed to convey hismeaning by closing his eyes when he wishes to signify `yes,'and to wink when he means `no.' You now know quite enough toenable you to converse with M. Noirtier; -- try." Noirtiergave Valentine such a look of tenderness and gratitude thatit was comprehended even by the notary himself. "You haveheard and understood what your granddaughter has beensaying, sir, have you?" asked the notary. Noirtier closedhis eyes. "And you approve of what she said -- that is tosay, you declare that the signs which she mentioned arereally those by means of which you are accustomed to conveyyour thoughts?"

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      "You see, sir, he is really dead," said the doctor; "thisburn in the heel is decisive. The poor fool is cured of hisfolly, and delivered from his captivity."