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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "'Under the Gaslight,'" said Mr. Quincel, mentioning AugustinDaly's famous production, which had worn from a great publicsuccess down to an amateur theatrical favourite, with many of thetroublesome accessories cut out and the dramatis personae reducedto the smallest possible number.
2.  "Oh, jolly!" cried the latter.
3.  "Perhaps it was," said Mrs. Hurstwood, knowing full well thatsuch was not the case, as Jessica had been her companion forweeks. She had recovered herself sufficiently to wish to knowmore of the details.
4.  "Oh, I can't," said Carrie. "Not to-night. I have an earlyengagement to-morrow."
5.  He tried to put on an air of deliberation, as one who mightreally buy; but his eyes showed gloom. He wound up by saying hewould think it over, and came away. The man he had been talkingto sensed his condition in a vague way.
6.  "Mr. Stevens," he said, referring to the author, "is preparing alittle song, which he would like you to sing next week."


1.  "He talks about worrying," thought Carrie. "If he worried enoughhe couldn't sit there and wait for me. He'd get something to do.No man could go seven months without finding something if hetried."
2.  Below stairs, he halted in the lobby to look for a barber shop.For the moment, he was in fine feather. His recent victory overCarrie seemed to atone for much he had endured during the lastfew days. Life seemed worth fighting for. This eastward flightfrom all things customary and attached seemed as if it might havehappiness in store. The storm showed a rainbow at the end ofwhich might be a pot of gold.
3.  "Why?" she questioned.
4.  "Nothing of the kind," he answered. "I can't avoid businessrelations, and that's all there is to it."
5.  "Who is he?" asked Carrie. doubtfully.
6.  "She's been long getting round to it, hasn't she?" saidHurstwood, with a kind of sarcasm.


1.  "What is it?" said the manager to Carrie, apparently noticing herfor the first time. He thought he was going to be held up forfree tickets.
2.  "Oh," he interrupted. "Um--yes. What is your name?"
3.  Minnie worked with less elation than she had just before Carriearrived. The sizzle of the meat frying did not sound quite sopleasing now that Carrie had reported her discontent. To Carrie,the one relief of the whole day would have been a jolly home, asympathetic reception, a bright supper table, and some one tosay: "Oh, well, stand it a little while. You will get somethingbetter," but now this was ashes. She began to see that theylooked upon her complaint as unwarranted, and that she wassupposed to work on and say nothing. She knew that she was topay four dollars for her board and room, and now she felt that itwould be an exceedingly gloomy round, living with these people.
4.  "That isn't so bad," said the author, the manager noting thecurious effect which Carrie's blues had upon the part. "Tell herto frown a little more when Sparks dances."
5.   "I never saw anybody do better than you did then, Cad," he addedruefully, as he leaned an elbow on the table; "I thought you andI were going to get along fine those days."
6.  Curiously, for all her leaning towards Hurstwood, he had nottaken a firm hold on her understanding. She was listening,smiling, approving, and yet not finally agreeing. This was dueto a lack of power on his part, a lack of that majesty of passionthat sweeps the mind from its seat, fuses and melts all argumentsand theories into a tangled mass, and destroys for the time beingthe reasoning power. This majesty of passion is possessed bynearly every man once in his life, but it is usually an attributeof youth and conduces to the first successful mating.


1.  That little student had mastered her part to her ownsatisfaction, much as she trembled for her fate when she shouldonce face the gathered throng, behind the glare of thefootlights. She tried to console herself with the thought that ascore of other persons, men and women, were equally tremulousconcerning the outcome of their efforts, but she could notdisassociate the general danger from her own individualliability. She feared that she would forget her lines, that shemight be unable to master the feeling which she now feltconcerning her own movements in the play. At times she wishedthat she had never gone into the affair; at others, she trembledlest she should be paralysed with fear and stand white andgasping, not knowing what to say and spoiling the entireperformance.
2.  Hurstwood smiled grimly, and the boy laughed.
3.  That little soldier of fortune took her good turn in an easy way.She felt a little out of place, but the great room soothed herand the view of the well-dressed throng outside seemed a splendidthing. Ah, what was it not to have money! What a thing it wasto be able to come in here and dine! Drouet must be fortunate.He rode on trains, dressed in such nice clothes, was so strong,and ate in these fine places. He seemed quite a figure of a man,and she wondered at his friendship and regard for her.
4、  "Yassah," assented the negro, nodding his head.
5、  Owing to the peculiar nature of his position, such a disclosureas this would ordinarily create no difficulty. His wife took itfor granted that his situation called for certain socialmovements in which she might not be included. But of late he hadpleaded office duty on several occasions when his wife asked forhis company to any evening entertainment. He had done so inregard to the very evening in question only the morning before.




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      "It's warm to-night, isn't it?" said this girl, arrayed in pinkfleshings and an imitation golden helmet. She also carried ashining shield.

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      "You must bring the girl down and take dinner with me," he said."I'm afraid you keep her cooped up out there. I'll get a box forJoe Jefferson."

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       Carrie looked at him, and gathered from his whole demeanour whatit meant. It was serious, very serious.

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      "Oh!" said Carrie, in a burst of anguish. So distant anddefinite a point seemed to increase the difficulty.

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    {  The next day her trunks left for the new abode.

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      "Well, I'll see," said Carrie, pleased to have the part, for allher misgivings.}

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      The intention was to give him an afternoon of practice, but thegreater part of the time was spent in waiting about.

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      Feeling well! Mrs. Hurstwood could have echoed the words afterhim open-mouthed. As it was, she extricated herself from hermingled impulse to deny and question, and said, almost raspingly:

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       "Nothing," he answered. "I was just thinking."

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    {  There was no more to be done upon that score that night. He wenton brooding over his situation until midnight, when he repairedagain to the Palmer House. He wondered what the morning wouldbring forth, and slept anything but soundly upon it.Next day he went again to the office and opened his mail,suspicious and hopeful of its contents. No word from Carrie.Nothing from his wife, which was pleasant.

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      "Not until afterwards," said the ex-manager. "I'll see youlater. Are you stopping here?"