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1.   It was not long ere Penelope came to know what the suitors wereplotting; for a man servant, Medon, overheard them from outside theouter court as they were laying their schemes within, and went to tellhis mistress. As he crossed the threshold of her room Penelope said:"Medon, what have the suitors sent you here for? Is it to tell themaids to leave their master's business and cook dinner for them? Iwish they may neither woo nor dine henceforward, neither here noranywhere else, but let this be the very last time, for the waste youall make of my son's estate. Did not your fathers tell you when youwere children how good Ulysses had been to them- never doinganything high-handed, nor speaking harshly to anybody? Kings may saythings sometimes, and they may take a fancy to one man and dislikeanother, but Ulysses never did an unjust thing by anybody- which showswhat bad hearts you have, and that there is no such thing as gratitudeleft in this world."
2. The road was some sort of hard manufactured stuff, sloped slightly to shed rain, with every curve and grade and gutter as perfect as if it were Europe's best. "No men, eh?" sneered Terry. On either side a double row of trees shaded the footpaths; between the trees bushes or vines, all fruit-bearing, now and then seats and little wayside fountains; everywhere flowers.
3. 现在,我们就完成了关于价格形态的讨论。早些时候,我们曾指出,技术分析的原始资料有三种—价格、交易量和持仓兴趣。到这里为止,我们的主要内容都是围绕价格进行的。下面我们就来进一步地研究交易量和持仓兴趣这两个方面,探讨一下如何把它们揉合进分析过程中。
4. 12月25日,针对魏某某是否为支队队员,合肥市消防支队工作人员称,目前核实到的情况为魏某某已转业。
5. 主摄是索尼IMX600RYYBCMOS,1/1.7英寸的大底,在目前的手机传感器性能中依然是第一梯队,这颗传感器早已因为P30Pro和Mate30Pro发扬光大,把Mate30Pro的主摄搬过来,荣耀V30Pro主打拍照的心思也就路人皆知了。
6.   "These are my words exactly."


1.   `I never saw you do it yet,' muttered Carton.
2. 期待更多中国ToB创业者能走出差异化道路,未来成长为一个更伟大的公司。
3.   "Certainly, madam."
4. 她三岁大的孩子此前所做的核酸检测,也呈阳性,现在在儿童医院治疗。
5. 一九六九年夏天回港度假,一天下午,在铜锣湾我坐在路旁一个生果木箱上让一个孩子擦皮鞋,说好是一元的。这孩子刚开始擦右鞋,另一个孩子走来,一言不发,把我的左脚放上他的木盒,替我擦左鞋。觉得奇怪,我问:「怎样算钱呀?」其中一个孩子答:「给我们每人五角。」当我跟著发现他们互不相识,突然如中雷击,心想:「天啊!这就是高斯所说的市场了。」是的,如果我穿的不是同样的鞋子,而是一鞋一靴,交易一分为二不可能那样顺利!(按:后来香港政府禁制街上擦鞋,捕小孩如捕小贩!)
6.   `Courage, dear miss! Courage! Business! The worst will be over in a moment; it is but passing the room-door, and the worst is over. Then, all the good you bring to him, all the relief, all the happiness you bring to him, begin. Let our good friend here, assist you on that side. That's well, friend Defarge. Come, now. Business, business!'


1.   Poet
2.   "'But I know nothing about hardware.'
3. 五年前,为了应对增长放缓,速耐得选定了五个核心流程。
4.   `Well, we've been waiting for years...we wait longer. Hate's a growing thing like anything else. It's the inevitable outcome of forcing ideas on to life, of forcing one's deepest instincts; our deepest feelings we force according to certain ideas. We drive ourselves with a formula, like a machine. The logical mind pretends to rule the roost, and the roost turns into pure hate. We're all Bolshevists, only we are hypocrites. The Russians are Bolshevists without hypocrisy.'
5.   Saladine, who was a man of accute understanding, did wellperceive, that this Knight Thorello misdoubted his going with him,if (when he met him) hee should have invited him; and therefore,because he would not be denied, of entertaining him into his house; hemade choise of this kinde and honourable course, which caused him toreturne this answer. Gentle Sir, if courtesie in one man to another,do deserve condemning, then may we justly complaine of you, whomeeting us upon the way, which you have shortened by your kindnesse,and which we are no way able to deserve, wee are constrained toaccept, taking you to bee the mirrour of courtesie. Thorello being aKnight of ingenious apprehension, and wel languaged, replyed thus.
6. [新华锐评:守住从艺底线,否则,注定被观众抛弃。


1. 无论是载人的、还是运货的,是车厂、还是供应商,是自动驾驶、还是智能网联汽车,每一个细分的领域与环节,都有地平线的身影在。
2.   "I am sure of it."
3. 直到十几年后家里卖房时,刘女士才偶然得知,丈夫的户口下冒出一个陌生小孩。
4. 还有花20万元经费研究猜拳的,起初也被视作奇葩研究,但该课题其实叫可控实验社会博弈系统中一些非平衡统计物理问题,还成了我国首次入选《麻省理工科技评论》的社科领域成果。
5. 丙类传染病是指:流行性感冒、流行性腮腺炎、风疹等。
6.   Holmes stirred for the first time.


1.   Since, of course, it's not your own fault you are alive. Once you are alive, money is a necessity, and the only absolute necessity. All the rest you can get along without, at a pinch. But not money. Emphatically, that's that!
2. 李女士认为,这个条款明明就是约定,一个月内办理按揭。
3. 一○○二年(咸乎五年)司天监对狮子座流星雨的观测,一○六四年(治平元年)沈括对陨星的观测,一○六六年(治平三年)司天监对哈雷彗星的观测,都很有名。沈括对这次陨星的记录也很翔实。历史上以陨星为陨铁的解释,沈括是第一人。

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