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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Believe me," continued Treville, "in enterprises of this kind,in order that one may arrive, four must set out.""Ah, you are right, monsieur," said D'Artagnan; "but you knowAthos, Porthos, and Aramis, and you know if I can dispose ofthem."
2.  It soon appeared to him that he heard a slight noise within--atimid noise which seemed to tremble lest it should be heard.Then D'Artagnan ceased knocking, and prayed with an accent sofull of anxiety and promises, terror and cajolery, that his voicewas of a nature to reassure the most fearful. At length an old,worm-eaten shutter was opened, or rather pushed ajar, but closedagain as soon as the light from a miserable lamp which burned inthe corner had shone upon the baldric, sword belt, and pistolpommels of D'Artagnan. Nevertheless, rapid as the movement hadbeen, D'Artagnan had had time to get a glimpse of the head of anold man.
3.  "You have conspired with your wife, with Madame de Chevreuse, andwith my Lord Duke of Buckingham."
4.  "Where I am going."
5.  "Madame Bonacieux!" murmured D'Artagnan. "Can I be so lucky asto find what everybody is seeking for?"
6.  "Porthos, you are as vain as Narcissus; I plainly tell you so,"replied Aramis. "You know I hate moralizing, except when it isdone by Athos. As to you, good sir, you wear too magnificent abaldric to be strong on that head. I will be an abbe if it suitsme. In the meanwhile I am a Musketeer; in that quality I saywhat I please, and at this moment it pleases me to say that youweary me."


1.  "She did not name Madame de Chevreuse, the Duke of Buckingham, orMadame de Vernet?"
2.  "Hold your tongue, hold your tongue, madame! You may beoverheard."
3.  Athos, perceiving that she knew him, pushed the window with his knee andhand. The window yielded. The squares were broken to shivers; andAthos, like the spectre of vengeance, leaped into the room.Milady rushed to the door and opened it. More pale and menacing thanAthos, D'Artagnan stood on the threshold.
4.  "What will you do with him, madame?"
5.  "Pardieu!" said Athos, "it was hardly worth while todistribute ourselves for twenty fellows armed with pickaxes,mattocks, and shovels. Grimaud had only to make them a signto go away, and I am convinced they would have left us inpeace."
6.  "That does not concern me."


1.  "Bah! Are you mad, to talk to me thus?" said Buckingham."My Lord, excuse me! I speak as I can; I restrain myself. But, myLord, think of what you're about to do, and beware of going too far!""What do you say? God pardon me!" cried Buckingham, "I really think hethreatens me!"
2.  Godeau, Purveyor of the Musketeers
3.  "Place confidence in me, madame; do me that honor, my queen, andI will find a messenger."
4.  "Are there, then, in England two men to whom such an epithet canbe applied?"
5.   As he passed the Hotel des Gardes, he took a glance in to thestables. Three of the four horses had already arrived.Planchet, all astonishment, was busy grooming them, and hadalready finished two.
6.  "Have you no information as to his abiding place?""None. One day, as I was conveying my wife back to the Louvre,he was coming out as she was going in, and she showed him to me.""The devil! The devil!" murmured D'Artagnan; "all this is vagueenough. From whom have you learned of the abduction of yourwife?"


1.  "Why, that I may be dangerously wounded--killed even.""Impossible!" cried Milady, "you are such a valiant man, andsuch an expert swordsman."
2.  The catalogue alone of the books we read with this object wouldfill a whole chapter, which, although it might be veryinstructive, would certainly afford our readers but littleamusement. It will suffice, then, to tell them that at themoment at which, discouraged by so many fruitless investigations,we were about to abandon our search, we at length found, guidedby the counsels of our illustrious friend Paulin Paris, amanuscript in folio, endorsed 4772 or 4773, we do not recollectwhich, having for title, "Memoirs of the Comte de la Fere,Touching Some Events Which Passed in France Toward the End of theReign of King Louis XIII and the Commencement of the Reign ofKing Louis XIV."
3.  He was thinking by himself, and even seriously racking his brainto find a direction for this single force four times multiplied,with which he did not doubt, as with the lever for whichArchimedes sought, they should succeed in moving the world, whensomeone tapped gently at his door. D'Artagnan awakened Planchetand ordered him to open it.
4、  M. de la Tremouille reflected for an instant; then as it wasdifficult to suggest a more reasonable proposal, he agreed to it.Both descended to the chamber in which the wounded man lay. Thelatter, on seeing these two noble lords who came to visit him,endeavored to raise himself up in his bed; but he was too weak,and exhausted by the effort, he fell back again almost senseless.M. de la Tremouille approached him, and made him inhale somesalts, which recalled him to life. Then M. de Treville,unwilling that it should be thought that he had influenced thewounded man, requested M. de la Tremouille to interrogate himhimself.
5、  "Well," thought D'Artagnan, "poor Athos is perhaps at this momentdead, and dead by my fault-for it was I who dragged him into thisaffair, of which he did not know the origin, of which he isignorant of the result, and from which he can derive noadvantage."




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      Meantime, as we have said, despite the cries of hisconscience and the wise counsels of Athos, D'Artagnan becamehourly more in love with Milady. Thus he never failed topay his diurnal court to her; and the self-satisfied Gasconwas convinced that sooner or later she could not fail torespond.

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      "I have no seconds on my part, monsieur," said D'Artagnan; "forhaving only arrived yesterday in Paris, I as yet know no one butMonsieur de Treville, to whom I was recommended by my father, whohas the honor to be, in some degree, one of his friends."Athos reflected for an instant. "You know no one but Monsieur deTreville?" he asked.

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       Every one drew back, and the man in the red cloak remained standingalone in the middle of the room.

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      "What I have heard, then, from our good mother is true; you havelikewise been a victim of that wicked priest."

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    {  "Alas, yes," said Porthos, "it is so."

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      "The queen is my enemy, but is not yours, sire; on the contrary,she is a devoted, submissive, and irreproachable wife. Allow me,then, sire, to intercede for her with your Majesty.""Let her humble herself, then, and come to me first.""On the contrary, sire, set the example. You have committed thefirst wrong, since it was you who suspected the queen.""What! I make the first advances?" said the king. "Never!""Sire, I entreat you to do so."}

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      "Was it ever known who this miserable fellow was?""He was doubtless the first lover and accomplice of the fairlady. A worthy man, who had pretended to be a curate for thepurpose of getting his mistress married, and securing her aposition. He has been hanged and quartered, I hope.""My God, my God!" cried D'Artagnan, quite stunned by the relationof this horrible adventure.

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       "Let us see your idea, Aramis," said Athos, who felt muchdeference for the young Musketeer."

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    {  "Yes; but I should think the other must be dead, I hangedher so effectually."

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      "Indeed! you know them likewise? I know them," cried Milady, who beganto feel a chill penetrate her heart.