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1. 光通信是当时华为的核心业务,因此李一男此举也被看作是对华为的公开挑衅。
2.   "A man who will not tell his name, but who comes from the cardinal.""And who wishes to speak with me?"
3.   Wonderfull crowds of people were then in the Church; and thisaccident being now noysed among the men, at length it came to herHusbands understanding, whose greefe was so great, as it exceededall capacity of expression. Afterward he declared what had hapned inhis house the precedent night, according as his wife had truly relatedto him, with all the speeches, which passed between Silvestra andJeronimo; by which discourse, they generally conceived, the certaineoccasion of both their sodaine deaths, which moved them to greatcompassion. Then taking the yong womans body, and ordering it as acoarse ought to be: they layed it on the same Biere by the yong man,and when they had sufficiently sorrowed for their disastrousfortune, they gave them honourable buriall both in. one grave. So,this poore couple, whom love (in life) could not joyne together, deathdid unite in an inseparable conjunction.
4. 在锁定林国彬犯罪团伙的同时,警方也锁定了涉案的北京方正公证处公证员王纯、齐玮、王俊杰、杨益,北京国立公证处公证员李铁林等9名公证人员,以及两名涉案律师和涉案的北京市公安局东城分局民警庞笑天等。
5.   "To Detroit," said Hurstwood.
6.   Nevertheless, one of the results of Mrs. Vance's suggestions wasthe fact that on this occasion Carrie was dressed somewhat to herown satisfaction. She had on her best, but there was comfort inthe thought that if she must confine herself to a best, it wasneat and fitting. She looked the well-groomed woman of twenty-one, and Mrs. Vance praised her, which brought colour to herplump cheeks and a noticeable brightness into her large eyes. Itwas threatening rain, and Mr. Vance, at his wife's request, hadcalled a coach."Your husband isn't coming?" suggested Mr. Vance, as he metCarrie in his little parlour.


1. 这是一个只能在家用智能手机,还是只在学校用的智能手机,还是在这些场景下都可以?我们不妨假设面试官确认过了,这是为6岁儿童设计的、可以在家也可以在学校用的智能手机。
2. 他说,14日上午9时许,蔡某某用刀背位置砍伤其父亲脖子后,爬到家中平房顶部边缘位置,双手握菜刀,来回游走,口中乱骂,情绪很不稳定。
3. 369
4. 细看这些暗中支援,甚至放宽条件的平台,大多是内容分发市场的追随者。
5.   He was ignoring the last deception as something that might go bythe board. He wanted to convince her that his wife could nolonger be a factor in their relationship. The money he hadstolen he tried to shut out of his mind.
6. 破产重组的原理十分简单,时钟停止在某一特定的时点上,所有现存的权益与负债都保持原封不动,分门别类以备冗长的诉讼程序之用,同时,只要还有可能,该企业仍应继续运作,续存企业的债务在清偿顺序上优于此前的债务,正是这一原则保证了破产企业仍然能够运转。


1. The result has been increased ratings this regular season. Everything has been flipped. The offseason is thrilling, "stay on your phone every second checking what's happening" drama. The regular season is fascinating and competitive, with superstar matchups and explosive performances every night. The playoffs? Ho-hum, the Warriors win again. What's interesting is that this might be an actually better growth strategy for the league. A dynamite dynasty to attract the casual viewers who only want to see greatness, a super-compelling offseason and intriguing regular season to keep the die-hards engaged. It flips the standard models on their heads, but it also makes the best use of the NBA's ever-expanding digital presence.
2. 它的价值不仅仅是拉近了数据库产品与业务之间的距离,让企业用户更容易获得直接来自于云计算和数据库产品的业务支持。
3. 之后再有人找到他要,他就说:可以搞到,但需要等一段时间,因为需要时间去拿货。
4. Airbnb成为国际奥委会全球合作伙伴Airbnb与国际奥委会达成了一项为期9年的协议,以在奥运会期间为专为游客,运动员家庭和官员提供住宿。
5. "Neither have I," she said.
6. So the younger children adored Sara. More than once she had been known to have a tea party, made up of these despised ones, in her own room. And Emily had been played with, and Emily's own tea service used-- the one with cups which held quite a lot of much-sweetened weak tea and had blue flowers on them. No one had seen such a very real doll's tea set before. From that afternoon Sara was regarded as a goddess and a queen by the entire alphabet class.


1.   Minnie looked serious.
2. 2011年开始,秦始皇帝陵博物院对秦陵外城西侧的陵区展开详细的考古调查与勘探工作,取得了不少收获,随后对其中的一号墓葬(QLCM1)进行了发掘,取得了重要收获。
4. 执行案号:(2019)鲁0102执恢18号执行依据:本院作出的(2010)历商初字第879号执行标的:截止到目前被执行人张学芝、曹毓杰应偿还申请执行人张璐本金1245694.8元及利息等。
5. 第二,结果是否过当?防卫行为的结果过当是指防卫行为造成不法侵害人重伤、死亡的结果,如果只是造成轻伤结果,根本就不存在结果过当的问题。
6. 马欢的姐姐马静称,日前,家属一方向法院申请了庭审直播和当庭对比物证,这次庭前会议会讨论相关细节,我们的请求是否能得到法院的应允,现在还不清楚,要看明天庭前会议的讨论结果。


1. Sara stood near her father and listened while he and Miss Minchin talked. She had been brought to the seminary because Lady Meredith's two little girls had been educated there, and Captain Crewe had a great respect for Lady Meredith's experience. Sara was to be what was known as "a parlor boarder," and she was to enjoy even greater privileges than parlor boarders usually did. She was to have a pretty bedroom and sitting room of her own; she was to have a pony and a carriage, and a maid to take the place of the ayah who had been her nurse in India.
2. 同时,在飞速增长的用户需求下,触漫开放了C2C素材商城体系。
3. 复活节2017年4月16日宜:品牌借势,用产品最复活节彩蛋,给更多的人带来喜悦和快乐。

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