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1. 临安市上有四百十四行。如布行、冠子行、销金行、鱼行、蟹行等。行又叫团。如花团、青果团等。各大城市和镇市也有许多行的组织。
2. Emily回忆道:公司的这种做法这很奇怪,因为这很难让他们表现女性真实的形象。
3. document.writeln('关注创业、电商、站长,扫描A5创业网微信二维码,定期抽大奖。
4.   I thought her in a different style from my mother, certainly; but of another school of beauty, I considered her a perfect example. There was a red velvet footstool in the best parlour, on which my mother had painted a nosegay. The ground-work of that stool, and Peggotty's complexion appeared to me to be one and the same thing. The stool was smooth, and Peggotty was rough, but that made no difference.
5. 五、西汉末期的儒学改良运动
6. The birthday was to be celebrated by great festivities. The schoolroom was to be decorated, and there was to be a party. The boxes containing the presents were to be opened with great ceremony, and there was to be a glittering feast spread in Miss Minchin's sacred room. When the day arrived the whole house was in a whirl of excitement. How the morning passed nobody quite knew, because there seemed such preparations to be made. The schoolroom was being decked with garlands of holly; the desks had been moved away, and red covers had been put on the forms which were arrayed round the room against the wall.


1. 永元元年(公元89年)窦宪得胜还朝后被封为大将军。于是,窦氏父子兄弟并居高官,充满朝廷,倾动京都。他们因而愈发骄横,大肆排斥异己。
2.   clean-shaven, hatchet face, flushed up at the words of commendation."I am on the trail of my life now, Mr. Holmes," said he. "If I can getGorgiano-"
3.   Faust
4.   These words made no more impression on the merchant than the others had done; and he spent the whole night in wondering how he could manage to keep the gold if Ali Cogia should come back and claim his vase. Very early next morning he went out and bought fresh new olives; he then threw away the old ones, took out the gold and hid it, and filled up the vase with the olives he had bought. This done he recorked the vase and put it in the same place where it had been left by Ali Cogia.
5. 陈女士说,进一步检查发现,儿子是乙型流感病毒感染合并肺炎球菌感染,因为症状较重,医生建议住院治疗。
6.   The prince at once seized the opening thus given him, and told the whole story of his treatment by the Princess of Bengal, not even concealing the fact that she had fallen in love with him. "And, Sire," ended the prince, "having given my royal word that you would not refuse your consent to our marriage, I persuaded her to return with me on the Indian's horse. I have left her in one of your Highness's country houses, where she is waiting anxiously to be assured that I have not promised in vain."


1. [slais]
2. 但到了50岁的时候,你不想改变了,大多数人也都放弃了征服世界的梦想。这辈子能看的、能做的、能买的,好像也就那样。这时的你更喜欢稳定。为了手上的这些技能、职业生涯、身份和世界观,你已经投入了太多时间和精力,并不想重新来过。为某件事费的心力越多,放下它、为新的事物挪出空间也就越困难。你虽然还是可能喜欢有些新的体验、做些小的调整,但对大多数50多岁的人而言,并没有准备好彻底改变自己的身份认同及性格的深层架构。
3. 2020年5G普及力度更大,4K高清视频、VLog视频、一分钟长视频等需求有可能持续爆发,留给内容创业者的机会很多。
4.   "What do you mean?" said the major.
5. 整个金山,都是如此,欲望极低,使命极大。
6. 究竟是怎么回事?《吐槽大会》皮炎平广告被罚90万国家市场监督管理总局12月17日在通报中称,重庆盖勒普霍斯医药有限公司为推销产品,在《吐槽大会》第三季第4、6、7三期片尾小剧场中通过演员口播999皮炎平绿色装,止痒就是快,无色无味更清爽推荐您用999皮炎平绿色装我发现这个999皮炎平,无色无味还很清爽,这个好哎,而且止痒还挺快的等内容的方式发布广告,不能提交广告审查机关对广告进行审查的文件,且广告中未标明禁忌、不良反应,也未标明请按药品说明书或者在药师指导下购买和使用字样。


1. 杨美芹告诉记者,这些话激怒了她,所以退出了群聊。
2. 启信宝信息显示,龙华区协爱妇女儿童健康促进会注册类型为社会团体,法定代表人为郭津含,成立登记于2017年12月12日。
3. 在病毒感染的恐惧中,很多人应对的方法就是——抓起平时预防流感、细菌的药物,碰碰运气塞到嘴里。
4.   Mr. Peggotty gave his head another toss, as much as to say: 'I have no doubt of it.'
5. 微博上,沱沱手举两张离婚证昭告朋友,他称那天为本教大喜的日子。
6. 一位不愿具名的业内人士向新京报记者表示,即便武汉病毒所申请下来了该项用途专利,吉利德科学还是可以从中获利,因为即使没有新冠病毒用途专利权,他们也会因为药品销量的提升而获利。


1. 生活水平也随人口的增长而提高。教俗君主、高级教士和高级官吏们享有部落酋长做梦也想象不到的各种饮食、昂贵的衣服和陈设华丽的宅邸。新兴的中产阶级——商人、书吏、低级官吏和教士也过上和今天的中产阶级同样舒适优越的生活。甚至一般群众——如果不从社会心理的角度,而从物质方面看——某些方面的境况也有所改善。有位英国考古学家指出,“从波斯湾运到拉加希、从阿拉伯海运到摩亨约·达罗的海鱼……在当时也许是极为普通的消费品,可是石器时代的农民从未尝过。哈拉帕工匠们的住房比新石器时代的小屋更宽敞。”
2. 进入
3.   "And in three months' time," said Albert, "you will be at myhouse?"

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