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1.   Faust
2.   The young prince had pity on her, and offered to take her behind him, which he did. As they passed by a ruined building the lady dismounted and went in. The prince also dismounted and followed her. To his great surprise, he heard her saying to some one inside, "Rejoice my children; I am bringing you a nice fat youth." And other voices replied, "Where is he, mamma, that we may eat him at once, as we are very hungry?"
3. 任何人都明白宋教仁是死于政治暗杀,事件发生后的第三天,全案破获,证明袁世凯、赵秉钧确为主使者。三月二十五日,孙中山自日本赶回上海,主迅速出兵,出其不意,先发制人。黄兴等认为力有不足,主法律解决。国民党议员在国会中几占半数,如能再联合其他党派,先之以质问弹劾,继之以宪法运用,最后不举袁为正式总统。倒之并非难事。因之议久不定,迁延蹉跎。袁处于中央有利地位,兵符在握,以英国为首的列强复予以财政支持,遂决与国民党见一高下,调兵遣将,着着领先。
4.   'Now, David,' said Mr. Murdstone, 'a sullen obdurate disposition is, of all tempers, the worst.'
5. 当然,考虑到以往每逢公共假期人们都要遭遇集中出行煎熬、各大景区人山人海的尴尬,想办法提升人们出行体验,也是摆在小长假面前的现实课题。
6. 就技术端而言,从底层演进,算力升级推动企业服务从下到上变革。


1. trans转移+port拿,运→移动着拿→运输
2. 这部20世纪70年代黑色幽默犯罪电影的主角,是诈骗高手欧文·罗森菲尔德和他的情妇西德尼·普鲁塞尔,他们被一名联邦调查局(FBI)干员抓获,然后被迫欺骗腐败的政治家。二人继续与干员、政治家目标以及自己的家人周旋,最终达成豁免协议,得以不受任何刑事指控就脱离苦海。
3. 当下已经很难靠纯粹的营销或者噱头迎合顾客了。
4. Total Program Cost: $118,000
5.   And with that word the foule fiend him hent.* *seized Body and soul, he with the devil went, Where as the Sompnours have their heritage; And God, that maked after his image Mankinde, save and guide us all and some, And let this Sompnour a good man become. Lordings, I could have told you (quoth this Frere), Had I had leisure for this Sompnour here, After the text of Christ, and Paul, and John, And of our other doctors many a one, Such paines, that your heartes might agrise,* *be horrified Albeit so, that no tongue may devise,* -- *relate Though that I might a thousand winters tell, -- The pains of thilke* cursed house of hell *that But for to keep us from that cursed place Wake we, and pray we Jesus, of his grace, So keep us from the tempter, Satanas. Hearken this word, beware as in this case. The lion sits *in his await* alway *on the watch* <16> To slay the innocent, if that he may. Disposen aye your heartes to withstond The fiend that would you make thrall and bond; He may not tempte you over your might, For Christ will be your champion and your knight; And pray, that this our Sompnour him repent Of his misdeeds ere that the fiend him hent.* *seize
6.   `Will you go out?' "


1.   'Oh, at six o'clock: he keeps early hours in the country. You hadbetter change your frock now; I will go with you and fasten it. Hereis a candle.'
2. infect+ion→传染;感化
3. 5、睡前不要喝咖啡、浓茶等含咖啡因的食物,但这个睡前指的是大概下午三点以后就不要再喝了。
4. 这点非常难,但在阿里巴巴每一个月都是这样要求的。
5. 据现存文献记载,姓与氏单用可上溯到甲金文与竹帛时代,氏姓一词出现在战国中晚期,姓氏一词出现在汉朝。
6. 首先,在1016年,中国的宋朝可不认为全世界有什么平起平坐的政治实体,只是让当时位于朝鲜半岛的高丽王朝或越南的大瞿越(DaiCoViet)王朝同样享有代表团地位,对宋朝来说就已经是一个无法想象的羞辱,其他茹毛饮血的海外蛮夷更是不在话下。


1.   "Enough," replied the questioner.
2. 乍格攀开上一辆悍马汽车,对路边普通群众扫射,而后躲入Terminal21商场,同时抓捕16名人质。
3. 高中版的霍华德不像NBA版的霍华德那样令人生畏。如此看来,成为一个NBA巨星,霍华德付出了十倍的努力。
4.   Frosch
5.   Yet in some curious way it was a visionary experience: it had hit her in the middle of the body. She saw the clumsy breeches slipping down over the pure, delicate, white loins, the bones showing a little, and the sense of aloneness, of a creature purely alone, overwhelmed her. Perfect, white, solitary nudity of a creature that lives alone, and inwardly alone. And beyond that, a certain beauty of a pure creature. Not the stuff of beauty, not even the body of beauty, but a lambency, the warm, white flame of a single life, revealing itself in contours that one might touch: a body!
6.   This thing was granted, and our oath we swore With full glad heart, and prayed him also, That he would vouchesafe for to do so, And that he woulde be our governour, And of our tales judge and reportour, And set a supper at a certain price; And we will ruled be at his device, In high and low: and thus by one assent, We be accorded to his judgement. And thereupon the wine was fet* anon. *fetched. We drunken, and to reste went each one, Withouten any longer tarrying A-morrow, when the day began to spring, Up rose our host, and was *our aller cock*, *the cock to wake us all* And gather'd us together in a flock, And forth we ridden all a little space, Unto the watering of Saint Thomas<62>: And there our host began his horse arrest, And saide; "Lordes, hearken if you lest. Ye *weet your forword,* and I it record. *know your promise* If even-song and morning-song accord, Let see now who shall telle the first tale. As ever may I drinke wine or ale, Whoso is rebel to my judgement, Shall pay for all that by the way is spent. Now draw ye cuts*, ere that ye farther twin**. *lots **go He which that hath the shortest shall begin."


1.   "All at once I see you pass through the barrier with agroom, a tilbury, and fine new clothes. You must havediscovered a mine, or else become a stockbroker."
2.   "Mr. Holmes, the envelope is a long, thin one of pale blue colour.There is a seal of red wax stamped with a crouching lion. It isaddressed in large, bold handwriting to-"
3. 明星看起来风光,实际上职业生涯的黄金期很短,交几个亿的学费无异于天方夜谭。

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