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1. 凤阳是明太祖朱元璋的故乡,明朝的中都皇陵所在地。明朝在这里设有留守司,辖八卫一千户所,又有班军、高墙军、操军和护陵新军六千多人,由一个巡抚、一个太监负责护卫,戒备森严。
2.   So soone as she had thus spoken, arising from her seate ofdignity, and taking the Lawrell Crowne from off her owne head; shereverently placed it upon Madam Philomenaes, shee first of allhumbly saluting her, and then all the rest, openly confessing her tobe their Queene, made gracious offer to obey whatsoever she commanded.Philomena, her cheekes delivering a scarlet tincture, to see her selfethus honoured as their Queene, and well remembring the words, solately uttered by Madam Pampinea; that dulnesse or neglect might notbe noted in her, tooke cheerefull courage to her, and first of all,she confirmed the officers, which Pampinea had appointed the daybefore, then she ordained for the morrowes provision, as also forthe supper so neere approiching, before they departed away fromthence, and then thus began.
3.   "Ulysses, noble son of Laertes, it is now time for you to tellyour son: do not keep him in the dark any longer, but lay your plansfor the destruction of the suitors, and then make for the town. I willnot be long in joining you, for I too am eager for the fray."
4. 目前,王某因涉嫌招摇撞骗罪已被海淀分局刑事拘留,案件还在进一步审查中。
5.   From these several reasons, namely, the improbability of man having formerly got seven or eight supposed species of pigeons to breed freely under domestication; these supposed species being quite unknown in a wild state, and their becoming nowhere feral; these species having very abnormal characters in certain respects, as compared with all other Columbidae, though so like in most other respects to the rock-pigeon; the blue colour and various marks occasionally appearing in all the breeds, both when kept pure and when crossed; the mongrel offspring being perfectly fertile; from these several reasons, taken together, I can feel no doubt that all our domestic breeds have descended from the Columba livia with its geographical sub-species.
6. "In a moment," he answered her.


1. 原本的行医资格早已过期,他只能凭着监狱中学到的技能,开了一家小小的刀具加工坊,原来很注重清洁和保养的双手,现在指甲周边一圈黑,手指肚上长了很多裂口,再也回不去原来的生活了。
2. 然而,抗议者要求公司制度透明化,集会的结果却是Google解雇了四名员工。
3. "Papa," said Sara, "you see, if I went out and bought a new doll every few days I should have more than I could be fond of. Dolls ought to be intimate friends. Emily is going to be my intimate friend."
4. 中台是前后台之间的变速齿轮,建立中台,有利于企业的快速创新。
5. 虽然婆婆很热情地教我,但我还是搞不懂,挺尴尬的。
6. 实习记者杨阳文/北京青年报记者付垚。


1. 违反国家在预防、控制突发传染病疫情等灾害期间有关市场经营、价格管理等规定,哄抬物价、牟取暴利,严重扰乱市场秩序,违法所得数额较大或者有其他严重情节的。
2. 市民如需购买医用酒精、口罩等防护用品应通过药店等正规的渠道购买,以免上当受骗或买到假冒伪劣商品。
3. 联想记忆
4. 更妙的是,在多屏协同状态下,当你在平板上看电影,或是在查阅学习资料时,如果来了电话或是短信,你不必四处找手机,平板就可以直接接听电话,收发手机短信。
5. 原标题:温州一女子遭家暴后警方介入调查,男方称其出轨经初步调查,姜某甲与伤者孙某因夫妻情感纠纷,姜某甲、姜某乙等人在绿城海棠湾附近殴打和侮辱孙某及其朋友林某某,现警方已对该案立案侦查。
6.   "Thirty-five minutes after seven," said Athos, "by which youperceive I am five minutes faster than you."


1. 原标题:花千骨被擅用,晋江文学维权一审获赔新京报讯(记者王巍)因认为飞卢小说网创作大赛中经营的百余部网络小说作品名称均含有花千骨字样,北京晋江原创网络科技有限公司以不正当竞争纠纷为由,将飞卢小说网经营者北京腾飞克科技有限公司诉至法院。
2.   'I live at the lodge: the old porter has left.'
3. 虽然可能多少有些不愉快,吕德文一家返乡后,大体还算平静。
4. 这种动态类型语言是跨平台的、可扩展的、易于学习的,并且基于12条语法规则。
5. 那么,在这样的大格局下,中日关系会如何发展,中国方面应如何处理中日关系呢?笔者以为,“中国的崛起和日本不愿意看到中国的崛起”将是一对长期存在的矛盾,这就决定了中日关系因日方的不友好而不可能在短期内有什么实质性改善。这是日本政治连续20多年右倾化的必然结果,并不出乎意料。在日本右翼势力奉行挑衅性反华政策的情势下,中国已处于退无可退、让无可让的局面。中国最佳的应对方略就是:放弃中日友好的不切实际的政策追求,而以现实、硬朗的态度回应日本的挑衅,同时又要力求避免发生大规模战争。
6. 他知道爸爸妈妈找不到他很着急,会很生气。


1. 记者采访中了解到,酒驾、医闹、逃票、骗保、传销等,以及诋毁英烈、精日行径等败德失信行为均已纳入惩戒目录清单。
2. 此后,杜少平用橡胶的锤子击打邓世平的头部。
3. 如果没有niconico创造的弹幕,也就不会有B站。

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      "On my word," said Franz, "you are wise as Nestor andprudent as Ulysses, and your fair Circe must be very skilfulor very powerful if she succeed in changing you into a beastof any kind." Albert was right; the fair unknown hadresolved, doubtless, to carry the intrigue no farther; foralthough the young men made several more turns, they did notagain see the calash, which had turned up one of theneighboring streets. Then they returned to the RospoliPalace; but the count and the blue domino had alsodisappeared; the two windows, hung with yellow damask, werestill occupied by the persons whom the count had invited. Atthis moment the same bell that had proclaimed the beginningof the mascherata sounded the retreat. The file on the Corsobroke the line, and in a second all the carriages haddisappeared. Franz and Albert were opposite the Via delleMaratte; the coachman, without saying a word, drove up it,passed along the Piazza di Spagni and the Rospoli Palace andstopped at the door of the hotel. Signor Pastrini came tothe door to receive his guests. Franz hastened to inquireafter the count, and to express regret that he had notreturned in sufficient time; but Pastrini reassured him bysaying that the Count of Monte Cristo had ordered a secondcarriage for himself, and that it had gone at four o'clockto fetch him from the Rospoli Palace. The count had,moreover, charged him to offer the two friends the key ofhis box at the Argentina. Franz questioned Albert as to hisintentions; but Albert had great projects to put intoexecution before going to the theatre; and instead of makingany answer, he inquired if Signor Pastrini could procure hima tailor. "A tailor," said the host; "and for what?"

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      The Queene, knowing him to be a man full of mirth and matter,began to consider very advisedly, that he would not have mooved thisrequest, but onely to the end, that if the company grew wearied by anyof the Tales re-counted, hee would shut up the dayes disport with somemirthfull accident. Wherefore willingly, and with consent of all therest he had his suite granted. So, arising all, they walked to aChristall river, descending downe a little hill into a valley,graciously shaded with goodly Trees; where washing both their handsand feete, much pretty pleasure passed among them; till supper timedrawing neere, made them returne home to the Palace. When supper wasended, and bookes and instruments being laide before them, theQueene commanded a dance, and that Madam Aemilia, assisted by MadamLauretta and Dioneus, should sing a sweet ditty. At which command,Lauretta undertooke the dance, and led it, Aemilia singing this songensuing.

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