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1.   Chapter 6The Deputy Procureur du Roi.
2.   "Grand Central Station!" called the trainman, as, after a fewminutes of darkness and smoke, daylight reappeared. Hurstwoodarose and gathered up his small grip. He was screwed up to thehighest tension. With Carrie he waited at the door and thendismounted. No one approached him, but he glanced furtively toand fro as he made for the street entrance. So excited was hethat he forgot all about Carrie, who fell behind, wondering athis self-absorption. As he passed through the depot proper thestrain reached its climax and began to wane. All at once he wason the sidewalk, and none but cabmen hailed him. He heaved agreat breath and turned, remembering Carrie.
3.   "No, I have bought nothing new this year."
4. 2020年可以预见困难重重,但云吞坚信电子烟这种替烟产品对烟民和环境的独特价值,我们的愿望很简单,继续贯彻品牌内核,通过努力为更多的烟民带来更安全、更健康、更美好的替烟体验,净化周围的环境。
5. 舞厅上面有一个可以旋转,发出五颜六色的光的球-ballroom
6. 不,并非始终,并非在所有的情况下都持否定态度。你们可能不十分理解我们的观点。尽管德国和日本都退出了国联——可能正是因为这一点——国联也许仍然多少能起制止或阻止军事行动爆发的作用。如果是这样的话…那么,要我们不顾国联的严重缺点而支持国联,并不是不可能的。


1. Here are some of the trends that emerge from this year’s BrandZ rankings:
2.   `And here are the addresses of two women; I saw one of them, she would do very well; a woman of about fifty, quiet, strong, kind, and in her way cultured...'
3. 对于检测,范先生可以自行进行。
4.   `Good morning!' said Connie. `She was crying, so I just brought her home.'
5. 狗肉鸟肉里均检出剧毒成分办案过程中,公安机关查获大量弓弩、白色块状物、白色粉末以及狗肉、鸟肉等物,经鉴定:随机抽取的狗肉样本中含有氰化物和琥珀胆碱成分、鸟肉中含有呋喃丹成分。
6.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


1. 因为科罗娜啤酒经常会配着青柠片同饮,因此还有网友戏称其为科罗娜病毒和莱姆病(Coronaviruswithlymedisease)。
2.   `Oh, in that way!...May I hold your hand for a minute?' he asked suddenly, fixing his eyes on her with almost hypnotic power, and sending out an appeal that affected her direct in the womb.
3. 即使没有疫情,许多公司随着业务日益扩大,也需要面对远程协作和多地办公的问题。
4.   Sir (quoth shee) you have apprehended Ruggiero de Jeroly, as atheefe, and judgement of death is (as I heare) pronounced against him:but hee is wrongfully accused, and is clearly innocent of such aheinous detection. So entring into the History, she declared everycircumstance, from the originall to the end: relating truly, thatbeing her Lover, shee brought him into her Masters house, where hedranke the compounded sleepy water, and reputed for dead, she laidehim in the Chest. Afterward, she rehearsed the speeches betweene theJoyner, and him that laide claime to the Chest, giving him tounderstand thereby, how Ruggiero was taken in the Lombards house.
5. 但VR市场规模短期内难以突破,2年后或不会迎来行业爆发说起来,VR这条路其实也不好走,因为VR距离成熟的商业环境至少还有3-5年。
6. 受访者供图对于被告人提出应当追究涉事卖家及平台的责任,房县法院出具的刑事判决书指出,因属另一法律关系,不影响本案的事实及对本案的定性。


1. 2、工具重要的是不可替代性。
2. 核心管理成员有着20多年的合作经历,拥有丰富的行业经验。
3.   "Very good," replied Albert; "that is all I wished to know."Then, turning towards Beauchamp, "If you have anything toattend to, Beauchamp, do it directly; if you have anyappointment for this evening, defer it till tomorrow. Idepend on you to accompany me to the opera; and if you can,bring Chateau-Renaud with you."
4. 而起火原因,却让人倍感意外。
5. 对于这个判决结果,公司表示不服并提起上诉。
6.   `Oh, I've no patience with these romances. They're the ruin of all order. It's a thousand pities they ever happened.'


1. 柳传志离开后的联想控股,还需要面对一些挑战。
2.   "Sit where you are, and eat your victuals in silence, or be offelsewhere," shouted Antinous. "If you say more I will have you draggedhand and foot through the courts, and the servants shall flay youalive."
3. 在平凡的生活之外,你会拥有一个‘桃花流水窅然去,别有天地非人间的世界。

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