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1. 随后,警方再次接到线索,钱某在菜场附近餐馆吃完晚饭后,到南北路某舞厅唱歌跳舞,民警迅速赶往该舞厅,发现坐在吧台边卡座内的一名男子就是钱某。
2.   The remarkable acumen by which Inspector MacKinnon deduced fromthe smell of paint that some other smell, that of gas, for example,might be concealed; the bold deduction that the strong-room might alsobe the death-chamber, and the subsequent inquiry which led to thediscovery of the bodies in a disused well, cleverly concealed by adog-kennel, should live in the history of crime as a standingexample of the intelligence of our professional detectives."Well, well, MacKinnon is a good fellow," said Holmes with atolerant smile. "You can file it in our archives, Watson. Some day thetrue story may be told."
3. 在此事上,除了严禁暴力伤医的共识外,还有个应有的共识是:处理暴力伤医,应只论行为,不论身份。
4. 据TechinAsia报道,总部位于美国的MantraCapital是一家跨境早期风险投资基金,目前正启动一项规模为6000万美元的基金,专注于深科技投资。
5. 为了保证锦鲤的品质,养殖户往往需要花高价购买品相优秀的种鱼。
6.   "It is indeed," said the genius, "and because of it I grant to you the third part of the punishment of this merchant."


1. 汉王朝建立之后,经过将近七十年的削平内乱、休养生息,到武帝继位时,经济繁荣,国力强盛,于是文学艺术也在前期的基础上日益活跃。这时的文学创作,不仅辞赋已从六艺附庸发展为蔚成大国,进入空前繁富的鼎盛时期,而且其他文学形式诸如乐府诗歌、史传文学、各类散文,亦无不以丰富多彩的面貌出现在历史舞台上,正如刘勰在《文心雕龙?时序》中所总结的那样:逮孝武崇儒,润色鸿业,礼乐争辉,辞藻竞骛:柏梁展朝燕之诗,金堤制恤民之咏,征枚乘以蒲轮,申主父(偃)以鼎食,擢公孙(宏)之对策,叹倪宽之拟奏,(朱)买臣负薪而衣锦,(司马)相如涤器而被绣;于是史迁、(吾丘)寿王之徒,严(助)、终(军)、枚皋之属,应对固无方,篇章亦不匮,遗风余采,莫与比盛。堪称郁郁乎文哉。在这种情况下,文学批评亦随之得到了发展,并对文学创作或积极或消极地起着指导和制约作用。虽然较之后世文学自觉时代尚显得不够系统与专精,但却在许多重要课题上都有着继往开来的巨大影响。
2.   'I did not,' said I.
3. Inacommentpublishedalongsidethestudy,inthejournalTheLancetChildAdolescentHealth,aCanadianresearchersaidmodernsocietyistoblameforinactivity。
4. 一、宽赦与严惩
5. 本次投票截至日期为1月23日,获奖名单也将于投票截至日期后公布。
6.   This scheme I went over twice, thrice; it was then digested in mymind; I had it in a clear practical form: I felt satisfied, and fellasleep.


1. 因为搜索引擎喜欢新的内容,这样做对提升网站整体排名有很大的帮助。
2. 虽然从整体上说,中国在技术复杂和精细程度上还和美国有一定差距,但中国顶尖大学的医学、生物和化学等学院都积淀了很强的科研力量,并且有能力在研发中转化出优秀的应用成果。
3. 从现场拍摄的视频来看,当晚10点比赛开始后,双方都在不断试探并没有怎么发力,第32秒左右,王某一脚踢中晓新的左下腹部,后者随即单手撑地并缓慢蹲下,随后倒在地上,裁判立即叫停了比赛,医务人员上前进行急救。
4. 真正要讲的是这些创业者,所以我并不在乎我们是什么样的形象,是什么样的口碑。
5. 我在广州长大,上中学的时候正好是广东传媒业最发达的时候,当时大部分零花钱是花在买报纸上。
6. 这样的细节,如果不认真看是难以发现的,但科比就是从这些点滴之处完善影片。


1. 只记得大概从2018年年底开始,就陆续有拖车将这些共享汽车送到这里。
2.   The Ladies replyed, that they were all ready to walk with herthither: and calling one of their women to attend on them, they seton, without speaking a word to any of the men. And within the distanceof halfe a mile, they arrived at the Valley of Ladies, wherinto theyentred by a strait passage at the one side, from whence there issuedforth a cleare running River. And they found the saide Valley to beeso goodly and pleasant, especially in that season, which was thehottest of all the yeare; as all the world was no where able toyeeld the like. And, as one of the said Ladies (since then) related tomee, there was a plaine in the Valley so directly round, as if ithad beene formed by a compasse, yet rather it resembled theWorkmanship of Nature, then to be made by the hand of man:containing in circuite somewhat more then the quarter of a mile,environed with sixe small hils, of no great height, and on each ofthem stood a little Palace, shaped in the fashion of Castles.
3. 感谢你们的关心,我们不接受电话采访,可以找宣传部。
4. 随后,消化内科及呼吸内科医生结合两人的胸部CT片及血常规等检测,判断两人症状为新型冠状病毒累及消化道器官表现,主要累及胃肠道和肝脏,为新冠肺炎重症,后转入发热门诊病房治疗。
5. 目前该方舱医院的床套用品主要从湖北汉川市采购后运输到黄陂。
6.   "Pretty soon," said Drouet.


1.   Story of the Three Calenders, Sons of Kings, and of Five Ladies of Bagdad
2. 越来越多的企业都意识到,无论包装多漂亮、故事讲得最好,消费者最终体验的还是包装下面的那几十毫升的东西,它在里面所包含的科技力才是品牌长期走下去的生命力。
3.   This gained upon me as we went along; so that the nearer we drew, the more familiar the objects became that we passed, the more excited I was to get there, and to run into her arms. But Peggotty, instead of sharing in those transports, tried to check them (though very kindly), and looked confused and out of sorts.

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