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1. 先是认筹期的一通忙活,几乎把做过意向登记、甚至仅仅是打电话咨询过的客户全都回访一遍。
2. ['fig?]
3. 情节较轻的,处三年以下有期徒刑或者拘役。
4. "Don't talk nonsense about people liking you," said Miss Minchin. "You will have to do more than teach the little ones. You will run errands and help in the kitchen as well as in the schoolroom. If you don't please me, you will be sent away. Remember that. Now go."
5.   "'That,' said he, 'I can soon do Any ghost that you let taste of theblood will talk with you like a reasonable being, but if you do notlet them have any blood they will go away again.'
6. 纵观六七十年代取得的成绩,言必称两弹一星。


1. 我自己的经验——最终他们是怎么生活的?你是怎样的生活方法,你的品牌自然会显示出来。
2. 因为不能回公司拷贝资料,设计工作也增添了很多麻烦。
3. Janet was the head of the family, and kept the rest of it in order. It was she who decided when it was discreet to ask the Indian gentleman to tell stories about India, and it was she who saw when he was tired and it was the time to steal quietly away and tell Ram Dass to go to him. They were very fond of Ram Dass. He could have told any number of stories if he had been able to speak anything but Hindustani. The Indian gentleman's real name was Mr. Carrisford, and Janet told Mr. Carrisford about the encounter with the little-girl-who-was-not-a-beggar. He was very much interested, and all the more so when he heard from Ram Dass of the adventure of the monkey on the roof. Ram Dass made for him a very clear picture of the attic and its desolateness-- of the bare floor and broken plaster, the rusty, empty grate, and the hard, narrow bed.
4.   No soule so comfortlesse,
5. 申晓娜介绍,囟门的大小、紧张度、膨出或凹陷以及闭合早晚都与小儿的健康有密切关系。
6.   Instances could be given of the same variety being produced under conditions of life as different as can well be conceived; and, on the other hand, of different varieties being produced from the same species under the same conditions. Such facts show how indirectly the conditions of life must act. Again, innumerable instances are known to every naturalist of species keeping true, or not varying at all, although living under the most opposite climates. Such considerations as these incline me to lay very little weight on the direct action of the conditions of life. Indirectly, as already remarked, they seem to play an important part in affecting the reproductive system, and in thus inducing variability; and natural selection will then accumulate all profitable variations, however slight, until they become plainly developed and appreciable by us.


1.   "Ah, my yellow horse," cried he. "Aramis, look at thathorse!"
2. 也就是在这个阶段,赖奕龙遭遇了外界对UGC最大的质疑。
3. 毕业于西南林业大学的科班出身的凌小明决定打造适合城市家庭无土栽培蔬菜的设备,于是2017年,他创办了深圳市海卓生物科技有限公司。
4.   "I wasn't satisfied, Mr. Holmes. The whole thing seemed to me sodamned unnatural. He was a good lad, and he would not drop a pallike that. It was not like him. Then, again, I happened to know thathe was heir to a lot of money, and also that his father and he did notalways hit it off too well. The old man was sometimes a bully, andyoung Godfrey had too much spirit to stand it. No, I wasn't satisfied,and I determined that I would get to the root of the matter. Ithappened, however, that my own affairs needed a lot of straighteningout, after two years' absence, and so it is only this week that I havebeen able to take up Godfrey's case again. But since I have taken itup I mean to drop everything in order to see it through."Mr. James M. Dodd appeared to be the sort of person whom it would bebetter to have as a friend than as an enemy. His blue eyes werestern and his square jaw had set hard as he spoke.
5. 据了解,双方目前正在进行产品与技术的对接,AI面试功能将于2020年3月在实习僧正式上线,届时将为每年超过1500万求职学生和25万家招聘企业提供智能服务。
6. 警方表示,霍威尔起而对抗枪手,阻止了更多伤亡。


1. 余铭书在2012年5月前曾担任宜宾市国有资产经营有限公司董事长,离任之后接班的就是张辉。
2. 元气自然说是王充说明许多自然现象的重要出发点,在批判天人感应说和各种迷信思想时,他更从具体地考察自然现象的特殊性入手,以无可辩驳的科学事实,给予强有力的批判。
3.   The last command of the Queene, remained upon Madam Elissa, orEliza, who (without any delaying) thus beganne. Young Ladies, ithath often beene seene, that much paine hath beene bestowed, andmany reprehensions spent in vaine, till a word happening at adventure,and perhaps not purposely determined, hath effectually done the deede:as appeareth by the Tale of Madame Lauretta, and another of mine owne,where with I intend briefly to acquaint you, approving that whengood words are discreetly observed, they are of soveraigne power andvertue.
4.   Drive to the devil, thou hellish pest! Why ride so hard?Voice
5. 目前,急先蜂在已经落地的8个县级城市均实现了盈利,累积下载用户达到240万。
6.   Irus began to be very uneasy as he heard them, but the servantsgirded him by force, and brought him [into the open part of the court]in such a fright that his limbs were all of a tremble. Antinousscolded him and said, "You swaggering bully, you ought never to havebeen born at all if you are afraid of such an old broken-down creatureas this tramp is. I say, therefore- and it shall surely be- if hebeats you and proves himself the better man, I shall pack you off onboard ship to the mainland and send you to king Echetus, who killsevery one that comes near him. He will cut off your nose and ears, anddraw out your entrails for the dogs to eat."


1.   Far and wide lay a ruined country, yielding nothing but desolation. Every green leaf, every blade of grass and blade of grain, was as shrivelled and poor as the miserable people. Everything was bowed down, dejected, oppressed, and broken. Habitations, fences, domesticated animals, men, women, children, and the soil that bore them--all worn out.
2. 这样看来,显然更好地利用数据可以帮助用户在没有生病前就了解到自身的健康风险所在,这也是对自己健康负责的关键所在。
3. 还有韩国著名球员孙兴憨,从小也得益于父亲的魔鬼式训练,才成长为最贵的亚洲热刺队前锋

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      The king not only declared himself to be of this opinion, but charged Khacan to procure him a slave who should fulfil all these conditions. Saouy, who had been of the opposite side, and was jealous of the honour done to Khacan, said, "Sire, it will be very difficult to find a slave as accomplished as your Majesty desires, and, if she is to be found, she will be cheap if she cost less than 10,000 gold pieces."