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  It was indeed like old times when, at that hour, I found myselfseated beside him in a hansom, my revolver in my pocket, and thethrill of adventure in my heart. Holmes was cold and stern and silent.As the gleam of the street-lamps flashed upon his austere features,I saw that his brows were drawn down in thought and his thin lipscompressed. I knew not what wild beast we were about to hunt down inthe dark jungle of criminal London, but I was well assured, from thebearing of this master huntsman, that the adventure was a most graveone- while the sardonic smile which occasionally broke through hisascetic gloom boded little good for the object of our quest.I had imagined that we were bound for Baker Street, but Holmesstopped the cab at the corner of Cavendish Square. I observed thatas he stepped out he gave a most searching glance to right and left,and at every subsequent street corner he took the utmost pains toassure that he was not followed. Our route was certainly a singularone. Holmes's knowledge of the byways of London was extraordinary, andon this occasion he passed rapidly and with an assured step througha network of mews and stables, the very existence of which I had neverknown. We emerged at last into a small road, lined with old, gloomyhouses, which led us into Manchester Street, and so to BlandfordStreet. Here he turned swiftly down a narrow passage, passed through awooden gate into a deserted yard, and then opened with a key theback door of a house. We entered together, and he closed it behind us.The place was pitch dark, but it was evident to me that it was anempty house. Our feet creaked and crackled over the bare planking, andmy outstretched hand touched a wall from which the paper was hangingin ribbons. Holmes's cold, thin fingers closed round my wrist andled me forward down a long hall, until I dimly saw the murkyfanlight over the door. Here Holmes turned suddenly to the right andwe found ourselves in a large, square, empty room, heavily shadowed inthe corners, but faintly lit in the centre from the lights of thestreet beyond. There was no lamp near, and the window was thick withdust, so that we could only just discern each other's figureswithin. My companion put his hand upon my shoulder and his lipsclose to my ear.




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  It seems to be a rule, as remarked by Is. Geoffroy St Hilaire, both in varieties and in species, that when any part or organ is repeated many times in the structure of the same individual (as the vertebrae in snakes, and the stamens in polyandrous flowers) the number is variable; whereas the number of the same part or organ, when it occurs in lesser numbers, is constant. The same author and some botanists have further remarked that multiple parts are also very liable to variation in structure. Inasmuch as this 'vegetative repetition,' to use Prof. Owen's expression, seems to be a sign of low organisation; the foregoing remark seems connected with the very general opinion of naturalists, that beings low in the scale of nature are more variable than those which are higher. I presume that lowness in this case means that the several parts of the organisation have been but little specialised for particular functions; and as long as the same part has to perform diversified work, we can perhaps see why it should remain variable, that is, why natural selection should have preserved or rejected each little deviation of form less carefully than when the part has to serve for one special purpose alone. In the same way that a knife which has to cut all sorts of things may be of almost any shape; whilst a tool for some particular object had better be of some particular shape. Natural selection, it should never be forgotten, can act on each part of each being, solely through and for its advantage.Rudimentary parts, it has been stated by some authors, and I believe with truth, are apt to be highly variable. We shall have to recur to the general subject of rudimentary and aborted organs; and I will here only add that their variability seems to be owing to their uselessness, and therefore to natural selection having no power to check deviations in their structure. Thus rudimentary parts are left to the free play of the various laws of growth, to the effects of long-continued disuse, and to the tendency to reversion.
  "Have you been in it since your adventure?"
  In the evening they rode together back to the capital, the princes on each side of their father, and the princess with her mother. Long before they reached the gates the way was lined with people, and the air filled with shouts of welcome, with which were mingled the songs of the Talking Bird, sitting in its cage on the lap of the princess, and of the birds who followed it.
That puzzled me again. If they loved to do it, how could it be educational?

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  `Oh do! do be impossible, General!' cried Olive.
  "This is, indeed, a house of mourning," said Valentine;"speak, Maximilian, although the cup of sorrow seems alreadyfull."

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  I for this cause should fear to love. The loss my certain death would prove.Mephistopheles
  `Were you travelling alone, Mr. Lorry, or with any companion?'
  Distrust did never enter in my thoughts.


  Youatt gives an excellent illustration of the effects of a course of selection, which may be considered as unconsciously followed, in so far that the breeders could never have expected or even have wished to have produced the result which ensued namely, the production of two distinct strains. The two flocks of Leicester sheep kept by Mr Buckley and Mr Burgess, as Mr Youatt remarks, 'have been purely bred from the original stock of Mr Bakewell for upwards of fifty years. There is not a suspicion existing in the mind of any one at all acquainted with the subject that the owner of either of them has deviated in any one instance from the pure blood of Mr Bakewell's flock, and yet the difference between the sheep possessed by these two gentlemen is so great that they have the appearance of being quite different varieties.'





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    Writing this as late as I do, after manifold experiences both in Herland and, later, in my own land, I can now understand and philosophize about what was then a continual astonishment and often a temporary tragedy.

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