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1. 经勘查,民警发现,老太太身上有多处刀伤,有他杀嫌疑,民警在对现场进行勘验的同时,立即开展外围走访工作。
2. 所有这些合数值都比去年同期高,其中市场价值增幅最大(比去年同期增长13%)。这些公司在全球总共雇用了9000万人。
3. 同时也劝告市民在特殊时期乘坐公交车时一定要按规定戴好口罩。
4. She had liked to think of that. To keep the house for her father; to ride with him, and sit at the head of his table when he had dinner parties; to talk to him and read his books--that would be what she would like most in the world, and if one must go away to "the place" in England to attain it, she must make up her mind to go. She did not care very much for other little girls, but if she had plenty of books she could console herself. She liked books more than anything else, and was, in fact, always inventing stories of beautiful things and telling them to herself. Sometimes she had told them to her father, and he had liked them as much as she did.
5. 公司刚成立的时候,中国存在很多计划经济的要素,您一直批判计划经济的运作模式以及计划经济并不以追求利润为目的。
6. 这是从需求上对去实进行的判断,以上提到的几个都是长期趋势。


1. 退休了,很多人都说你终于过上了终南有茅屋,前对终南山的悠闲日子,对此,我是不信的,我只信你说过的那句话联想是我的命。
2. 对于广大站长(部分资质够进VIP俱乐部的自媒体也算)来说,这几乎是一个被设定好的必选题——要么交钱跟着我玩,要么出局。
3. 光绪十一年(一八八五年)英俄两国因为阿富汗的问题,几至开战。他们的冲突波及远东。英国为预防俄国海军从海参崴南下,忽然占领高丽南边之巨磨岛。俄国遂谋占领高丽东北的永兴湾。高丽人见日本不可靠,有与俄国暗通,求俄国保护者。在这种形势之下,英国感觉危险,日本更怕英俄在高丽得势。于是日本、英国都怂恿中国在高丽行积极政策。英国觉得高丽在中国手里与英国全无损害,倘到俄国手里,则不利于英国甚大。日本亦觉得高丽在中国手里他将来还有法子夺取;一旦到了俄国手里,简直是日本的致命之伤。所以这种形势极有利于我们,李鸿章与袁世凯遂大行其积极政策。
4. 此后几年,类似案件多发后,很多人开始意识到,在网络代购火车票时,司法部门仅因增加了有偿性便成为犯罪行为,过于苛刻。
5.   But at the last I saw a man, Which that I not describe can; But that he seemed for to be A man of great authority. And therewith I anon abraid* *awoke Out of my sleepe, half afraid; Rememb'ring well what I had seen, And how high and far I had been In my ghost; and had great wonder Of what the mighty god of thunder Had let me know; and gan to write Like as ye have me heard endite. Wherefore to study and read alway I purpose to do day by day. And thus, in dreaming and in game, Endeth this little book of Fame.
6. 二次元是影响年轻人的主流文化,精英关心的东西都即将变成非主流。


1. adj. 精美的,微妙的,美
2. n. 珠宝,珠宝类
3. 我在模式进化实验室有一句话,真金白银的创投实验,才是真正的黑马实验室。
4. 虽然他才17岁,可也应该为自己的行为负责。
5.   Milady dreamed that she at length had D'Artagnan in her power,that she was present at his execution; and it was the sight ofhis odious blood, flowing beneath the ax of the headsman, whichspread that charming smile upon her lips.
6. But suddenly she thought of something else and ran to the rusty grate.


1. 原本打算1月12日放假后,我们回老家过年的
2. 2月4日,百步亭辖区内的安居苑、百合苑业主群内,居委会工作人员公布了小区内出现发热病人的门栋信息。
3.   `Oh, more or less, I allow. A man's got to be, to get through. But that's not the point. The point is, what sort of a time can a man give a woman? Can he give her a damn good time, or can't he? If he can't he's no right to the woman...' He paused and gazed at her with his full, hazel eyes, almost hypnotic. `Now I consider,' he added, `I can give a woman the darndest good time she can ask for. I think I can guarantee myself.'
4. 每天早晨7:30,他准时到厂进行实操训练,一天进行两、三次模拟演练,晚上回到住所就埋头钻研理论知识,经常凌晨一两点还有他苦读的身影……有拼劲儿,才能勇往直前。
5.   "They called her and she came down, unfastened the door, and badethem enter. They, thinking no evil, followed her, all exceptEurylochus, who suspected mischief and stayed outside. When she hadgot them into her house, she set them upon benches and seats and mixedthem a mess with cheese, honey, meal, and Pramnian but she druggedit with wicked poisons to make them forget their homes, and whenthey had drunk she turned them into pigs by a stroke of her wand,and shut them up in her pigsties. They were like pigs-head, hair,and all, and they grunted just as pigs do; but their senses were thesame as before, and they remembered everything.
6.   Moreover, in some apt and convenient place of thy house, theremust be a forge or furnace erected, framed in decent and formallfashion, and neere it a large table placed, ordered in such sort, asstanding upright on feete, and leaning the reines of thy backe againstit; thou must stande stedfastly in that manner every night, withoutthe least motion or stirring, untill the breake of day appeareth,and thine eyes still uppon the Furnace fixed, to keepe ever in memory,the true order which I have prescribed. So soone as the morning isseene, thou mayest (if thou wilt) walke, or rest a little upon thybed, and afterward go about thy businesse, if thou have any. Then goto dinner, attending readily till the evenings approch, preparing suchthings as I will readily set thee downe in writing, without whichthere is not any thing to bee done; and then returne to the same taskeagaine, not varying a jot from the course directed. Before the time befully expired, thou shalt perceive many apparant signes, that thestone is still in absolute forwardnesse, but it will bee utterlylost if thou fayle in the least of all the observances. And when theexperience hath crowned thy labour, thou art sure to have thePhilosophers stone, and thereby shalt be able to enrich all, and workewonders beside.


1. 谈及以后的打算,王某笑着说,这几天吃得很清淡,等回家了,想好好吃一顿火锅。
2. 2011赛季,冯潇霆转会至广州恒大足球俱乐部并效力至今,共代表恒大出场305次打入6粒进球,其中亚冠出场70次贡献1粒进球。
3. 国际空间站搭建了10多年,再生生保系统真正只用了五六年。

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