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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Ah, could I but thy soul inspire! Thou honourest not the sacraments, alas!Faust
2.  Thereto a perfect right hast thou. My strength I do not rashly overrate. Slaveam I here, at any rate, If thine, or whose, it matters not, I trow.Mephistopheles
3.  (dancing with the young one)
4.  Voice
5.  Of this lone life have you not your fill? How for so long can it have charms foryou? 'Tis well enough to try it if you will; But then away again to somethingnew!
6.  Shall, if you wish it, flow without delay.


1.  To - day he will not be alone, he said His friend would be with him, the curly -head.
2.  How? Where? The treasure hath he buried, pray?Mephistopheles
3.  Trees on trees, a stalwart legion, Swiftly past us are retreating, And the cliffswith lowly greeting; Rocks long - snouted, row on row, How they snort, andhow they blow!
4.  Faust
5.  What?
6.  On German boards, you're well aware, The taste of each may have full sway;Therefore in bringing out your play, Nor scenes nor mechanism spare!Heaven's lamps employ, the greatest and the least, Be lavish of the stellarlights, Water, and fire, and rocky heights, Spare not at all, nor birds, norbeast, Thus let creation's ample sphere Forthwith in this our narrow boothappear, And with considerate speed, through fancy's spell, Journey fromheaven, thence through the world, to hell!


1.  (Sings)
2.  You have it there!
3.  And when the topmost peak we round, Then alight ye on the ground; Theheath's wide regions cover ye With your mad swarms of witchery!(They let themselves down.)
4.  The man who comes with thee, I hate, Yea, in my spirit's inmost depthsabhor; As his loath'd visage, in my life before, Naught to my heart e'er gave apang so great.
5.   The Manager.
6.  Ah, little rogue, so thou Think'st to provoke me! I have caught thee now!(He kisses her.)


1.  Mephistopheles (in Faust's long gown)
2.  Wagner
3.  Others
4、  I beg most humbly to salute The gallant with the cloven foot! Let him a . . .have ready here, If he a . . . does not fear.
5、  But take heed! Hover round, above, below,




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      Thou'rt right indeed; no traces now I see Whatever of a spirit's agency. 'Tistraining - nothing more.

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       How so?

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    {  There! Now the lubber's tamed! But quick, away! We must at once takewing; A cry of murder strikes upon the ear; With the police I know my courseto steer, But with the blood - ban 'tis another thing.Martha (at the window)

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      Nay! nay! A model which all women shall surpass, In flesh and blood ere longthou shalt survey.

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      What thus I hear Sounds plausible, yet I'm not reconciled; There's somethingwrong about it; much I fear That thou art not a Christian.Faust

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       But how shall we begin?

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    {  Margaret

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      Fair lady, may I thus make free To offer you my arm and company?Margaret