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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  -THE END-
2.  But it was only for a moment that we were at fault. At one corner,the corner nearest the room which we had left, there was a seconddoor. Holmes sprang to it and pulled it open. A coat and waistcoatwere lying on the floor, and from a hook behind the door, with his ownbraces round his neck, was hanging the managing director of theFranco-Midland Hardware Company. His knees were drawn up, his headhung at a dreadful angle to his body, and the clatter of his heelsagainst the door made the noise which had broken in upon ourconversation. In an instant I had caught him round the waist andheld him up while Holmes and Pycroft untied the elastic bands whichhad disappeared between the livid creases of skin. Then we carried himinto the other room, where he lay with a clay-coloured face, puffinghis purple lips in and out with every breath-a dreadful wreck of allthat he had been but five minutes before.
3.  "Something has been taken. There is less dust in this corner ofthe shelf than elsewhere. It may have been a book lying on its side.It may have been a box. Well, well, I can do nothing more. Let us walkin these beautiful woods, Watson, and give a few hours to the birdsand the flowers. We shall meet you here later, Hopkins, and see ifwe can come to closer quarters with the gentleman who has paid thisvisit in the night."
4.  "Halloa! Stop there!" he shouted, holding his bicycle to block ourroad. "Where did you get that dog-cart? Pull up, man!" he yelled,drawing a pistol from his side "Pull up, I say, or, by George, I'llput a bullet into your horse."
5.  "You are not coming."
6.  "But his wife--you said that she had ceased to love him.""This hat has not been brushed for weeks. When I see you, mydear Watson, with a week's accumulation of dust upon your hat, andwhen your wife allows you to go out in such a state, I shall fearthat you also have been unfortunate enough to lose your wife'saffection."


1.  "Well, then, do you imagine that this other one, Henry Baker,had anything to do with the matter?"
2.  "'Never!' he wrote in Greek upon the slate.
3.  "I am not clear yet what you want me to do in this matter, Mr.Mason," he said at last. "Can't you make it more definite?""Perhaps this will make it more definite, Mr. Holmes," said ourvisitor.
4.  P. S. I believe your friend Watson played Rugby for Blackheathwhen I was three-quarter for Richmond. It is the only personalintroduction which I can give.
5.  "The remainder of the sheet!" cried the inspector.
6.  "I should be proud to feel that we were acting together, Mr.Holmes," said the inspector, earnestly.


1.  "Just look up the trains in Bradshaw," said he, and turned back tohis chemical studies.
2.  "Since nearly ten weeks have elapsed, then, and nothing has beenheard, it is not unfair to suppose that for some reason the treaty hasnot reached them."
3.  "Too complex for description. Must have full report. Stuff awaitsyou when goods delivered. "PIERROT."Then comes:
4.  I could see that the unfortunate doctor was in the last stage ofindecision, from which he was rescued by the deep, sonorous voice ofthe red-bearded Duke, which boomed out like a dinner-gong."I agree with Mr. Wilder, Dr. Huxtable, that you would have donewisely to consult me. But since Mr. Holmes has already been taken intoyour confidence, it would indeed be absurd that we should not availourselves of his services. Far from going to the inn, Mr. Holmes, Ishould be pleased if you would come and stay with me at HoldernesseHall."
5.   "Well, Watson, any views?" he asked.
6.  "I have spent the whole day," said he, "over Lloyd's registersand files of the old papers, following the future career of everyvessel which touched at Pondicherry in January and February in'83. There were thirty-six ships of fair tonnage which werereported there during those months. Of these, one, the Lone Star,instantly attracted my attention, since, although it was reportedas having cleared from London, the name is that which is given toone of the states of the Union."


2.  "The bar is on the other side."
3.  The chamber into which we were shown was on the same floor as thedrawing-room. It was furnished partly as a sitting and partly as abedroom, with flowers arranged daintily in every nook and corner. Ayoung man, very pale and worn was lying upon a sofa near the openwindow, through which came the rich scent of the garden and thebalmy summer air. A woman was sitting beside him, who rose as weentered.
4、  "Good heavens!" cried Holmes. "I had totally forgotten him. Mydear Watson, I owe you a thousand apologies. To think that I shouldhave overlooked you! I need not introduce you to Mr. CulvertonSmith, since I understand that you met somewhat earlier in theevening. Have you the cab below? I will follow you when I amdressed, for I may be of some use at the station.
5、  "Well, perhaps it won't be so difficult, after all. There is nothingmore to be done here, Watson. I think we might drive round to theoffices of the Daily Telegraph, and so bring a good day's work to aconclusion."




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      "Then his own death was suicide!"

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      "It seemed mighty poor stuff," said the inspector as he replacedit in his book. "What! are you off, Mr. Holmes?"

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      "Could it not have been dropped from a bridge?"

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    {  "See if you can read it, Watson," said he, with a smile.It contained no word, but this little line of dancing men:(See illustration.)

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      "Excuse me, my dear fellow," said he, as we watched the rearcarriages of our train disappearing round a curve, "I am sorry to makeyou the victim of what may seem a mere whim, but on my life, Watson, Isimply can't leave that case in this condition. Every instinct thatI possess cries out against it. It's wrong- it's all wrong- I'll swearthat it's wrong. And yet the lady's story was complete, the maid'scorroboration was sufficient, the detail was fairly exact. What have Ito put up against that? Three wine-glasses, that is all. But if Ihad not taken things for granted, if I had examined everything withcare which I should have shown had we approached the case de novoand had no cut-and-dried story to warp my mind, should I not then havefound something more definite to go upon? Of course I should. Sit downon this bench, Watson, until a train for Chiselhurst arrives, andallow me to lay the evidence before you, imploring you in the firstinstance to dismiss from your mind the idea that anything which themaid or her mistress may have said must necessarily be true. Thelady's charming personality must not be permitted to warp ourjudgment.}

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      "'Come, now, Mr. Holmes,' said he, laughing good-humouredly. 'I'm anexcellent subject, if you can deduce anything from me.'"'I fear there is not very much,' I answered. 'I might suggestthat you have gone about in fear of some personal attack within thelast twelvemonth.'

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       "Might I ask you a few questions to test you? I am obliged to tellyou, Doctor- if you are indeed a doctor- that the incident becomesmore and more suspicious. I would ask you what do you know of theEmperor Shomu and how do you associate him with the Shoso-in nearNara? Dear me, does that puzzle you? Tell me a little about theNorthern Wei dynasty and its place in the history of ceramic!"I sprang from my chair in simulated anger.

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    {  "I cannot tell."

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      Percy Phelps sank back in his chair. "My head whirls," said he."Your words have dazed me."