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1.   Chapter 5 - Laws of Variation
2. Wardrobe malfunctions was another common theme. Some hapless interviewees “showed up in sweatpants,” one “was wearing mismatched shoes,” and another “didn’t realize his zipper was down.”
3.   MY nearest way to Yarmouth, in coming back from these long walks, was by a ferry. It landed me on the flat between the town and the sea, which I could make straight across, and so save myself a considerable circuit by the high road. Mr. Peggotty's house being on that waste-place, and not a hundred yards out of my track, I always looked in as I went by. Steerforth was pretty sure to be there expecting me, and we went on together through the frosty air and gathering fog towards the twinkling lights of the town.
4. We never could have done the thing at all without Terry.
5. 其实,带货翻车并不奇怪。
6.   "She at once called her husband Antiphates from the place ofassembly, and forthwith he set about killing my men. He snatched upone of them, and began to make his dinner off him then and there,whereon the other two ran back to the ships as fast as ever theycould. But Antiphates raised a hue and cry after them, and thousandsof sturdy Laestrygonians sprang up from every quarter- ogres, not men.They threw vast rocks at us from the cliffs as though they had beenmere stones, and I heard the horrid sound of the ships crunching upagainst one another, and the death cries of my men, as theLaestrygonians speared them like fishes and took them home to eatthem. While they were thus killing my men within the harbour I drew mysword, cut the cable of my own ship, and told my men to row with alftheir might if they too would not fare like the rest; so they laid outfor their lives, and we were thankful enough when we got into openwater out of reach of the rocks they hurled at us. As for the othersthere was not one of them left.


1. (第684号)“从1847年4月中到暂停执行1844年银行法的那一天止,整个期间的汇兑率都对英国有利。”
2. 之后,为还原案发时当晚的真实情况,宝山区公安分局刑侦支队、交警支队的干警及宝山区检察院的检察官们在案发同一时间段,驾驶同一辆肇事汽车至现场开展侦查实验。
3. 其中,9958救助中心为吴花燕筹得100万余元善款,但仅将其中的2万元转款,用作吴的治疗费。
4. 两年过去,单身女性徐枣枣因冻卵被拒,将医院告上了法庭
5.   'Don't he go over to Blunderstone now?' I asked.
6.   `You see, too,' said the Doctor, tremulously, `it is such an old companion.'


1.   "Yes; what does it signify to you if the castle of Yaninawas given up by a French officer?"
2. 到2005年,普力马系列产品占国内小MPV市场份额达到80%以上,占据国产小MPV细分市场的重要地位。
3.   Ere long thou wilt proceed with pleasure, To raise the casket with its treasure;I took a peep, therein are stored, Of lion - dollars a rich hoard.Faust
4. 一年租金一万,还要时刻担心别出车祸,生怕跟标主承担连带责任,搞不好就吃官司。
5. 但是天意所在,总不会使树木高了再高,一直耸入云霄的。卡斯尔累勋爵把英国的商业政策交托在贵族地主们的手里。这些人就杀掉了产金蛋的母鸡。假使这些贵族地主能容许英国工业家垄断一切国家的市场、那么英国与世界各国所处的关系,将同一个工业城市与周围旷野地区所处的关系一样;英国全境将布满屋宇和工厂,将布满寻欢逐乐的花园、菜园和果园;农村土地将专门用来生产牛乳、肉类、莱蔬,将专门从事于一般只能在大城市附近经营的种植事业。对英国农业说来,从事于这类产品的生产时,将比生产谷物有利得多;因此在相当时期以后,英国贵族地主所获得的地租,将比将外产谷物逐出本国市场的办法下所获得的高得多。不过贵族地主所关心的只是他们的眼前利益;由于战争,外国的原料和谷物自然而然地退出了英国市场,从而使地祖有所提高,他们宁可惜助于谷物法,使他们的地租得以保持较高水准。这样他们就迫使大陆各国放弃了用农产品自由交换英国工业品的办法而别寻途径,以促进自己的福利,他们另辟的途径就是由自己未建立工业。由此可见,英国的限制法令与拿破仑的大陆制度作用是一样的。不过前者的影响发生时在时间上比较慢一些而已。
6.   I approached the throne on which he was seated and made him three low bows, then prostrated myself at his feet to the surprise of everyone, who could not understand how it was possible that a monkey should be able to distinguish a Sultan from other people, and to pay him the respect due to his rank. However, excepting the usual speech, I omitted none of the common forms attending a royal audience.


1. 收银员去哪了?用机器代替人工收银后,一个显而易见的问题是,原来的收银员去哪了?收银员可以经过培训,做现场管理和巡检的工作。
2.   'You said it was Rudderford,' observed Ham, laughing.
3. 5、保持适当的社会连接。
4.   `Now, did you ever see him,' asked the Doctor, distinctly and collectedly, though in the same low voice, `engaged in that pursuit originally?'
5. document.writeln('关注创业、电商、站长,扫描A5创业网微信二维码,定期抽大奖。
6.   'No- two miles off, at a large hall.'


1. 愈发丰满的行业环境这会是一个充满机会的蓝海市场,刘海浪坚信,更多嗅觉敏锐者亦早早知晓。
2. 原标题:误操作推送河北12级地震假预警,搜狗输入法道歉(观察者网讯)2月3日上午11点56分,部分搜狗输入法用户收到了河北兴隆发生12级地震的地震速报信息。
3. 萨姆·史密斯是一个风格多变的男人,他可以在奥蒂斯·雷丁、艾瑞莎·弗兰克林和雷·查尔斯以及像艾米·怀恩豪斯和阿黛尔这样的现代偶像的风格中随意转换。

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