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1. 近日,一段职校给3000名师生免费发红薯的视频在网上引发关注,有网友表示羡慕,也有网友感叹又是别人家的学校。
2.   They all held their peace except King Alcinous, who began, "Sir,we have had much pleasure in hearing all that you have told us, fromwhich I understand that you are willing to show your prowess, ashaving been displeased with some insolent remarks that have beenmade to you by one of our athletes, and which could never have beenuttered by any one who knows how to talk with propriety. I hope youwill apprehend my meaning, and will explain to any be one of yourchief men who may be dining with yourself and your family when you gethome, that we have an hereditary aptitude for accomplishments of allkinds. We are not particularly remarkable for our boxing, nor yet aswrestlers, but we are singularly fleet of foot and are excellentsailors. We are extremely fond of good dinners, music, and dancing; wealso like frequent changes of linen, warm baths, and good beds, sonow, please, some of you who are the best dancers set about dancing,that our guest on his return home may be able to tell his friendshow much we surpass all other nations as sailors, runners, dancers,minstrels. Demodocus has left his lyre at my house, so run some one orother of you and fetch it for him."
3.   If, then, these two varieties be variable, the most divergent of their variations will generally be preserved during the next thousand generations. And after this interval, variety a1 is supposed in the diagram to have produced variety a2, which will, owing to the principle of divergence, differ more from (A) than did variety a1. Variety m1 is supposed to have produced two varieties, namely m 2 and s2, differing from each other, and more considerably from their common parent (A). We may continue the process by similar steps for any length of time; some of the varieties, after each thousand generations, producing only a single variety, but in a more and more modified condition, some producing two or three varieties, and some failing to produce any. Thus the varieties or modified descendants, proceeding from the common parent (A), will generally go on increasing in number and diverging in character. In the diagram the process is represented up to the ten-thousandth generation, and under a condensed and simplified form up to the fourteen-thousandth generation.
4. 警方提到,回访工作也遇到一些困难,很多家长出于隐私考虑,拒绝了警方的取证要求。
5.   "Yes; they do," said Carrie.
6. 于是,在相当于今日柬埔寨的地方,出现了一个伟大的印度王国——坎布贾王国。当时的中国人称它为扶南,他们留下的有关这一王国的记载清楚地反映了它的印度特征。记载中说:“来自印度的婆罗门成员有1000多个。人们奉行他们的教义,并将自己的女儿嫁给他们,许多婆罗门成员因此在那里居留下来。他们日夜攻读宗教经典。……他们用青铜制作神像。那些有两张脸的神像,都有四条胳膊;有四张睑的神像,都有八条胳膊。每只手上都拿着一些东西。”


1. 这毋宁是好事,因为非人格化的金钱,取代了人格的其他特征,恰恰使得“生而不同等”的人们(性别、人种、肤色、宗教、等级、贫富、党派各异)能够保有其自身的特点,并面对最少的障碍来追求“金钱面前人人平等”。在一个“认人”的社会里,一个黑人除非漂白成白人,一个“文革”反对者除非伪装成支持者,否则他们很难平等;但在一个“认钱”的社会里,一个黑人只要设法赚到20元,那他买到的汉堡就跟白人买到的一样大;一个“文革”反对者只要设法赚到200元,那他享受到的网速就跟“文革”支持者的一样快。
2.   She was kind to Connie, and tried to worm into her woman's soul with the sharp gimlet of her well-born observations.
3.   `I do think sufficient civilization ought to eliminate a lot of the physical disabilities,' said Clifford. `All the love-business for example, it might just as well go. I suppose it would if we could breed babies in bottles.'
4. Treating Birth Defects Before a Baby Is Born
5. [bent]
6. A door stood somewhat ajar; it opened into a most attractive bathroom, copiously provided with towels, soap, mirrors, and all such convenient comforts, with indeed our toothbrushes and combs, our notebooks, and thank goodness, our watches--but no clothes.


1.   "He looked very hard at me as I spoke, and it seemed to me that Ihad never seen so suspicious and questioning an eye.
2. 斡耳朵官帐制——成吉思汗时建斡耳朵官帐制,设大斡耳朵及第二、第三、第四等四斡耳朵。据说成吉思汗有妻妾近五百人。四斡耳朵分别由成吉思汗的正妻孛儿帖、次妻忽兰(蔑儿乞部长女)、也遂及妹也速干(塔塔儿部女)等管领,其余妾妃统属于四大斡耳朵。大汗的私人财富,分属四斡耳朵。大汗死后,由四斡耳朵分别继承。《元史·后妃表序》说:“然其居则有四(原作曰,误)斡耳朵之分;没,复有继承守宫之法”。
3.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
4. 前几天,一张医护人员和患者竖起大拇指相互鼓励的照片,在网上广为流传,定格了齐心协力对抗疫情的温暖瞬间。
5.   `I wasn't talking about knowledge...I was talking about the mental life,' laughed Dukes. `Real knowledge comes out of the whole corpus of the consciousness; out of your belly and your penis as much as out of your brain and mind. The mind can only analyse and rationalize. Set the mind and the reason to cock it over the rest, and all they can do is to criticize, and make a deadness. I say all they can do. It is vastly important. My God, the world needs criticizing today...criticizing to death. Therefore let's live the mental life, and glory in our spite, and strip the rotten old show. But, mind you, it's like this: while you live your life, you are in some way an Organic whole with all life. But once you start the mental life you pluck the apple. You've severed the connexion between, the apple and the tree: the organic connexion. And if you've got nothing in your life but the mental life, then you yourself are a plucked've fallen off the tree. And then it is a logical necessity to be spiteful, just as it's a natural necessity for a plucked apple to go bad.'
6. 英国统计学家不愿纠正RPI服装价格部分的已知错误,每年把巨额资金从学生、新毕业生、纳税人和铁路通勤者重新分配给了与该指数挂钩的英国政府债券持有人、领着与RPI挂钩的退休金的富裕退休金领取人、以及铁路公司。


1.   "Leonardo, the strong man, who gave evidence?"
2.   It was not in the coffee-room that I found Steerforth expecting me, but in a snug private apartment, red-curtained and Turkey-carpeted, where the fire burnt bright, and a fine hot breakfast was set forth on a table covered with a clean cloth; and a cheerful miniature of the room, the fire, the breakfast, Steerforth, and all, was shining in the little round mirror over the sideboard. I was rather bashful at first, Steerforth being so self-possessed, and elegant, and superior to me in all respects (age included); but his easy patronage soon put that to rights, and made me quite at home. I could not enough admire the change he had wrought in the Golden Cross; or compare the dull forlorn state I had held yesterday, with this morning's comfort and this morning's entertainment. As to the waiter's familiarity, it was quenched as if it had never been. He attended on us, as I may say, in sackcloth and ashes.
3. 已是白发苍苍,还在推着童车送子去托育所。
4. 创始人杨昱透露,本次融资主要用于产品迭代及市场渠道建设。
5. This was not the pink-walled town we had so rashly entered the day before. Our chamber was high up, in a projecting wing of a sort of castle, built out on a steep spur of rock. Immediately below us were gardens, fruitful and fragrant, but their high walls followed the edge of the cliff which dropped sheer down, we could not see how far. The distant sound of water suggested a river at the foot.
6.   This verse, into which the terrible enchantress threw her wholesoul, completed the trouble which had seized the heart of theyoung officer. He opened the door quickly; and Milady saw himappear, pale as usual, but with his eye inflamed and almost wild."Why do you sing thus, and with such a voice?" said he."Your pardon, sir," said Milady, with mildness. "I forgot thatmy songs are out of place in this castle. I have perhapsoffended you in your creed; but it was without wishing to do so,I swear. Pardon me, then, a fault which is perhaps great, butwhich certainly was involuntary."


1. v. 拥抱,包含,包围,接受,信奉
2. 今日(1月6日)下午,江夏区政府新闻办通报称,5日15时30分左右,位于江夏区纸坊街照耀村的武汉巴登城生态休闲旅游开发项目一期饮食中心工程部分脚手架突然垮塌,有11名工人被困。
3. 就算用一点,也就两三百元的事,随时都还回去了。

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      So, sitting in a pretended musing a while, at length he said. Myhonourable guests, it is now more then high time, that I should doeyou such honour, as you have most justly deserved, by performing thepromise made unto you. Then calling two of his servants, he sentthem to Madame Catharina (whom he had caused to adorne her self inexcellent manner) entreating her, that she would be pleased to gracehis guests with her presence. Catharina, having deckt her child incostly habiliments, layed it in her armes, and came with theservants into the dyning Hall, and sate down (as the Knight hadappointed) at the upper end of the Table, and then Signior Gentilespake thus. Behold, worthy Gentlemen, this is the jewell which Ihave most affected, and intend to love none other in the world; be youmy judges, whether I have just occasion to doe so, or no? TheGentlemen saluting her with respective reverence, said to theKnight; that he had great reason to affect her: And viewing heradvisedly, many of them thought her to be the very same woman (asindeed she was) but that they beleeved her to be dead.

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    From the top he reconnoitered carefully, waved his hand, and whispered, "OK," then slipped over. Jeff climbed up and I followed, and we rather shivered to see how far down that swaying, wavering figure dropped, hand under hand, till it disappeared in a mass of foliage far below.

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    Sara never made any mischief herself, or interfered with anyone. She worked like a drudge; she tramped through the wet streets, carrying parcels and baskets; she labored with the childish inattention of the little ones' French lessons; as she became shabbier and more forlorn-looking, she was told that she had better take her meals downstairs; she was treated as if she was nobody's concern, and her heart grew proud and sore, but she never told anyone what she felt.

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