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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1"Tell her, Sara," Captain Crewe said, smiling.
2."Have you a--a pain?" Ermengarde ventured.
3."Not go in?" exclaimed Sara, and she fell back a pace.
4."Well, if you want me to," said Sara.
5."And when I returned to consciousness poor Crewe was dead--and buried. And I seemed to remember nothing. I did not remember the child for months and months. Even when I began to recall her existence everything seemed in a sort of haze."
6."Do yer like it, Miss Sara?" she said. "Do yer?"


2."Have you done your work?" she asked. "Dare you stay here a few minutes?"
3."Set the table, miss?" said Becky, gazing round the room. "What'll we set it with?"
4."I will attend to you tomorrow. You shall have neither breakfast, dinner, nor supper!"
5."What did she say?" inquired the woman.
6."Yes," she answered. "I am very hungry, and I am much obliged to you for your kindness; and"--she was going to add--"there is a child outside who is hungrier than I am." But just at that moment two or three customers came in at once, and each one seemed in a hurry, so she could only thank the woman again and go out.


1."This is a carven flagon," said Sara, arranging tendrils of the wreath about the mug. "And this"--bending tenderly over the soap dish and heaping it with roses--"is purest alabaster encrusted with gems."
2.Sara rubbed the end of her little nose reflectively, as she thought the matter over.
3."My mamma has a diamond ring which cost forty pounds," she said. "And it is not a big one, either. If there were mines full of diamonds, people would be so rich it would be ridiculous."
4.Then it was Sara's turn again.
5. "You are nothing but a DOLL>! she cried. "Nothing but a doll-- doll--doll! You care for nothing. You are stuffed with sawdust. You never had a heart. Nothing could ever make you feel. You are a DOLL>!" Emily lay on the floor, with her legs ignominiously doubled up over her head, and a new flat place on the end of her nose; but she was calm, even dignified. Sara hid her face in her arms. The rats in the wall began to fight and bite each other and squeak and scramble. Melchisedec was chastising some of his family.
6."I will get a good deal out of her before she grows older!" exclaimed Miss Minchin.


1."That I really was a princess," said Sara, "and could do anything-- anything I liked."
2."If Sara had been a boy and lived a few centuries ago," her father used to say, "she would have gone about the country with her sword drawn, rescuing and defending everyone in distress. She always wants to fight when she sees people in trouble."
3."`Dear Sara must come into the drawing room and talk to Mrs. Musgrave about India,'" mimicked Lavinia, in her most highly flavored imitation of Miss Minchin. "`Dear Sara must speak French to Lady Pitkin. Her accent is so perfect.' She didn't learn her French at the Seminary, at any rate. And there's nothing so clever in her knowing it. She says herself she didn't learn it at all. She just picked it up, because she always heard her papa speak it. And, as to her papa, there is nothing so grand in being an Indian officer."
4、Miss Minchin felt offended. This seemed to be a disparagement of her best patron and was a liberty.
5、"I'll tell you what, Sara," she said. "Pretend you are a princess now and this is a royal feast."




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    "Have you a--a pain?" Ermengarde ventured.

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    "I always was a thin child," she said bravely, "and I always had big green eyes."

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     After this, the girls who were jealous of her used to speak of her as "Princess Sara" whenever they wished to be particularly disdainful, and those who were fond of her gave her the name among themselves as a term of affection. No one called her "princess" instead of "Sara," but her adorers were much pleased with the picturesqueness and grandeur of the title, and Miss Minchin, hearing of it, mentioned it more than once to visiting parents, feeling that it rather suggested a sort of royal boarding school.

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    "You were tired," she said; "you could not help it. You are not really awake yet."

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    {Miss Minchin had expected to see in Sara, when she appeared in the schoolroom, very much what Lavinia had expected to see. Sara had always been an annoying puzzle to her, because severity never made her cry or look frightened. When she was scolded she stood still and listened politely with a grave face; when she was punished she performed her extra tasks or went without her meals, making no complaint or outward sign of rebellion. The very fact that she never made an impudent answer seemed to Miss Minchin a kind of impudence in itself. But after yesterday's deprivation of meals, the violent scene of last night, the prospect of hunger today, she must surely have broken down. It would be strange indeed if she did not come downstairs with pale cheeks and red eyes and an unhappy, humbled face.

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    Her strongest weapon was that in some mysterious way she had found out that a very small girl who had lost her mother was a person who ought to be pitied and made much of. She had probably heard some grown-up people talking her over in the early days, after her mother's death. So it became her habit to make great use of this knowledge.}

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    "If you think she is to be foisted off on me, you are greatly mistaken," Miss Minchin gasped. "I have been robbed and cheated; I will turn her into the street!"

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    She knew she need not hesitate to use the little piece of money. It had evidently been lying in the mud for some time, and its owner was completely lost in the stream of passing people who crowded and jostled each other all day long.

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     "Tell her, Sara," Captain Crewe said, smiling.

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    {"Never since I have seen it," said Ram Dass. "The mistress of the house is not one who remembers that another than herself may be cold."

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    "I wonder if he will stay away long," she thought. "The portmanteau is rather big. Oh, dear, how they will miss him! I shall miss him myself--even though he doesn't know I am alive."