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1.   The other sisters also tried to excuse themselves, but the Sultan would hear nothing.
2.   Now will I turn to Arcita again, That little wist how nighe was his care, Till that Fortune had brought him in the snare. The busy lark, the messenger of day, Saluteth in her song the morning gray; And fiery Phoebus riseth up so bright, That all the orient laugheth at the sight, And with his streames* drieth in the greves** *rays **groves The silver droppes, hanging on the leaves; And Arcite, that is in the court royal With Theseus, his squier principal, Is ris'n, and looketh on the merry day. And for to do his observance to May, Remembering the point* of his desire, *object He on his courser, starting as the fire, Is ridden to the fieldes him to play, Out of the court, were it a mile or tway. And to the grove, of which I have you told, By a venture his way began to hold, To make him a garland of the greves*, *groves Were it of woodbine, or of hawthorn leaves, And loud he sang against the sun so sheen*. *shining bright "O May, with all thy flowers and thy green, Right welcome be thou, faire freshe May, I hope that I some green here getten may." And from his courser*, with a lusty heart, *horse Into the grove full hastily he start, And in a path he roamed up and down, There as by aventure this Palamon Was in a bush, that no man might him see, For sore afeard of his death was he. Nothing ne knew he that it was Arcite; God wot he would have *trowed it full lite*. *full little believed it* But sooth is said, gone since full many years, The field hath eyen*, and the wood hath ears, *eyes It is full fair a man *to bear him even*, *to be on his guard* For all day meeten men at *unset steven*. *unexpected time <27> Full little wot Arcite of his fellaw, That was so nigh to hearken of his saw*, *saying, speech For in the bush he sitteth now full still. When that Arcite had roamed all his fill, And *sungen all the roundel* lustily, *sang the roundelay*<28> Into a study he fell suddenly, As do those lovers in their *quainte gears*, *odd fashions* Now in the crop*, and now down in the breres**, <29> *tree-top Now up, now down, as bucket in a well. **briars Right as the Friday, soothly for to tell, Now shineth it, and now it raineth fast, Right so can geary* Venus overcast *changeful The heartes of her folk, right as her day Is gearful*, right so changeth she array. *changeful Seldom is Friday all the weeke like. When Arcite had y-sung, he gan to sike*, *sigh And sat him down withouten any more: "Alas!" quoth he, "the day that I was bore! How longe, Juno, through thy cruelty Wilt thou warrayen* Thebes the city? *torment Alas! y-brought is to confusion The blood royal of Cadm' and Amphion: Of Cadmus, which that was the firste man, That Thebes built, or first the town began, And of the city first was crowned king. Of his lineage am I, and his offspring By very line, as of the stock royal; And now I am *so caitiff and so thrall*, *wretched and enslaved* That he that is my mortal enemy, I serve him as his squier poorely. And yet doth Juno me well more shame, For I dare not beknow* mine owen name, *acknowledge <30> But there as I was wont to hight Arcite, Now hight I Philostrate, not worth a mite. Alas! thou fell Mars, and alas! Juno, Thus hath your ire our lineage all fordo* *undone, ruined Save only me, and wretched Palamon, That Theseus martyreth in prison. And over all this, to slay me utterly, Love hath his fiery dart so brenningly* *burningly Y-sticked through my true careful heart, That shapen was my death erst than my shert. <31> Ye slay me with your eyen, Emily; Ye be the cause wherefore that I die. Of all the remnant of mine other care Ne set I not the *mountance of a tare*, *value of a straw* So that I could do aught to your pleasance."
3. 2019年4月2日,当陆亦飞以交汽车违章罚款为由再次借走700元钱后,陈馨先后提出想与对方视频、见面却均遭拒绝,为此二人大吵一架后分了手。
4. "It's not the same thing at all," he insisted. "A man wants a home of his own, with his wife and family in it."
5. 那么,显然这个彩票店老板说了假话。
6.   The two queens lived in true sisterly harmony together, and after a time each presented King Camaralzaman with a son, whose births were celebrated throughout the kingdom with the utmost rejoicing.


1. 最终,在2016年的第四季度,即时战略/MOBA类手游高居最受欢迎游戏类型的榜首,而这个时候,红海已成,格局已定,各个游戏公司要么选择和《王者荣耀》硬拼拼到头破血流,要么就只能去寻找下一片蓝海了。
2. 单词prime 联想记忆:
3.   Pandarus promises his friend all aid in the enterprise; it is agreed that Cressida shall be carried off, but only with her own consent; and Pandarus sets out for his niece's house, to arrange an interview. Meantime Cressida has heard the news; and, caring nothing for her father, but everything for Troilus, she burns in love and fear, unable to tell what she shall do.
4. [pr?'tekn]
5. 进校收费变相强推校园短信恐有猫腻校讯通,顾名思义就是校方与家长沟通学生的学习生活情况。
6. 金山办公折腾20年终上市,WPS也让国内技术和国内软件走向世界有了更大期许,但是面对的挑战和危机也许更多。


1.   "No, sir," she said.
2. 互联网也是一样,过去这些年,全都靠网民增长,靠CPU速度变快,互联网的第一大红利是网民增长,第二大增长是摩尔定律,现在网民增长到头了,所以市场红利全都结束了,红利期结束。
3. 据中新社报道,上海药物所回应称,初步发现对病毒有抑制。
4.   `I speak for myself,' answered Mr. Lorry, `and for Mr. Darnay, and for Miss Lucie, and--Miss Lucie, do you not think I may speak for us all?' He asked her the question pointedly, and with a glance at her father.
5. 全球首款折叠屏PC联想ThinkPadX1Fold、全球首款5GPC联想YOGA5G,以及折叠屏手机motorolarazr都成为CES2020备受瞩目的热点产品。
6.   "What? What has happened?" asked the countess, as thoughawakening from a sleep to the realities of life; "did yousay a misfortune? Indeed, I should expect misfortunes."


2. 黄女士告诉记者,接下来两人发生了一些争执,争执中其母亲一脚踩在脚踏上一手把着车窗,结果她把车启动了,把我母亲带跑了。
3.   Meanwhile, the treasure I see glimmering there, Will it ascend into the openair?
4.   She conducted me to her own chair, and then began to remove myshawl and untie my bonnet-strings; I begged she would not give herselfso much trouble.
5. 今年剩余时间将是大西洋两岸首次公开发行(IPO)的繁忙季节,意大利倍耐力(Pirelli)(见题图)、阿里巴巴(Alibaba)支持的百世物流(Best Logistics)和视频流媒体平台Roku等公司都将上市。
6.   The Guardsman who had returned at the first dischargeannounced the death of his four companions. They weretherefore much astonished and delighted in the regiment whenthey saw the young man come back safe and sound.


1. 余甜据传与官员之子结婚,其父亲余祝生被当地社会人士尊称为大哥。
2. 167
3. 《风骚律师》(Better Call Saul),AMC,2月8日播出。这是文斯·吉里根(Vice Gilligan)与彼得·古尔德(Peter Gould)的《绝命毒师》的衍生剧,或许是今年冬天最受期待的新剧了。鲍勃·奥登科克(Bob Odenkirk)饰演狡猾的律师索尔·古德曼(Saul Goodman),剧情设定在《绝命毒师》的故事发生之前,所以布莱恩·克莱斯顿(Bryan Cranston)或亚伦·保罗(Aaron Paul)至多只是客串出演而已。但观众们最喜欢的乔纳森·班克斯(Jonathan Banks)将在里面重现他在《绝命毒师》中的角色——冷静的行动执行者迈克·厄尔曼特劳特(Mike Ehrmantraut)。

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