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1. 他解释到,医生开展吸脂手术时跟植发比较类似,需要长时间反复操作,也因此吸脂往往被定位为低端手术,直接导致行业人才稀缺,也因此前沿技术探索落后,在脂肪领域大家只能沿用老办法——即传统吸脂术,以负压吸脂术为代表,它创伤大、并发症多、疼痛相对指数高,风险相对较大、恢复期很长,让消费者对此产生排斥感和抵触感,决策周期长。
2.   They had said little though they had been there a long time. When it was yet light enough to work and read, she had neither engaged herself in her usual work, nor had she read to him. She had employed herself in both ways, at his side under the tree, many and many a time; but, this time was not quite like any other, and nothing could make it so.
3. 当地农民在种植过程中采用南开大学以虫治虫的绿色病虫害防治技术,全部使用人工除草,以羊粪为肥料,农残检测零检出,是名副其实的绿色有机蔬菜。
4. 可以这么说,只要是新兴的办公社交公司抢到30%以上份额,就可以认为是老的社交公司的惨败。
5. 比如,这几年我考察了很多全国各地的钢铁企业,其车间都是无人自动化的。
6. 想一想再看


1.   8. Three ways of ornamenting clothes with lace, &c.; in barring it was laid on crossways, in ounding it was waved, in paling it was laid on lengthways.
2. 我现在已经充分地投资于各个方向:股票、债券和外汇。如果没有施展计谋,或者这些计谋能够成功的话,我本来是可以在更好的价位上成交的——但重要的是我获得了所希望的敞口。我正在寻找机会从债券转向股票,不过我认为,不再增加敞口总额无疑是审慎而明智的。
3. 中国互联网发展二十多年,靠人口红利走了一条超越常规的道路。
4. 对此,有网友认为,殷先生找申通快递赔偿有碰瓷的意味,重要的东西你也没跟快递公司说啊?但也有网友表示,郑州和商丘距离很近,快递4天确实有点过分,所以确实需要承担一定的责任。
5.   "Why, how do you do, Mr. Hurstwood?" came from the firstindividual recognised.
6.   As he said this he crept from under his bush, and broke off abough covered with thick leaves to hide his nakedness. He lookedlike some lion of the wilderness that stalks about exulting in hisstrength and defying both wind and rain; his eyes glare as he prowlsin quest of oxen, sheep, or deer, for he is famished, and will darebreak even into a well-fenced homestead, trying to get at the sheep-even such did Ulysses seem to the young women, as he drew near to themall naked as he was, for he was in great want. On seeing one sounkempt and so begrimed with salt water, the others scampered offalong the spits that jutted out into the sea, but the daughter ofAlcinous stood firm, for Minerva put courage into her heart and tookaway all fear from her. She stood right in front of Ulysses, and hedoubted whether he should go up to her, throw himself at her feet, andembrace her knees as a suppliant, or stay where he was and entreat herto give him some clothes and show him the way to the town. In theend he deemed it best to entreat her from a distance in case thegirl should take offence at his coming near enough to clasp her knees,so he addressed her in honeyed and persuasive language.


1. v. 抢劫,掠夺
2.   "The tree," quoth she, "the gallows is to mean, And Jupiter betokens snow and rain, And Phoebus, with his towel clear and clean, These be the sunne's streames* sooth to sayn; *rays Thou shalt y-hangeth be, father, certain; Rain shall thee wash, and sunne shall thee dry." Thus warned him full plat and eke full plain His daughter, which that called was Phanie.
3. 周叶勇不顾地上肮脏,欣喜地钻进车底把手机拿了出来,急忙忙带回所里交到了小叶手中。
4. 曹文介绍,2018年北外考点参加KET的学生,平均年龄为10.2岁,及格率是65%,也就是说,总体来说,小学四年级学生的英语,已经达到国家课程标准规定的初三毕业水平。
5. 第二个节点是流量多,流量多主要满足的是什么?是满足你有的卖,如果你没有流量,你是没得卖的,你没有人脉,你也不知道该卖给谁。
6.   There were a few regular men, constants; men who had been at Cambridge with Clifford. There was Tommy Dukes, who had remained in the army, and was a Brigadier-General. `The army leaves me time to think, and saves me from having to face the battle of life,' he said.


1. 对此,廖西元表示,将按照非食用—间接食用—食用的路径,首先发展非食用的经济作物,其次是饲料作物、加工原料作物,再次是一般食用作物,最后是口粮作物
2. 更进一步,RPA卓越中心或将流行如果企业的运营效率已经达到最佳,AI、SaaS、RPA等工具都已经大规模应用,又该如何继续增效降本呢?这个时候,你的企业可能需要一个卓越中心。
3. 比如在情人节,品牌会为情侣设计鲜花与小蛋糕的组合。
4. “比如说,外国人和中国人都爱唱KTV,但是他们爱唱什么呢?这就是一个兴趣点。
5.   So I told him of my escape and of my fortunate meeting with the king's grooms, and how kindly I had been received at the palace. Very soon I began to see that I had made some impression upon him, and after the arrival of some of the other merchants, who showed great joy at once more seeing me alive, he declared that he also recognised me.
6. 新京报此前报道,彭雯(化名)今年27岁,住在深圳。


1.   `As you say,' madame retorted, correcting him, and deftly knitting an extra something into his name that boded him no good.
2. 在财报会议上,网易CFO杨昭烜透露,海外游戏收入占整体游戏收入的比例大约为10%。
3.   'Mr. Rochester's.'

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