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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And you can tell me so without fearing to make me die ofjoy? Where is the child?" Villefort shrugged his shoulders."Do I know?" said he; "and do you believe that if I knew Iwould relate to you all its trials and all its adventures aswould a dramatist or a novel writer? Alas, no, I know not. Awoman, about six months after, came to claim it with theother half of the napkin. This woman gave all the requisiteparticulars, and it was intrusted to her."
2.  Morrel went also to the notary, who confirmed the news thatthe contract was to be signed that evening. Then he went tocall on Monte Cristo and heard still more. Franz had been toannounce the ceremony, and Madame de Villefort had alsowritten to beg the count to excuse her not inviting him; thedeath of M. de Saint-Meran and the dangerous illness of hiswidow would cast a gloom over the meeting which she wouldregret should be shared by the count whom she wished everyhappiness. The day before Franz had been presented to Madamede Saint-Meran, who had left her bed to receive him, but hadbeen obliged to return to it immediately after. It is easyto suppose that Morrel's agitation would not escape thecount's penetrating eye. Monte Cristo was more affectionatethan ever, -- indeed, his manner was so kind that severaltimes Morrel was on the point of telling him all. But herecalled the promise he had made to Valentine, and kept hissecret.
3.  "Daughter of one of your majesty's most faithful servants."
4.  "Adieu, Valentine," repeated Morrel.
5.  The sharp gaze of Caderousse was instantly directed towardsthe priest's garments, as though hoping to discover thelocation of the treasure. Calmly drawing forth from hispocket a small box covered with black shagreen, the abbeopened it, and displayed to the dazzled eyes of Caderoussethe sparkling jewel it contained, set in a ring of admirableworkmanship. "And that diamond," cried Caderousse, almostbreathless with eager admiration, "you say, is worth fiftythousand francs?"
6.  "I have known a man much more unfortunate than you, Morrel."


1.  Caderousse, who had let his head drop on the table, nowraised it, and looking at Fernand with his dull and fishyeyes, he said, -- "Kill Dantes! who talks of killing Dantes?I won't have him killed -- I won't! He's my friend, and thismorning offered to share his money with me, as I shared minewith him. I won't have Dantes killed -- I won't!"
2.  "I do not believe there is a God," howled Caderousse; "youdo not believe it; you lie -- you lie!"
3.  "And the young man?"
4.  "You wish to speak to me alone?" said the marquis.
5.  "By him we obey."
6.  "It is very evident what is the matter with her," saidMadame de Villefort; "M. de Monte Cristo is relatinghorrible stories to us, doubtless intending to frighten usto death."


1.  "And by whom are you forbidden?"
2.  "Well, then, I will buy it of you!"
3.  Danglars alone was content and joyous -- he had got rid ofan enemy and made his own situation on the Pharaon secure.Danglars was one of those men born with a pen behind theear, and an inkstand in place of a heart. Everything withhim was multiplication or subtraction. The life of a man wasto him of far less value than a numeral, especially when, bytaking it away, he could increase the sum total of his owndesires. He went to bed at his usual hour, and slept inpeace.
4.  "Yes, sir."
5.   "Indeed?" said M. Danglars, in the same tone in which hewould have said, "Oh, well, what do I care?"
6.  "Certainly; on my word of honor."


1.  "Yes, I."
2.  "Yes."
3.  "And pray what may it be?"
4、  "And in three months' time," said Albert, "you will be at myhouse?"
5、  "You are -- "




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      "Because they would not spend money so guiltily acquired."

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      "Only seventeen months," replied Dantes. "Oh, you do notknow what is seventeen months in prison! -- seventeen agesrather, especially to a man who, like me, had arrived at thesummit of his ambition -- to a man, who, like me, was on thepoint of marrying a woman he adored, who saw an honorablecareer opened before him, and who loses all in an instant --who sees his prospects destroyed, and is ignorant of thefate of his affianced wife, and whether his aged father bestill living! Seventeen months captivity to a sailoraccustomed to the boundless ocean, is a worse punishmentthan human crime ever merited. Have pity on me, then, andask for me, not intelligence, but a trial; not pardon, but averdict -- a trial, sir, I ask only for a trial; that,surely, cannot be denied to one who is accused!"

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       Chapter 114Peppino.

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      The brigadier sent for some sticks and straw, and havingfilled the chimney with them, set a light to it. The firecrackled, and the smoke ascended like the dull vapor from avolcano; but still no prisoner fell down, as they expected.The fact was, that Andrea, at war with society ever sincehis youth, was quite as deep as a gendarme, even though hewere advanced to the rank of brigadier, and quite preparedfor the fire, he had climbed out on the roof and wascrouching down against the chimney-pots. At one time hethought he was saved, for he heard the brigadier exclaim ina loud voice, to the two gendarmes, "He is not here!" Butventuring to peep, he perceived that the latter, instead ofretiring, as might have been reasonably expected upon thisannouncement, were watching with increased attention.

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    {  "Sire, they are the results of an examination which I havemade of a man of Marseilles, whom I have watched for sometime, and arrested on the day of my departure. This person,a sailor, of turbulent character, and whom I suspected ofBonapartism, has been secretly to the Island of Elba. Therehe saw the grand-marshal, who charged him with an oralmessage to a Bonapartist in Paris, whose name I could notextract from him; but this mission was to prepare men'sminds for a return (it is the man who says this, sire) -- areturn which will soon occur."

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      "He gave me one great proof of his sympathy, at any rate."}

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      "In the first place, then, who examined you, -- the king'sattorney, his deputy, or a magistrate?"

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      "Yes, there it is."

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       "Hope, my friend," repeated the count.

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    {  "Monsieur de Morcerf has received a letter from Franz,announcing his immediate return." Valentine turned pale, andleaned her hand against the gate. "Ah heavens, if it werethat! But no, the communication would not come throughMadame de Villefort."

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      "And should you see one whom you could prefer, I would notbe so unjust" --