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1.   "And you have reason, for she is much to be pitied. Imprisonment,menaces, ill treatment-she has suffered everything. But after all,"resumed the abbess, "Monsieur Cardinal has perhaps plausible motives foracting thus; and though she has the look of an angel, we must not alwaysjudge people by the appearance."
2. 根据规定沿江高速上车速如果低于60公里就属于慢速行驶,他们的车速明显不达标。
3.   'No, no, no,' said Miss Betsey. 'Have some tea.'
4. 根据目前对新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎的病原、流行病学、临床特征等特点的认识及对人群健康的危害程度,国家卫健委决定将新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎纳入乙类传染病。
5.   "Sire," answered the princess, "do you see that cage hanging in one of the windows of the saloon? that is the Talking Bird, whose voice you can hear above them all, even above that of the nightingale. And the birds crowd to this spot, to add their songs to his."
6. 3.ERP的产生背景


1. 布什和科南特为玻尔辩护,不止是为了玻尔,也是为了他们自己。
2. 作为近几年最热门的芯片开源项目,RISC-V的这一举动或许会起到表率作用,引发其他美国企业和机构探索类似的解决办法。
3. 这名男子今年27岁,还被指控在facebook分享关于腐败丑闻的图表
4.   Meanwhile the daughter of Icarius, wise Penelope, had had had a richseat placed for her facing the court and cloisters, so that shecould hear what every one was saying. The dinner indeed had beenprepared amid merriment; it had been both good and abundant, forthey had sacrificed many victims; but the supper was yet to come,and nothing can be conceived more gruesome than the meal which agoddess and a brave man were soon to lay before them- for they hadbrought their doom upon themselves.
5.   When of them had delivered their Novels, Dioneus knowing, that itremained in him to relate the last for this day: without attending forany solemne command (after he had imposed silence on them, thatcould not sufficiently commend the witty reprehension of Guido),thus he began. Wise and worthy Ladies, although by the priviledgeyou have granted, it is lawfull for me to speake any thing bestpleasing to my self: yet notwithstanding, it is not any part of mymeaning, to varrie from the matter and method, whereof you have spokento very good purpose. And therefore, following your footsteppes, Ientend to tell you, how craftily, and with a Rampiar sodainly raisedin his owne defence: a Religious Frier of Saint Anthonies Order,shunned a shame, which two O wily companions had prepared for him. Norlet it offend you, if I run into more large discourse, then this dayhath bene used by any, for the apter compleating of my Novell:because, if you well observe it, the Sun is as yet in the middest ofheaven, and therefore you may the better forbeare me.
6. 女性想要一个安全的职场环境,似乎比想象中要艰难许多。


1. 基于ECoG的植入式脑机接口,2014年项目背景该研究受到国家重点研发计划基于脑机接口的脑血管病主动康复技术研究及应用(2017YFC1308500)、国家重点研发计划脑机融合的脑信息认知关键技术研究(2018YFA0701400)、国家自然科学基金重大科研仪器研制脑神经网络复杂系统的实时解析与调控仪器研制(31627802)、浙江省之江实验室项目面向运动脑机接口的脑信息解析与互适应关键技术研究项目资助。
2. You see, their country was as neat as a Dutch kitchen, and as to sanitation--but I might as well start in now with as much as I can remember of the history of this amazing country before further description.
3.   Previous Chapter
4. 同时,火灾现场也首次公开。
5. 据媒体此前报道,2019年7月23日,陕西省渭南市一名27岁女子辞职游华山时遇害,嫌疑人杨某某被民警押解回华阴市。
6. 目前,滴露、美赞臣等品牌已为抗疫累计捐赠款物5500万元。


1.   'Yet you didn't mind supposing I was proud this morning,' I returned.
2. 这样设计的目的很简单,除了主动散热可加速排出热量外,像电感这些不太方便安装散热片的元器件也可借助风扇产生的气流加速散热。
3.   But when they were unto the place brought To telle shortly the conclusion, They would incense nor sacrifice right nought But on their knees they sette them adown, With humble heart and sad* devotion, *steadfast And loste both their heades in the place; Their soules wente to the King of grace.
4. 在衍生产品开发方面,推出小哥哥系列限定奶茶、限定甜品、限定商品售卖周等,通过线上线下联动,拉动饭圈经济全产业链条
5. 白人原称僰人,史书又称“白蛮”,是白族的祖先。
6.   "Were they all fastened this morning?"


1. 之后,法子英携带自制手枪及字条来到殷家,向刘某索要1万元。
2.   "Gentlemen," said D'Artagnan, "it is half past four, and wehave scarcely time to be on the road of Chaillot by six.""Besides, if we go out too late, nobody will see us," saidPorthos, "and that will be a pity. Let us get ready,gentlemen."
3.   4. Erme: grieve; from Anglo-Saxon, "earme," wretched.

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