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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "No," said Caderousse, "no; I will not repent. There is noGod; there is no providence -- all comes by chance." --
2.  "When do you leave?"
3.  He arose, and quietly opening the door of the drawing-room,saw Haidee, who had fallen on a chair, with her arms hangingdown and her beautiful head thrown back. She had beenstanding at the door, to prevent his going out withoutseeing her, until sleep, which the young cannot resist, hadoverpowered her frame, wearied as she was with watching. Thenoise of the door did not awaken her, and Monte Cristo gazedat her with affectionate regret. "She remembered that shehad a son," said he; "and I forgot I had a daughter." Then,shaking his head sorrowfully, "Poor Haidee," said he; "shewished to see me, to speak to me; she has feared or guessedsomething. Oh, I cannot go without taking leave of her; Icannot die without confiding her to some one." He quietlyregained his seat, and wrote under the other lines: --
4.  "That night a memorable event occurred, due, no doubt, tothe imprudence of some servant who had neglected toextinguish the lights. The Villa of San-Felice took fire inthe rooms adjoining the very apartment of the lovelyCarmela. Awakened in the night by the light of the flames,she sprang out of bed, wrapped herself in a dressing-gown,and attempted to escape by the door, but the corridor bywhich she hoped to fly was already a prey to the flames. Shethen returned to her room, calling for help as loudly as shecould, when suddenly her window, which was twenty feet fromthe ground, was opened, a young peasant jumped into thechamber, seized her in his arms, and with superhuman skilland strength conveyed her to the turf of the grass-plot,where she fainted. When she recovered, her father was by herside. All the servants surrounded her, offering herassistance. An entire wing of the villa was burnt down; butwhat of that, as long as Carmela was safe and uninjured? Herpreserver was everywhere sought for, but he did not appear;he was inquired after, but no one had seen him. Carmela wasgreatly troubled that she had not recognized him. As thecount was immensely rich, excepting the danger Carmela hadrun, -- and the marvellous manner in which she had escaped,made that appear to him rather a favor of providence than areal misfortune, -- the loss occasioned by the conflagrationwas to him but a trifle.
5.  The next morning Danglars awoke late, though he went to bedso early; he had not slept well for five or six nights, evenif he had slept at all. He breakfasted heartily, and caringlittle, as he said, for the beauties of the Eternal City,ordered post-horses at noon. But Danglars had not reckonedupon the formalities of the police and the idleness of theposting-master. The horses only arrived at two o'clock, andthe cicerone did not bring the passport till three. Allthese preparations had collected a number of idlers roundthe door of Signor Pastrini's; the descendants of Marius andthe Gracchi were also not wanting. The baron walkedtriumphantly through the crowd, who for the sake of gainstyled him "your excellency." As Danglars had hithertocontented himself with being called a baron, he felt ratherflattered at the title of excellency, and distributed adozen silver coins among the beggars, who were ready, fortwelve more, to call him "your highness."
6.  "But when will that be?"


1.  "How much?"
2.  "Yes," said Monte Cristo "you were a major; that is thetitle the French give to the post which you filled inItaly."
3.  "In what a tone you speak!" cried Valentine.
4.  "Such is really the case, I assure you, upon my honor!Baptiste, give me yesterday's paper," cried Beauchamp.
5.  "Paid the last debt of nature?"
6.  "Oh, this is what I feared!" said Morrel.


1.  "Nothing is more simple. You know poisons become remedies incertain diseases, of which paralysis is one. For instance,having tried every other remedy to restore movement andspeech to M. Noirtier, I resolved to try one last means, andfor three months I have been giving him brucine; so that inthe last dose I ordered for him there were six grains. Thisquantity, which is perfectly safe to administer to theparalyzed frame of M. Noirtier, which has become graduallyaccustomed to it, would be sufficient to kill anotherperson."
2.  "Yes," said Monte Cristo; "has it not been agreed that Ishould take you with me, and did I not tell you yesterday toprepare for departure?"
3.  "Your Italian prince?"
4.  "Sir," said Maximilian, "you are not perhaps aware that I amM. de Monte Cristo's friend?"
5.   "My dear Blacas," said the king, "you with your alarmsprevent me from working."
6.  "Then did you see him, Edmond?"


1.  "There is something true in what you say," said the count,with that smile which made him so handsome; "I havedescended from a planet called grief."
2.  "What, even for me?" said the baroness, half jesting, halfin earnest. "For all, even for myself among the rest,"replied Villefort.
3.  "But," cried Morrel, "this purse is not yours!" Julie handedto her father the letter she had received in the morning.
4、  "I really never met with one woman so ready to do justice tothe charms of another as yourself," responded Lucien,raising his lorgnette to his eye. "A most lovely creature,upon my soul!" was his verdict.
5、  "Amusing, certainly," replied the young man, "inasmuch as,instead of shedding tears as at the fictitious tale of woeproduced at a theatre, you behold in a law-court a case ofreal and genuine distress -- a drama of life. The prisonerwhom you there see pale, agitated, and alarmed, instead of-- as is the case when a curtain falls on a tragedy -- goinghome to sup peacefully with his family, and then retiring torest, that he may recommence his mimic woes on the morrow,-- is removed from your sight merely to be reconducted tohis prison and delivered up to the executioner. I leave youto judge how far your nerves are calculated to bear youthrough such a scene. Of this, however, be assured, thatshould any favorable opportunity present itself, I will notfail to offer you the choice of being present."




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      "What is it?"

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      "He was there."

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       "To the dungeon, then," said the corporal.

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      "He is saved! he is saved!" cried Dantes in a paroxysm ofdelight.

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    {  "And have you succeeded?"

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      "To-morrow evening, at five o'clock."}

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      "It was and the feast that began so gayly had a verysorrowful ending; a police commissary, followed by foursoldiers, entered, and Dantes was arrested."

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      "Do not be alarmed," said Beauchamp; "he will meet you. Myonly fear is that he will be too strong for you."

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       "If you are already aware of the conversation that passed,the wooden partition which interposed between us and you hasproved but a slight security."

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    {  "The Count of Monte Cristo, the very same in whose house weare."

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      Dantes, although stunned and almost suffocated, hadsufficient presence of mind to hold his breath, and as hisright hand (prepared as he was for every chance) held hisknife open, he rapidly ripped up the sack, extricated hisarm, and then his body; but in spite of all his efforts tofree himself from the shot, he felt it dragging him downstill lower. He then bent his body, and by a desperateeffort severed the cord that bound his legs, at the momentwhen it seemed as if he were actually strangled. With amighty leap he rose to the surface of the sea, while theshot dragged down to the depths the sack that had so nearlybecome his shroud.