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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The host recognized him.
2.  "With the curate of Montdidier and the superior of the Jesuits ofAmiens."
3.  "Oh, I don't doubt that."
4.  "For another?"
5.  "Did you never see him?"
6.  "As you please," said Athos.


1.  "Yes, yes!" said Felton, "I doubted, but now I believe.""You believe, and still you are an accomplice of that child ofBelial who is called Lord de Winter! You believe, and yet youleave me in the hands of mine enemies, of the enemy of England,of the enemy of God! You believe, and yet you deliver me up tohim who fills and defiles the world with his heresies anddebaucheries--to that infamous Sardanapalus whom the blind callthe Duke of Buckingham, and whom believers name Antichrist!""I deliver you up to Buckingham? I? what mean you by that?""They have eyes," cried Milady, "but they see not; ears havethey, but they hear not."
2.  "Yes; I have parted with him."
3.  The eyes of Milady darted such flashes that although he was a manand armed before an unarmed woman, he felt the chill of fearglide through his whole frame. However, he continued all thesame, but with increasing warmth: "Yes, I can very wellunderstand that after having inherited the fortune of my brotherit would be very agreeable to you to be my heir likewise; butknow beforehand, if you kill me or cause me to be killed, myprecautions are taken. Not a penny of what I possess will passinto your hands. Were you not already rich enough--you whopossess nearly a million? And could you not stop your fatalcareer, if you did not do evil for the infinite and supreme joyof doing it? Oh, be assured, if the memory of my brother werenot sacred to me, you should rot in a state dungeon or satisfythe curiosity of sailors at Tyburn. I will be silent, but youmust endure your captivity quietly. In fifteen or twenty days Ishall set out for La Rochelle with the army; but on the eve of mydeparture a vessel which I shall see depart will take you henceand convey you to our colonies in the south. And be assured thatyou shall be accompanied by one who will blow your brains out atthe first attempt you make to return to England or theContinent."
4.  "You are right; only let me know where to find you that I may not runneedlessly about the neighborhood."
5.  "Well," cried his auditors; "at the moment you left his house?"Aramis appeared to make a strong inward effort, like a man who,in the full relation of a falsehood, finds himself stopped bysome unforeseen obstacle; but the eyes of his three companionswere fixed upon him, their ears were wide open, and there were nomeans of retreat.
6.  "Is he accompanied?"


1.  There was no longer a doubt that Felton was convinced; Felton washers. If an angel appeared to that young man as an accuser ofMilady, he would take him, in the mental disposition in which henow found himself, for a messenger sent by the devil.Milady smiled at this thought, for Felton was now her only hope--her only means of safety.
2.  "Then you have no religion at all; I like that best," repliedLord de Winter, laughing.
3.  "That is because I am not his friend," said she, sighing, "but hisvictim!"
4.  As Porthos and Aramis were undressing him, in the hope offinding his wound not mortal, a large purse dropped from hisclothes. D'Artagnan picked it up and offered it to Lord deWinter.
5.   "Rather say that you have a new love."
6.  The next day, M. Dessessart's valet came to D'Artagnan'slodging, and gave him a bag containing seven thousandlivres.


1.  The Musketeer returned home hungry and in bad humor.
2.  And the four friends quit the room, leaving to Planchet andFourreau the duty of paying mortuary honors to Brisemont.The host gave them another chamber, and served them withfresh eggs and some water, which Athos went himself to drawat the fountain. In a few words, Porthos and Aramis wereposted as to the situation.
3.  That happened which M. de Treville had foreseen. Placed betweenlife and death, as Bernajoux was, he had no idea for a moment ofconcealing the truth; and he described to the two nobles theaffair exactly as it had passed.
4、  He still sought; but his eyes, darkened by death, encountered only theknife which had fallen from the hand of Felton, still smoking with theblood spread over its blade.
5、  "Monsieur Cardinal, you have heard me; I will have thoseletters."




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      "I will tell him that."

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      She stopped.

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       "It appears so."

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      M. Bonacieux was in the greatest perplexity possible. Had hebetter deny everything or tell everything? By denying all, itmight be suspected that he must know too much to avow; byconfessing all he might prove his good will. He decided, then,to tell all.

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    {  Porthos rose, saluted his friends, and followed Mousqueton.An instant after, Bazin made his appearance at the door."What do you want with me, my friend?" said Aramis, withthat mildness of language which was observable in him everytime that his ideas were directed toward the Church."A man wishes to see Monsieur at home," replied Bazin."A man! What man?"

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      Still more must be done. He must be made to speak, in order thathe might be spoken to--for Milady very well knew that hergreatest seduction was in her voice, which so skillfully ran overthe whole gamut of tones from human speech to language celestial.Yet in spite of all this seduction Milady might fail--for Feltonwas forewarned, and that against the least chance. From thatmoment she watched all his actions, all his words, from thesimplest glance of his eyes to his gestures--even to a breaththat could be interpreted as a sigh. In short, she studiedeverything, as a skillful comedian does to whom a new part hasbeen assigned in a line to which he is not accustomed.Face to face with Lord de Winter her plan of conduct was moreeasy. She had laid that down the preceding evening. To remainsilent and dignified in his presence; from time to time toirritate him by affected disdain, by a contemptuous word; toprovoke him to threats and violence which would produce acontrast with her own resignation--such was her plan. Feltonwould see all; perhaps he would say nothing, but he would see.In the morning, Felton came as usual; but Milady allowed him topreside over all the preparations for breakfast withoutaddressing a word to him. At the moment when he was about toretire, she was cheered with a ray of hope, for she thought hewas about to speak; but his lips moved without any sound leavinghis mouth, and making a powerful effort to control himself, hesent back to his heart the words that were about to escape fromhis lips, and went out. Toward midday, Lord de Winter entered.It was a tolerably fine winter's day, and a ray of that paleEnglish sun which lights but does not warm came through the barsof her prison.}

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      "Oh, I am sure of that!"

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      "Gentlemen, gentlemen," cried D'Artagnan, who began to get aglimpse of the result of the adventure, "the thing is serious.Let us try not to jest, if we can. Go on Aramis, go on.""All at once, a tall, dark gentleman--just like yours,D'Artagnan."

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       The center of the most animated group was a Musketeer of greatheight and haughty countenance, dressed in a costume so peculiaras to attract general attention. He did not wear the uniformcloak--which was not obligatory at that epoch of less liberty butmore independence--but a cerulean-blue doublet, a little faded andworn, and over this a magnificent baldric, worked in gold, whichshone like water ripples in the sun. A long cloak of crimsonvelvet fell in graceful folds from his shoulders, disclosing infront the splendid baldric, from which was suspended a giganticrapier. This Musketeer had just come off guard, complained ofhaving a cold, and coughed from time to time affectedly. It wasfor this reason, as he said to those around him, that he had puton his cloak; and while he spoke with a lofty air and twisted hismustache disdainfully, all admired his embroidered baldric, andD'Artagnan more than anyone.

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    {  "He has gone," said he, "and the house door is shut.""He has gone to make his report, and to say that all thepigeons are at this moment in the dovecot"

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